real estate in cary: Prepare Your home to Sale - 3 Inexpensive Tips - 09/23/10 07:53 AM
 Thinking about selling your home and not sure where to begin to prepare your home for sale.  This video will give you 3 tips to help you get started and help you get a big bang for your buck.  Click on the above Link to start the video.   I hope that you enjoy.  

real estate in cary: Sink or Swim, I'm Diving in! - 12/22/09 02:31 AM

I've changed my Active Rain photo to show my twin boys attempting to toss their younger brother into Lake Erie.  The significance of this photo is not to show my beautiful sons and their attempt to drown their baby brother, but to reflect my current state in Real Estate.  The picture is symbolic because it is about trust and taking chances. 
Trusting and taking chances is exactly what I am doing.  As of December 1st, 2009 I joined a new real estate firm called Go Realty.  Go Realty is brand new in the Cary real estate market.  Actually Go Realty is brand new, period.  … (6 comments)

real estate in cary: Now Where Did I Place My Crystal Ball? - 07/12/09 07:45 AM
After a bit of thought, I have come to the conclusion that Real Estate agents should be issued a crystal ball along with their real estate license.  Oboviously predicting the future is part of our job, otherwise why would sellers ask, how much will I get for my house? 
I can see so many places a crystal ball would come in very handy in real estate, besides just predicting what a house will sell for.  With a crystal ball Realtors would also be able to predict which house buyers should buy!  Of course that would be the home that will be … (6 comments)

real estate in cary: More Evidence that Now is a Great Time to Buy a House in the Triangle! - Raleigh, Cary, Durham - 07/09/09 05:56 AM
It should be obovious that now is a great time to buy a house, but for some reason many people are not  "buying it" yet.  Home prices are at record lows.  Interest rats are hovering around 5%.  Sellers are moving and motivated, yet buyers are hesitant to "make a move". 
Now is particularly a great time to buy for first time home buyers and move up home buyers in Raleigh, Cary, and Durham.  For first time buyers, there is plenty of inventory for them to choose from.  In the past, the Triangle market under $200K was very tight.  If the house was … (0 comments)

real estate in cary: Fantastic First Time Buyer Opportunity in Cary, NC - SOLD - 07/07/09 12:30 PM

real estate in cary: Diagnosis - Twitter Anxiety - 07/06/09 04:27 AM
I really want to twitter.  I have a twitter account.  I have twitter followers. But, I have only tweeted close to three times.  Perhaps is the fear that I must say something profound, expecially since I have actual followers.  I have no issues giving status updates on facebook a few times a day.  But people actually must sign into facebook to see my updates.  By twittering, I am sending you a message that says "this just in".....  Do you really want a message from me that says... "this just in, I sold a house"... "This just in, I am working with … (1 comments)

real estate in cary: I am a genius and there is proof - 01/28/09 12:44 PM
I'm a genius!!!     The book "Getting Things Done" by David Allen proves it....   
Here are some quotes from the book...  
"It's really the smartest people who have the highest number of undecided things in their lives and on their list.".............. "If your body responds to the pictures you give it, how are you likely to feel physically when you think about, say, doing your taxes?  Are you sending yourself "easy", "let's go," completion, success, and "I'm a winner!" pictures?  Probably not.  For just aht reason, what kinds of people would logically be the most resistant to being reminded … (6 comments)

real estate in cary: Great Buy in Cary!!! - 01/21/09 07:49 AM

real estate in cary: Beautiful Home in Cary, NC for Sale - 01/21/09 07:40 AM

real estate in cary: When Faxing is just not enough - 10/24/08 10:32 AM
So what do you do when the Buyer lives in Florida, Seller lives in Kentucky, home being purchased is in Apex, NC, Listing agent is in North Raleigh, the Buyers agent is in Cary, and the lender in Havelock, NC wants a clean copy of the offer to purchase and contract?   You are probably wondering why there is not a nice clean copy of the offer to purchase and contract.  But the reality is, when a document is faxed multiple times, the end result is a blurry mess.  I had such a situation this week.  The lender would not move even one … (2 comments)

real estate in cary: Real Estate is Great in NC! - 03/08/07 02:40 PM
This is my first blog ever.  I love the idea of sharing my thoughts and ideas with the world.  I did give this blog a title of Real Estate is great in NC, so I will try to stay within the topic.   I am a Realtor in the Research Triangle Market, Raleigh, Cary, Apex, Durham, Wake Forest, and the many small towns in Wake, Durham, and Johnston County.  Our market is steadily growing without a real estate bubble in site.  We are fortunate to have such an wonderful market.  There are several factors fueling our market.  The first is affordable housing.  For years our appreciation rate … (1 comments)

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