social media: FAKE NEWS: How the Weaponization of Social Media Has You Conned - 11/13/19 06:55 AM
This post takes a hard and honest look at whats happening right now. You either “get it” or you are a victim of whats going on. Victims who read this will trash it and deny the reality of what they read. Denial is warm and comfortable. The truth is cold and can hurt. And nobody likes to admit they are wrong, ever. So I expect plenty of haters.
“People are much like cattle or sheep; they just want to be led.”
The author of that controversial and maybe offensive quote is the author of this article. Maybe YOU aren’t like cattle or sheep, … (22 comments)

social media: Protect Your Company with This Social Media Security Advice - 05/01/18 06:36 AM
Social media is an excellent tool for small businesses, yet, the use of social media by small business staff can definitely put the company in danger. Many small business owners and managers don’t realize this.
Recently, I was talking to employees of a credit union about what to do in a robbery. Before this presentation, police officers had staged a robbery in the same credit union. The fake robbery was so real, some of the tellers were brought to tears, thinking they were really getting robbed.
After they were filled in on what was happening, everyone on the team discussed it. One of … (18 comments)

social media: How to Delete Yourself from Social Media - 07/05/17 06:35 AM
Have you been thinking that it’s time to make the drastic choice to remove yourself from social media? Most of us were quick to join the social media bandwagon, but these days, you might have worries about privacy. Though it’s possible to delete yourself from social media, the process isn’t easy, and it might not be totally foolproof.
Why Do You Want to Leave?
Before getting into how to delete yourself from social media, it’s important to ask yourself why you want to leave. Experts say totally deleting yourself might not be the best move. For instance, a potential employer, who will more … (4 comments)

social media: Parents Beware of Finstagram - 04/25/17 05:02 AM
You have surely heard of Instagram, the photo sharing social network, but what about “Finstagram?” If you are like most parents, you have rules about the social media practices of your kids. However, once you learn about Finstagram, those might all go out the window.
When you combine the words “fake” and “Instagram,” you get Finstagram. Essentially, these are fake, or alternative, Instagram accounts that are created by teens, for the most part. These accounts can be used for harmless laughs, such as sharing embarrassing pictures with your close circle of friends, or for harmful deeds, such as hiding alcohol or drug … (10 comments)

social media: Investigators Using Social Media to Find Missing Children - 04/21/17 05:11 AM
Gone are the days when social media is only used to share what you had for dinner or announcing to the world that you are headed to the gym. But social media has become a platform for any and everyone to say what’s on their mind, and sometimes that’s great, but all too often it isn’t. Social is significantly lacking in decorum. But at least some are using social for good.
These days, law enforcement is using social media to find missing children.
Washington, DC police are leading the way on this. In 2017, alone, the district is averaging about 190 missing kids … (4 comments)

social media: Stop being a Social Media Idiot - 12/27/16 06:12 AM
Leave personal details off your Facebook page.
Does the whole world—or even your private circle, many of whom you haven’t seen in person for years, or even at all—have to know you’re laid up from hernia surgery (i.e., vulnerable, defenseless)?
Try this experiment for a week: Assume that the only visitors to your Facebook are 1) future possible employers, 2) master gossip spreaders and reputation bashers, and 3) your future in-laws (if you’re not married). This should really change the game plan of how you post.
Never send naked photos of yourself.
Not even to your significant other. After all, in many cases of leaked … (11 comments)

social media: Hacking the CEO with Social Media - 12/06/16 06:14 AM
If the super big wigs could get their social media accounts hacked, you can too. If you can believe it, the Twitter accounts of the following were recently hacked:
Google CEO Sundar Pichai Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey Shouldn’t these CEOs know how to prevent getting hacked? One little slip could let in the cybercriminals: reusing the same password.
Times have really changed. During the good ‘ol days, employees barely knew the CEO. Sometimes he was faceless, and at most, they received form letters from him…or her. Nowadays, company workers know the names of the … (1 comments)

social media: Case allows Employees to run amok on Social Media - 11/24/16 05:57 AM
Lesson learned: If you run a fast-food restaurant or any company for that matter, you’d better treat your employees right. After all, they have a legal right to tweet all they want about you.
A Chipotle Mexican Grill in Havertown, PA, had a ban in place: Employees are prohibited from using social media to spread “inaccurate information” or “disparaging, false or misleading statements.”
But the National Labor Relations Board recently deemed that this rule violates federal labor law, even though an employee, James Kennedy, had tweeted less-than-favorable information about working conditions and had also circulated a petition (that the franchise tried to ban).
Chipotle … (2 comments)

social media: Set Privacy on these Social Media Apps - 08/04/16 12:14 AM
Just like older generations never thought that the dial phone in the kitchen could be dangerous (think phone scams), today’s kids don’t have a clue how hazardous smartphone apps can really be. They are a godsend to pedophiles, scammers and hackers. And let’s not forget other kids who just want to be cruel bullies.
Parents should have informative discussions with their kids about the various apps out there. And it’s okay to forbid particular apps you aren’t comfortable with. Like Musicly, search “Musicly safe for kids” and see why. Apps aren’t as innocent as you think. They are potential gateways to some … (4 comments)

social media: 32 Million Twitter Pass for sale Add two-factor NOW - 07/21/16 12:03 AM
The Dark Web, according to LeakedSource, got ahold of 33 million Twitter account details and put them up for sale. Twitter thus locked the accounts for millions of users.
Twitter, however, doesn’t believe its servers were directly attacked. So what happened? The bad guys may have created a composite of data from other breached sources. Or, they could have used malware to steal passwords off of devices.
Nevertheless, the end result meant that for many Twitter accounts, there was password exposure—leading to the lockdown of these accounts. The owners of these accounts had to reset their password after being notified of this by … (1 comments)

social media: Parents: do You know your Teen’s Social Media Platforms? - 04/27/16 11:54 PM
With all the apps out there that individualize communication preferences among teens, such as limiting “sharing,” parents should still hold their breath. Face it, parents: times have changed. It’s your duty to discuss these applications with your kids. And parents should also familiarize themselves with the so-called temporary apps.
Temporary messages do not vanish forever. Are anonymous applications really anonymous? How temporary is “temporary”? Kik Messenger
Users can stay anonymous and conduct all sorts of communication. Has perks, like seeing if someone read your message. Has drawbacks, such as accidentally sending content to more people than the user intended. Easy to … (4 comments)

social media: LinkedIn targeted by Scammers - 11/05/15 09:54 PM
LinkedIn is a free service that allows professional people to network with each other. Often, a LinkedIn member will receive an e-mail from another LinkedIn member “inviting” them to join their network. Sometimes, the inviter is someone the recipient doesn’t know, but the recipient will link up anyways. And that’s the problem.
A report at says that Dell SecureWorks Counter Threat Unit™ (CTU) researchers discovered 25 phony LinkedIn profiles.
With this particular phony network (called TG-2889), most of the intended victims live in the Middle East. The profiles are convincing, including some having over 500 connections.
Signs of Fraudulence
Profile photos appear on … (2 comments)

social media: Catphishing is a Heartless Scam - 07/10/15 11:45 PM
When someone online presents as a different person than their true self, this is called catphishing, and it occurs on online dating sites.
Google the name of the object of your interest. Obviously, “Kelly Smith” and “John Miller” won’t get you far, but “Jaycina McArthur” just might. What comes up? See if they have social media accounts, as these suggest they’re a real person. But the absence doesn’t prove they’re a phony, either. Not every legitimate person is into the social media thing. Here are warning signs:
More than one profile on a social media site. Few friends or followers on … (1 comments)

social media: Question: Should You worry about Kids on Social Media? - 06/11/15 11:35 PM
With all the increased news coverage of kids running off with adults they met online, and kids dying by suicide supposedly due to online bullying, many parents are wondering if their worries about their kids being online are justified.
We hardly hear about how social media has benefited kids. There’s nothing inherent about electronic communications or electronic media that makes it bad for kids. There will always be bad people out there—online and offline.
An article on lists multiple ways good things can come to kids who use social media.
Makes friendships stronger. The site did a study called Social Media, Social … (1 comments)

social media: 6 Tips for Protecting Your Social Media Accounts - 05/01/15 11:12 PM
10 years ago, many of us were hearing about social media for the first time. Now, social media plays a giant role in our lives, allowing us to share pictures, connect with family and friends, and get updated news. Through social media, we can express ourselves to our inner circle and the world.
So how devastating would it be if someone got a hold of your social media accounts?
They could really wreak some havoc, like sending dirty links to all of your followers on Twitter. Or worse, take personal information in order to steal your identity, which could take years to fix. … (3 comments)

social media: Social Media Identity Theft leads to Arrest - 12/18/14 09:10 PM
Are you one who believes you’re too smart, too savvy, to get your identity stolen in the social media world? Nobody thinks this will happen to them, and Stephanie Francis, 24, was no exception to that way of thinking.

A report from that the Jacksonville, Florida woman claims her identity was stolen—on social media of all places—and that the thief used it to create a phony Facebook account. This is interesting because there’s probably a ton of Facebook accounts under the name of “Stephanie Francis.” But there’s more to a fake Facebook account than using a name that a … (2 comments)

social media: 8 Ways to bullet proof your Social Accounts - 08/10/14 04:31 AM
There are ways to keep the hackers at bay—for the most part, anyways, since no protection is 100 percent efficient.

#1 Password protect.
A device lost or stolen puts all your accounts at risk. Even simply placing your devices on your desk, they can be accessed by a nosy spouse, contractor or baby sitter, putting your accounts at risk. All of your devices should be protected by a password or some kind of passcode, and set to lock up or hibernate after a certain period of inactivity. The lock can be a fingerprint or even a picture password.
Even if … (6 comments)

social media: 7 Social Media Security Tips To Protect Your Business - 03/24/14 11:33 PM
Your employee's online life could open your business to some serious dangers.

Many small businesses recognize the benefits of having a social media presence for customer service and long-term marketing purposes. However, many are slow to recognize social media's security issues and how employees’ own social presence can add to the company's security issues.
Some companies restrict internal access. Others may prevent employees from having any corporate association outside of work on their own social platforms. This is due to the fact that whatever an employee says outside of work publicly can have a significant impact on the organization.
Turns … (0 comments)

social media: 7 Small Business Social Media Risks - 02/23/14 09:05 PM
Many executives are concerned about social media related risks (e.g., data security and ID theft), but far fewer actually have any social media training.

A recent survey of executives puts the concerns into four categories: disclosure of confidential information; damaged brand reputation; ID theft; and legal and compliance violations.
Another feature that the survey unveiled was that 71 percent of the participants believed that their company was worried about potential risks, but they also thought these risks could be avoided or resolved.
Over half the respondents said that their company lacked any social media risk assessment strategy.
Here’s another striking … (1 comments)

social media: IT guys get duped pretty girl on social media - 01/12/14 09:44 PM
Defenses of a U.S. government agency were duped by an experimental scam created by security experts.

The “scam” involved Emily Williams, a fictitious attractive woman with a credible online identity (including a real photo that was allowed by a real woman), posing as a new hire at the targeted agency.
Within 15 hours, the fake Emily had 55 LinkedIn connections and 60 for Facebook, with the targeted agency’s employees and contractors. Job offers came, along with offers from men at the agency to assist her with her new job.
Around Christmas time the security experts placed a link on Emily’s … (1 comments)

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