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"Can I Use My 2013 Tax Return to Qualify for a Mortgage?"   Q:  I'm self-employed.  Can I use the income I will show on my 2013 tax return to qualify for a mortgage?  I have not yet filed, but am about to do so...   Like most other things in the lending industry, the answer is not entirely simple...
Mortgages for Canyon Green, Novato, CA   You don't see it too often in Marin County, CA --- new construction, that is.  So the other day while I was driving in Novato, I allowed myself the innocent distraction of following the signs to the new development of Canyon Green, located roughly off of t...
Mortgages and Power of Attorney   Q:  Why did God invent lawyers? A:  To give mortgage brokers someone to look down on.   OK, well that's an unfair shot at Attorneys at Law, but here in the mortgage business, we occasionaly have a need to use a Power of Attorney, or "POA."  We see this when, for ...
Back to the Future: Mortgage Options Post BK, Foreclosure & Short Sale   In the year 2007...  War is surging in Iraq.  The iPhone is unveiled.  Barry Bonds clocks 756 and people still choose to think it's the broccoli that's doing it.  La Scala's walls will never again reverberate to Luciano's te...

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