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  A woman contacted me today asking about Seattle Schools.  After responding to her question I thought I would post the information in case anyone else had similar questions.     The Seattle Times actually maintains a great web site about local districts.  The map feature is really helpful to se...
There seems to be a lot of confusion around the difference between average home price and median home price.  The truth is there is a significant difference, so let me see if I can clear this up.  Average home price is a simple mathematic average.  You take all the homes you are referring to, add...
Single Family Homes                         Currently for Sale 60     Under $500,000 19 Over $1,000,000 2     Lowest Priced Single Family House $299,000 Highest Priced Single Family House $1,595,000     Median Home Price $627,500 Average Days on Market 71 Current Market Trend Ballanced Market   ...
Ok, help me out here.  There has been a lot of buzz on AR about Twitter.   I have to admit I don't quite get it.  I signed up and you can all go check me out on there, I guess.  But someone let me know what I am missing.  Do people really care what I am doing from minute to minute?  How often do ...
A couple of weeks ago I created an entry about car farming.  I promised I would create an entry about gutter gardening and here it is.  Here in the Pacific NW we have a lot of evergreen trees.  They are beautiful but ask any home owner they are a pain in the butt.  They shed their needles year ro...
  For those of you that may not subscribe to a lot of print media (How 80's), our very own Wedgwood was the front page attraction for this Sunday's Seattle Times real estate section.  The add raved about how walkable the neighborhood is and highlighted the recent debate over a proposed mixed use...
For those of you that just love the numbers, here are some data for Seattle.  The market for single family homes and condo's are very different.  Condo's have definitely seen a bigger drop in value and are taking significantly longer to sell.  All this is a big advantage to buyer's.  Single famil...
I am convinced that if you want to get a feel for a city the best way to do it is from the saddle of a bicycle.  Last weekend I went for a long ride and in the process provided myself with one of the best travel logs of Seattle.  I started out in Magnolia where I live and took a little known path...
 Here are some ideas to make your bathroom sparkle for a potential buyer.   Next to the kitchen, the bathroom is the room that gets the most scrutiny from potential Buyers. Some inexpensive designer tricks can make your bathroom look like a million dollars.  Here are some tips especially for the...
  The Federal Reserve recently announced a plan to crack down on some "tricky" features of credit cards. According to Fed Chairman Bernanke, this plan is "intended to establish a new baseline for fairness in how credit card plans operate."Here are some of the highlights of the Fed Chair's propos...


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