mobile device: How to Monitor a Cell Phone - 02/15/19 07:32 AM
Do you fancy yourself a spy and wondering how you can monitor someone else’s cell phone? You won’t get that information here, but there is some good info on cell phone monitoring if you keep reading:
The Legalities of Tracking Cell Phones
Generally, it is not legal to monitor a cell phone that does not belong to you. However, generally speaking, and THIS IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE, if the account is under your name or if you have written permission from the person who owns the phone, you can track it.
Why Monitor a Cell Phone?
There are some situations where it is perfectly legal, … (15 comments)

mobile device: How to Block Spammy Scammy Telemarketing Calls - 01/24/19 06:17 AM
Are you getting a lot of scammy, spammy telemarketing calls? If you are, you know how annoying they can here. Fortunately, there are some apps out there that can help. Here are a few worth looking into:
You can use CallApp to lookup numbers, and then decide if you want to answer it or not. It collects data from users, and then gives you this information when a call comes in. You can get CallApp Crawler for Android phones.
Call Control
This app offers reverse look up, call blocking, and it can even blacklist any unwanted texts, too. It is very easy to use, … (18 comments)

mobile device: Mobile Phone Numbers Are as Sensitive as Your Social Security Number - 04/19/18 06:06 AM
All of us have cell phones these days, and if you are like the vast majority of the population, you access everything from social media to banking information right from your mobile phone. However, if you do this, which everyone does, you are putting yourself in the position to get hacked. With only your mobile phone number and a couple other pieces of information, a hacker can get into these accounts and your life could drastically change.
How does this work? If a hacker already has your mobile phone number, they can get other information, such as you address, birthday, or even … (65 comments)

mobile device: Eight ways to secure your employees' mobile devices - 02/14/16 10:25 PM
Between half and three quarters of all employees have downloaded personal apps to company tablets and phones, according to surveys. At the same time, people are increasingly using use personal phones for work purposes like email, document-sharing and the list goes on.
What does it all mean? Companies must take extra precautions to ensure that sensitive data doesn’t get into the wrong hands.
Protecting your data
Fortunately, there are several steps that a business owner can take to protect the information on employees’ mobile devices. Here are some tips:
Make sure all devices are password protected. Require all employees to use an “erase data” function … (1 comments)

mobile device: Removing Location data from Mobile Pics - 10/04/14 11:30 PM
Those cutesy photos in your phone of your puppy can reveal your location because the images leave footprints leading straight to your home. The trace data is called EXIF: exchangeable image file format. It may contain GPS coordinates of where you took the photos.

Apple’s and Google’s smartphones ask owners if it’s okay to access their location. Click “okay,” and this means every photo you take gets tagged with GPS coordinates. Thieves look for this information, which remains with images that are uploaded to Flickr, Photobucket, etc. (Facebook strips EXIF.) Crooks or pervs can then use Google Maps to get … (1 comments)

mobile device: United Airlines Passport Scanning Mobile App: is it safe? - 08/13/14 11:17 PM
How much easier international travel is for United Airlines fliers: They can now use their iOS or Android device to scan their passports.

If a customer checks in with United’s mobile application for international flights, they can access the passport-scanning feature. One can check in within 24 hours of departure. Fliers will get an option to confirm their stored passport data or to scan their passport.
If a customer chooses the scan, the app will use the smartphone’s camera to capture passport information. United says this is “similar to a mobile banking deposit.” The flier can retrieve the boarding pass … (1 comments)

mobile device: 7 Safety tips on the Mobile Internet - 02/11/14 08:21 PM
It’s time to know all the ways you can make sure you’re safe when in mobile space to prevent identity theft.

It’s 10 pm; do know where the malware is? Malware is stealthy and hides in places you least expect, like search engines, tech-related sites, entertainment sites and web ads. Malware can even be waiting for you when you download what seems to be an innocent app for your favorite game. In fact, gaming and gambling sites are common targets, as are search engines—and these threats aren’t going to disappear too soon. Install antivirus especially on Android phones. Beware of … (2 comments)

mobile device: Protection for your shiny new device - 01/02/14 09:03 PM
After Santa heads back to the North Pole, there will be many new devices in the hands of good girls and boys that will be targeted by criminals. With the enjoyment of these cool devices should come top-notch protection for them, as they can be vulnerable to a number of malicious threats.

Laptop or PC
What should your security software include?
A two-way firewall: monitors the activity on your devices making sure nothing bad is coming in (like unauthorized access) and nothing good is leaving (like your data). Anti-virus software: protects your devices from malicious keyloggers and other badware. Anti-phishing … (0 comments)

mobile device: Mobile Device Security in a BYOD World - 09/23/12 12:17 PM
In the real world there is little difference between an employer’s issued device and a personal mobile device. The most important difference should be that a digital device issued by your employer requires and should have a “company mobile liability policy”. Businesses generally provide and pay for employee mobile devices, and also strictly dictate what you can or cannot do on the device. For IT security reasons, the employer may have remote capabilities to monitor activity and in the event of loss or employee termination wipe the data.
Mobile device security policies” are for the BYOD or “Bring Your Own Device” … (0 comments)

mobile device: Watch for New Attacks Aimed at Mobile Devices - 07/27/12 02:58 PM
A mobile device is an indispensible extension of your life, containing some of your most private conversations and confidential information. It’s your phone book, email, photo album, social life, and even your wallet, all rolled into one device. Chances are if you own a smartphone or tablet, it is connected to your money or financial accounts. For many, it’s like a right hand (or in my case, left hand), so it’s essential to secure your device and the information it holds.
The phone is moving in to replace the PC for the next generation. Carriers are increasing network speeds, cutting download … (3 comments)

mobile device: Safe Searching on Your Mobile Device - 07/21/12 01:09 PM
The web and especially the mobile web can be a minefield of malicious links luring you to click, so bad guys can infect your device. Search engines do their best to filter these sites out but nefarious criminals have found ways to get their scammy pages to the top of search through a process called “Blackhat search engine optimization.”
Criminals create fake websites and then use the same techniques as legitimate online businesses regarding search engine optimization, marketing, and online advertising. They use keywords to boost rankings on Internet search engines, causing their spoofed websites to appear alongside legitimate websites.
It … (1 comments)

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