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How to Not Get Burned When Financing a Flip "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen."  Well, when buying a home, sometimes the heat permeates not only the kitchen but the entire joint because the home is considered a "flip."  You mean like the proverbial burger flip?  No, I'm talking...
Not Your Grandfather's Stated Income Loan Stated income.  No other phrase in the realm of home lending evokes as many good and bad memories, does it?  For some --- mostly loan originators who wore an ethical stripe of a different color --- the days of the liar loans are fondly remembered as "the ...
 This Must Be Just Like Lending in Paradise My name is Rob Spinosa.  I'm a workaholic.  And despite the growing body of scientific evidence that is building behind the necessity of vacations, I still do not get away from the office nearly enough.  Some of our clients, on the other hand, have this...
Breaking Up (Is Subject to Guidelines and Restrictions) When we look at our refinance business, not a small percentage of it is driven by the scenarios where one spouse buys out the equity of the other, as stipulated in a divorce decree.  Sometimes when we are presented with a divorce buyout refi...

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