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    The Dream Home How-to Guide ™3 Simple Steps to Trade Up from a Compromise Home to the Home You’ve Always Wanted VIDEO INCLUDED     You compromised when you bought this home – you had to. You needed a house, and settled for what you could get at the time.  The ...
Over the ages people have bought and sold businesses and investments – it is part of the joy and privilege of living in a free society. CLICK TO SEE FULL ORIGINAL BLOG POST! Whether you’re considering buying a lemonade stand, a major corporation like Coca Cola or American Express, or a basic Las ...
Rob Flitton "The Closer" proudly presents:  How to Evaluate Rental Property Investments in the Las Vegas Real Estate Market!          ... CLICK HERE FOR BRIEF VIDEO ►     … OR CALL ROB FLITTON ANY TIME AT 702-496-7260 PLEASE CONSIDER USING ME AS YOUR AG...
When I was a tadpole in the real estate business in the early 1980s, I peppered my mentor with questions about real estate market theories – those theories are very relevant today in the Las Vegas real estate market. When a market is buoyant it is like a pond – the water is deeper (more reliable...
I had a thought today about the Las Vegas real estate market.  At times, we can be so close to something that we cannot see it for what it is – if you were standing in Godzilla’s footprint would you know it? *SEE ORIGINALBLOG POST HERE This is a metaphor for the many odd and conflicting commentar...
Can the Las Vegas real estate market BE purged?  Is SB 321the answer? “A free market without bankruptcy is like religion without hell.” CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO VERSION CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE TO ROB'S BLOG It is bad medicine to have government intervene in markets, in my opinion, and the latest Neva...

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