mobile banking: Online Banking Vs. Mobile Banking - 04/25/12 02:07 PM
While PC-based online banking is not much older than a high school student, mobile banking is still in elementary school. With the proliferation of smartphones, however, online banking’s younger sibling is quickly catching up to the slightly more established option.
Banking through your PC’s web browser offers a full menu of services. You can easily and conveniently schedule payments, transfer funds, add new payees, open new accounts, apply for loans, view current and past statements, and access information about specific checks that have been deposited. A PC or Mac allows you to view an extensive array of details and options, giving … (2 comments)

mobile banking: Banking – How to Balance Security and Convenience With Online and Mobile Banking - 04/12/12 05:44 PM
Users of online and mobile banking know that financial institutions have a layered security approach in place. Those layers include multifactor-authentication, which may mean requiring users to punch in a second security code or carry a key fob, as well as due diligence in identifying customers as real people whose identities haven’t been stolen, and consumer education.
These multilayers may not always be convenient, but they certainly are geared towards making your online banking experience more secure.
Both mobile and online banking reduces time and expenses by allowing customers to review transactions, transfer funds, pay bills, and check balances online or … (0 comments)

mobile banking: Mobile Banking More Secure Than Computer E-Commerce? - 08/01/11 11:23 AM
Mobile banking is on the rise for more reasons than convenience sake. In truth, it’s more secure than traditional online baking. Accessing your banks mobile website or using your banks mobile application is inherently more secure than using a computer.
Computers are big targets for thieves. PC’s mostly run on Microsoft’s most hacked operating system, they typically contain a great deal of data, and they are vulnerable to viruses created by criminal hackers. Over the past decade criminals have learned the ins and outs of exploiting online banking using PC’s. In the past 15 years or so, the desktop computer … (2 comments)

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