columbia missouri: Don't Get "Heated Up" Over Electrical Corrosion - 01/18/12 03:16 AM
Corrosion of metal parts and pieces is generally bad...unless your nick-name is "Rusty".  When these metal pieces are components of an electrical system...It's time to get "Hot After It"!
In the magical world of electrical systems...corrosion equals resistance, and resistance equals heat generation by arcing and sparking.  Corrosion can occur at electrical terminals, such as found in main service panels at the breaker lugs, or at receptacle (outlet) locations where the wiring is connected the fixture.  Corrosion can result from the improper tightening of the lugs or screws fastening the conductive wire system to the fixture or breaker.  If the lug … (9 comments)

columbia missouri: This House is for the Birds!! - 01/18/12 02:12 AM
If you just love living in the country...keeping the exterior wood trim and siding painted or stained is necessary to keep the native fauna from treating your house like a ginger bread house in a room full of hungry kids!!
Painting or staining all exterior wood surfaces helps to protect the wood structure from termites, which swarm periodically to look for new colony locations, wood boring beetles and bees, and woodpeckers!

Allowing the exterior wood portions of any house to remain unprotected or fall in disrepair, will invite nature's bounty of wood destroying organisms to your "Home Sweet Home"!
Happy … (0 comments)

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