online fraud: Who Has Access to Your Personal Info? The Answer Might Surprise You - 05/30/19 06:48 AM
Are you aware that many people probably have access to your personal info? If you have ever gotten an apartment, have insurance, or applied for a job, someone has done a background check on you, and you might be shocked by what’s in there, including your debts, income, loan payments, and more. On top of this, there are also companies collecting information on you including:
Lenders Employers Government agencies Volunteer organizations Landlords Banks/credit unions Insurance companies Debt collectors Utility companies…and more Thanks to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), you can get a copy of these reports every year for a … (4 comments)

online fraud: How To Determine a Fake Website - 01/22/19 08:09 AM
There are a lot of scammers out there, and one of the things they do is create fake websites to try to trick you into giving them personal information. Here are some ways that you can determine if a website is fake or not:
How Did I Get Here?
Ask yourself how you got to the site. Did you click a link in an email? Email is the most effective ways scammers direct their victims to fake sites. Same thing goes with links from social media sites, Danger Will Robinson! Don’t click these links. Instead, go to websites via a search through Google … (9 comments)

online fraud: Protect your USPS Mail from Getting Stolen - 12/20/18 05:26 AM
USPSID stands for U.S. Postal Service Informed Delivery. It is a good thing to sign up for because it informs you of your expected deliveries.
But there’s a problem: Someone ELSE could pose as you and sign up for this service, getting your mail before you have a chance to.
In fact, it has already happened. Crooks have signed up as other address owners and collected their mail.
This can lead to credit card fraud if some of that mail includes new credit cards or credit card applications.
And what if the mail includes a check? The thief could find a way to get it … (11 comments)

online fraud: Shred your Boarding Pass - 04/12/16 12:02 AM
Apparently there are people who take pictures of their airplane boarding pass…and post it online. I’m dead serious. I’ve heard of toddlers getting excited over scraps of paper, but full-grown adults posting images of their boarding pass online? Don’t get me started.
Let’s just only say that this is incredulously absurd. Like, who cares about your bleepity bleep boarding pass, right? OK, you got bumped up to First class. SAVE IT. Well wait a minute. Fraudsters care.
Fraudsters also care about the boarding pass that’s left intact in a rubbish can or lying on a seat somewhere.
Few travelers know that the bar code on the … (3 comments)

online fraud: Online Shopping and Counterfeit Goods – The Facts Don't Lie - 12/08/15 10:08 PM
As the holiday season creeps upon us, research shows that an astonishing 24% people who are buying online have been duped by scammers. Whether you are buying shoes, electronics or the latest fashions and accessories, research companies are showing that you are at risk of being duped.
When you look at the overall shopping behavior of consumers, we see that about 34% do all of their shopping online, and during the holiday season, this number rises to 39% of all consumers. That is a lot of people for counterfeiters to focus on.
Mark Frost, the CEO of MarkMonitor, explains that it is crucial … (1 comments)

online fraud: How to keep a Clean Online Presence - 06/10/15 11:40 PM
At any given time, someone, somewhere, is probably googling you. This could be a former classmate, a neighbor, someone you’re trying to do business with, a relative, who knows?
Are you confident that whatever they find will be information that’s truly representative of you? Maybe if you have a really common name, it may be lost in cyber muddle, but the more unusual your name is (or how the first name is spelled), the easier it will be to find you. If you want a clean online presence, there are things you can do.
Search yourself on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Google … (2 comments)

online fraud: Protect Yourself from Online Fraud - 04/28/15 11:57 PM
Yes, it’s possible: preventing fraudsters from getting you via online trickery and other stealthy actions. Yes, it’s possible to be thinking one step ahead of cyber criminals. Let’s begin with e-mails—the conduit through which so many cyber crimes like ID theft occur. 
Imagine snail-mailing vital information like your SSN, bank account number, a duplicate of your driver’s license and your credit card number. At some point in the delivery process, someone opens the letter and see the contents. Electronic messages are not entirely private. Recognize this risk before sending knowing that in transmission there is a chance your information can be … (2 comments)

online fraud: 6 Ways to halt Online Tracking - 04/21/15 11:12 PM
“On the Internet, you can be ANYBODY!”
Not quite. Remaining anonymous in cyber space isn’t as easy as it used to be. Your browsing habits can be tracked, leading to your true identity. But there are things you can do to remain as anonymous as possible.
Don’t feel you must use your full, real name when filling out forms or whatever, just because it’s asked or even a “required field.” Of course, you’ll want to use your real name when registering online with a bank, for instance, or making a purchase. But sometimes, the real name just isn’t necessary, such as when … (1 comments)

online fraud: Can Hackers Use FraudFox VM to Defeat Your Fraud Prevention? - 01/21/15 09:04 PM
In the last few days, a number of tech magazines like Computerworld and PC Advisor have reported that FraudFox VM poses a threat to the security of online businesses—especially banks and payment services.

FraudFox VM is a special version of Windows with a heavily modified version of the Firefox browser that runs on VMware's Workstation for Windows or VMware Fusion on OSX. It's for sale on Evolution, the apparent successor to the Silk Road online contraband market, for 1.8 bitcoins, or about $390.
FraudFox VM was created to defeat device recognition, or fingerprinting, which is used in fraud prevention to … (2 comments)

online fraud: 6 Tools to protect your Privacy Online - 05/18/14 03:00 AM
The more advanced that communications become, the more likely your personal information is getting leaked out—every time you search the Web, send texts or e-mails, etc. Your private data is literally “out there.” However, there are six software programs to protect your privacy online.

Expiration date tag. Files, photos and messages are tagged with an extinguish date, then erased from your smartphone. The iOS and Android application for this is Wickr and it’s free. The only content that passes the wire is encrypted. The user’s device will encrypt and decrypt.
Block the intrusion. Where you go on the Web is … (2 comments)

online fraud: 23% of Online Fraud is “Friendly” - 03/19/11 09:55 AM
Friendly fraud occurs when a customer makes an online purchase with a credit card and then, once the merchandise has arrived, calls the credit card company, claims never to have received the item, and requests a chargeback. The merchant has no way of proving the legitimacy of this card-not-present transaction, and is forced to refund the customer’s money.
According to a new study released by LexisNexis Risk Solutions, retailers lost more than $139 billion to fraud last year, with friendly fraud accounting for one fifth of those losses.
The problem for you, the consumer, is that banks and merchants tend not … (0 comments)

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