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Are There Any New Homes for Sale in Huntington Beach, CA YES While there aren't many to choose from, there are currently two brand new home communities in Huntington Beach. One is available and selling now, while the second should begin selling some time this fall. There are also two more in the ...
When working with new home buyers, I'm often asked questions about this area, and one of the questions I frequently get is, "Where is the best butcher shop in the OC?" or "What is the best deli in Orange County", or even "What is the best bakery?" I'll answer those other two in a later blog, but ...
~ HOW TO BUY A HOME IN HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA WITH BAD CREDIT ~ One of the first steps in buying a home is getting "Pre-Qualified". Whether you're looking to buy in Irvine, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, or Huntington Beach, a pre-qualification letter is a necessity! (unless you're paying all cash)Buyi...
I've noticed an interesting trend lately. And by interesting, I mean completely and utterly frustrating. Recently, I've been lucky enough to be working with a few "All Cash" buyers, or at least lucky in so much as their purchases weren't reliant on a bank. Yes, interest rates are ridiculously low...
I'm really writing this to get other opinions as my own opinion is fairly set. I believe it will absolutely make sense again some day, but that day won't come until banks are willing to lend... truly lend. I believe there is too much fear and uncertain for this to make sense now, but I also think...
Surely this can be explained to me, so please help! To me, these are essentially the same thing. For example, I found an interesting article online: Now if you read this article, ...
While a blog is, almost by definition, an opinion, I want to state up front that this blog entry is meant only to serve as a source of information on the subject of mold and not as an opinion. The CDC {Center for Disease Control} is a non-partial government agency, and I believe is a good source ...

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