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Acquiring real estate leads is about two fundamental activities – “hunting” and “farming.” Craigslist real estate ads used to represent the ability to get “right now” business – it was a hunting ground. And while Craigslist still exists, it doesn’t exist in the way we once knew it. In the old day...
Nevada Together Home Is Possible Grant Program The Nevada Home Is Possible Grant down payment assistance program rolls out this week. The Nevada Housing Division (NHD) today launched Home is Possible, a new home buyer program that provides qualified homeowners in Clark and Washoe counties a grant...
By definition, “recovery” in any use of the word means to return to “normality” – but is there such a thing as normality in, or an order to, Las Vegas real estate market (or any) economics?FULL ARTICLE HERE >The media constantly bombards us with news about possible “economic housing recovery” as ...
In the “old days” (meaning when there was a decent housing economy) developers used to refer to three distinct niches within the 55+ market: the Go-Gos – these were the classic empty-nesters who were so overjoyed that their children had left home that they wanted to dump the massive family home f...
New retail and commercial development always follows behind successful residential development – it is too risky to develop retail/commercial into quaint urban centers if there is no one living nearby.Consequently, the Shops at Summerlin languished for 5+ years as the devastating economic collaps...
Does YOUR Las Vegas empty nest now have equity again?  If so, If so, retiring to Las Vegas may now be possible again. The progression of owning a Las Vegas home different in “the old days” – you built up equity in your family home, perhaps even paying it off, and when the kids left you sold and t...
The Goldilocks Principle Applied to Las Vegas Land Buyers In the world of land development, the Goldilocks principle commands that the acquisition of land must fall within certain value-margins and certain inventory-ranges – as opposed to extremes. In the boom-bust style of the Las Vegas real est...
Under the “2007 Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act and Debt Cancellation”, doing a short sale usually made tons of sense – even though the deficiency that was waived by the bank became “income” to the seller, the seller also usually got an offsetting tax credit for that income (you need to chat...
  The market for Las Vegas homes is sort of like an old gold rush town. The phrase Boom and Bust came from the old gold rushes – it indicates an economic situation with sharp sustained growth, followed by sharp decline, follows by sharp growth again, et cetera. When Vegas rose it rose huge – whe...
It’s odd.  When the Las Vegas real estate market was pounding upward at 2 to 3% per month, hedge funds and other investors were snapping up properties at a breathtaking pace … suddenly, though, it seems they’ve pulled back and this has the local Las Vegas real estate news sources proclaiming “the...

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