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California's Stunning Bridge (Loan) It is 2017's peak buying season in the San Francisco Bay Area and many buyers in this competitive, low-inventory market face a challenge greater than just the inability to find the right house.  For them, there's actually a more pressing dilemma.  Before they c...
Consolidation Refinances Reign Supreme  "Someday I'd really like to see these loans together." No, that was never a hit song in the '60's but it is a situation that we encounter frequently in the world of loan origination.  It's a scenario that occurs where a homeowner has both a first and second...
A Special Thank You to My Active Rain Friends "Rob, do you ever really get any business from all the time you spend writing?" We have all heard this type of question before, from colleagues, family and even detractors.  And we all have our unique way of answering it, I'm sure.  So I will say that...
It's (Not) Up to You How many of us have ever worked with a professional on a highly important matter where, regardless of the issue at hand, we reached that critical inflection point, the one where we needed help and answers the most?  What happened when the advisor in whom you put your trust lo...
Your Mortgage on Steroids If you are self-employed and attempt to get a mortgage, you know it's tough to get a fair shake.  It seems like lenders never give the self employed the benefit of the doubt.  But what if you could have just ONE great year, instead of two, and then qualify for the loan y...

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