mobile payment: Card Company's boosting Payment Security with Mobile - 12/17/14 09:02 PM
Whoever thought that one day, paying with green paper would be viewed as primitive as a horse and buggy? We seem to be getting closer to that time, especially since the security of making payments via smartphone is always being improved.

One way is with fingerprint scanning. Some smartphones already have this biometric feature. But what about credit cards and biometrics? Visa is currently experimenting with biometrics, but nothing yet has been deployed to the public. Nevertheless, a credit card company trying to develop something with biometrics will likely need to get involved in the smartphone arena.
There will always … (0 comments)

mobile payment: Mobile Payment Update: Who Will Take the Lead This Summer? - 07/27/12 02:41 PM
As summer heats up, so does mobile payment – a hot topic between major credit card companies, mobile carriers, and mobile manufacturers.
First, to give you some perspective, let’s cool down and cite some statistics from November of last year, when “Cyber Monday” was the most successful ever; and mobile purchases skyrocketed on Black Friday. U.S. shoppers made nearly two and a half times as many purchases through eBay Mobile on Black Friday 2011 compared to 2010, U.S. mobile sales were up 234% overall, and Paypal Mobile reported a global increase of 516% from Black Friday 2010 to 2011. Naturally, marketers … (1 comments)

mobile payment: Standards Will Bring Mobile Payment - 07/25/11 10:36 AM
Mobile payment has been around for years in numerous forms for purchases such as downloading music, ringtones and various other services and is now gaining traction for retail purchases in the U.S. But its implementation in the U.S. is a bit slower due to a lack of standardization of payment methods and the overall security concerns of mCommerce. Some consumers in the U.S. have had bad experiences with criminal hacking and data breaches and are concerned about their security and are waiting for the various handset manufacturers (those who make the phones), mobile carriers (those who provide mobile service) and third … (1 comments)

mobile payment: Mobile Payment is Coming - 03/16/11 01:18 PM
Near Field Communications, or NFC, is the exchange of information between two devices via wireless signal. For example, a wireless signal emitting from your cell phone can act as a credit card when making a purchase.
This year, over 70 million mobile phones will be manufactured and sold with NFC built in.
NFC can be used in other ways beyond credit card transactions. It can integrate with hardware, such as your car, to unlock a door. It can activate software.
Soon enough, using your phone as a credit card will be commonplace. Mobile contactless payments, in which you pay by holding … (0 comments)

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