password: What is Two-Factor Authentication and How Does it Work? - 11/22/19 09:31 AM
There are a number of ways that you can protect yourself online, and one of the things you can do is to start using two-factor authentication.
You probably have seen two-factor authentication even if you aren’t sure what it is. For instance, if you do online banking, your bank might text a code to your phone or email when you try to change the password. This is two-factor authentication. It’s basically just an extra step that confirms that you are the account owner. This makes it more difficult for hackers to get into your account, too. Not only do they need a … (16 comments)

password: Are Password Managers as Safe as You Think They Are? - 06/13/19 08:54 AM
You have probably heard of password managers, and you probably think they are pretty safe, right? Well, there is new research out there that may might make you think twice, especially if you use password managers like KeePass, 1Password, Lastpass, or Dashlane. Frankly, I’m not worried about it, but read on.
Specifically, this study looked at the instances of passwords leaking from a host compute or focused on if these password managers were accidently leaving passwords in the computer’s memory.
What was found was that all of the password managers that were looked at did a good job at keeping these passwords secure … (13 comments)

password: How to Create Bulletproof Passwords - 12/18/18 07:01 AM
It is a hassle to keep track of all of your passwords. So, many people use the same username and password combination for all of their accounts. This, however, is a big mistake. All it takes is one hacker getting ahold of one of your accounts, and the rest of your accounts are now compromised. Thankfully, there is a pretty easy way around this…One way is a password manager and for those who don’t trust them, try below.
Creating Passwords that are Unique
The best passwords are 14 characters. Passwords that are shorter are statistically much easier to guess. If a site doesn’t … (40 comments)

password: Use a Password Manager Or You WILL Get Hacked - 03/15/18 01:14 PM
Do you ever use the same password over and over again for different accounts? If so, you are not alone. However, this is quite dangerous. It’s best to use a different, unique password for each account, and to make it easier, you should use a password manager.
According to surveys, people understand that they should use unique passwords, and more than half of people get stressed out due to passwords. Furthermore, about 2/3rds of people said that they had forgotten a password or that a password issue had cause problems at work.
However, a password manager can easily solve the issues associated with … (3 comments)

password: Remember This: Hackers Like Strong Passwords, Too - 02/22/17 05:12 AM
In late 2016, a huge data breach occurred. More than 412 million accounts were affected when hackers got into FriendFinder Networks.
According to sources, approximately a million of those accounts had the password ‘123456,’ and approximately 100,000 has the password that was simply, ‘password.’ This, of course, is despite the efforts from pros about password management and the importance of a strong password.
Complex Passwords are Inconvenient
This data breach is just one of many, and it shows that using passwords alone are risky and have consequences. Additionally, complex passwords are inconvenient, and this means that people often avoid using them, or they write … (8 comments)

password: Will Biometrics replace Passwords? - 08/23/16 12:12 AM
The days of using a computer to access your bank account, using a password, may be coming to an end, to be replaced entirely (as some experts believe) with a fingerprint or face scan using a smartphone.
The smartphone employment of such biometrics will drastically reduce hacking incidents, but will be problematic for those who do not own a mobile device. Major banks are already offering the fingerprint scan as a login option.
Other biometrics currently in use by banks are the eye scan, facial recognition and voice recognition. Banks are sold on the premise that biometrics offer significantly more protection of customers’ … (0 comments)

password: 32 Million Twitter Pass for sale Add two-factor NOW - 07/21/16 12:03 AM
The Dark Web, according to LeakedSource, got ahold of 33 million Twitter account details and put them up for sale. Twitter thus locked the accounts for millions of users.
Twitter, however, doesn’t believe its servers were directly attacked. So what happened? The bad guys may have created a composite of data from other breached sources. Or, they could have used malware to steal passwords off of devices.
Nevertheless, the end result meant that for many Twitter accounts, there was password exposure—leading to the lockdown of these accounts. The owners of these accounts had to reset their password after being notified of this by … (1 comments)

password: Celebrate World Password Day in 2016 With These Tips - 05/04/16 12:11 AM
Each year, researchers in security take the time to rate some of the worst passwords found on the Internet. While popular pop culture events have caused waves with the list of the worst passwords of 2015 – think “solo,” “starwars,” and “princess” – the worst passwords of last year were still the usual suspects, “password,” “123456,” and “qwerty.”
It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that researchers estimate as many as 90 percent of all user-generated passwords are subject to hacking. However, it might surprise you to know that even passwords that you believe to be secure will give little protection if … (3 comments)

password: Shred your Boarding Pass - 04/12/16 12:02 AM
Apparently there are people who take pictures of their airplane boarding pass…and post it online. I’m dead serious. I’ve heard of toddlers getting excited over scraps of paper, but full-grown adults posting images of their boarding pass online? Don’t get me started.
Let’s just only say that this is incredulously absurd. Like, who cares about your bleepity bleep boarding pass, right? OK, you got bumped up to First class. SAVE IT. Well wait a minute. Fraudsters care.
Fraudsters also care about the boarding pass that’s left intact in a rubbish can or lying on a seat somewhere.
Few travelers know that the bar code on the … (3 comments)

password: Change Passwords or not; that is the Question - 04/06/16 12:00 AM
We’re told to change our passwords often to minimize getting hacked. Now we’re told this is a bad thing.
But not for any inherent techy reason. It’s because frequent password changing makes many people lower their guard when it comes to creating new passwords.
They get lax and end up with passwords like Bear1, Crazy4uand GetHigh1978. Or, they often only minimally change the password, such as going from Hotbaby!! to Babyhot!!.
Believe it or not, despite an infinite number of permutations involving 26 letters, 10 numbers and 10 symbols, many people struggle to create new passwords beyond just minimally altering existing passwords. And don’t even ask these folks to remember any new … (4 comments)

password: Popular Passwords make it easy to hack You - 03/01/16 10:09 PM
Your account passwords should be as unique as your fingerprint—to make them less hackable by crooks using password-guessing software that can run through millions of possible combinations in just minutes. And if you have an easy password, there may be a hit within 10 seconds.
Think this software can figure out your password of “password1” or “monkey”? These are among the most used passwords. Needless to say, so is “1password” and just “password.” And “login.” What are people thinking?
Every year, millions of passwords are stolen. These are made public by researchers, in order of popularity. Hackers see this list. If you don’t want to … (1 comments)

password: Introducing the very first Biometric Password Lockdown App - 11/22/15 09:56 PM
This application for your mobile device will change things in a huge way:
Locks down smartphones with a finger-based biometric password Multi-factor authentication all-in-one It’s called BioTect-ID And why should you consider the world’s first biometric password for your mobile device? Because most smartphone security devices have been cracked by cyber thieves.
Layers of protecting your online accounts have historically involved the password, a PIN, security questions or combinations of these which isn’t that secure. However getting into your devices requires even less – a single password, connecting dots with your finger or nothing at all. Some devices can be accessed with … (2 comments)

password: The World’s First Biometric Password Lockdown App is here - 11/16/15 10:15 PM
It’s about time: a biometric for your smartphone that will change the way you think about biometric security.
This revolutionary biometric comes from Biometric Signature ID and it’s called BioTect-ID, and though it’s a biometric, it does not involve any so-called invasiveness of collecting body part information. The world’s first biometric password involves multi-factor authentication and just your finger—but not prints!
All you need to make this technology work to lock down your mobile device is a four-character password. But you can also draw a symbol like a star, leaf, a shining sun or smiley face as your password.
So suppose your password is … (2 comments)

password: Don’t Be Lazy With Your Passwords - 10/27/15 12:14 AM
It can be tough being a responsible adult sometimes, and managing these responsibilities isn’t always a chore that I want to deal with. Can you relate? Managing life takes focus and effort, and managing your online life is no different. Most of us are lazy with our online accounts, especially when it comes to our passwords. It is easy to use the same password for every account, but this also makes it very easy for hackers to access your passwords.
You Need a Password Manager
Most of us have several online accounts that require different passwords. However, trying to remember all of these … (1 comments)

password: How Passwords Get Hacked - 10/25/15 11:23 PM
If I wanted to crack one of your passwords, I could probably make a series of educated guesses and get pretty close. Why? Because people tend to stick with simple, easy to remember passwords, but these are the passwords that are easy to hack. According to Bill Carey, VP Marketing for the RoboForm Password Manager “Users need to take personal responsibility for their passwords and not assume that companies will keep them safe.”
Hackers Have Many Ways to Get Into Your Accounts
There are many ways that a hacker can get into an online account.
A brute force attack is one of the simplest … (24 comments)

password: It's Time for You to Use a Password Manager - 10/18/15 11:19 PM
If you are like me, you have several online accounts, each with a user name and password. Though it is tempting to use one password for every account, this can be troublesome as it is a huge security risk. So, what is your only option? To use a password manager.
According to a recently concluded survey conducted by uSamp and sponsored by Siber Systems, creators of the RoboForm Password Manager:
42% write them down 23% reported always using the same password** 25% reported using personal information Only 8% use a password manager tool Only 37% report using phrases with a combination… The statistics … (1 comments)

password: The Password Reset Isn’t How to Remember a Password - 10/16/15 11:48 PM
Consider a keychain for a moment. For most of us, a keychain holds all of our necessities such as home keys, car keys, work keys and even forgotten keys, that we aren’t quite sure what to do with. Now, think about this. What if your keychain had keys that look identical, but each key only opens one door.
If you are like most people, this key scenario is almost identical to the way you treat your account passwords online. What happens when you want to use a key, but you don’t know which one goes with which door? It can be very … (2 comments)

password: Weak Passwords Mean Data Breaches - 10/14/15 11:20 PM
Studies across the board indicate that weak usernames and passwords are one of the top causes of data breaches, and I find that information to be unfortunate, because it is preventable. According to a recently concluded survey conducted by uSamp and sponsored by Siber Systems, creators of the RoboForm Password Manager: 70% reported forgetting a password, or had a password become compromised, in their professional life in the US.
More organizations are enacting policies where employees can use their own devices and store information on a cloud. This means that it is more important than ever before to protect accounts with strong … (20 comments)

password: Passwords in Real Life: Don’t be Lazy - 08/06/15 11:56 PM
It’s tough being responsible sometimes. And managing responsibilities for what is precious in your life usually takes a little extra thought.  Let’s say you’ve just welcomed a beautiful set of triplets into the world.  Lucky you . . . and lots to managed! But, you wouldn’t give all these babies the same name simply to make it easier to remember, right?
Consider this same concept as you manage other precious aspects of life, like your on line accounts. It may seem convenient – and easier to remember — to use the same password for all accounts.
But a single password across all accounts … (4 comments)

password: Don't Rely on the Password Reset - 07/24/15 11:46 PM
Think about your keychain. It probably holds the necessities: car keys, home keys, work keys, miscellaneous keychains you bought on your previous vacations. Now, imagine you have a keychain full of these keys that all look the same, but each only opens a specific door.
Sounds kind of like your list of passwords, right? But what happens when you have all of these keys, and you need to get into your house? In either situation it can be easy to forget which key, or password, goes to what door or website.
So, back to the locked door situation, what do you do? A … (0 comments)

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