condominium: Getting a Mortgage on a Vacation Condo in Hawaii - 03/26/19 06:34 AM
Getting a Mortgage on a Vacation Condo in Hawaii
Now that you've snapped out of your daydreams of swaying palm trees and the enveloping comfort of warm tropical air, you may recall that in a previous blog post I covered the things we need to know when buying a second home in Hawaii, and using a jumbo mortgage in the purchase transaction.  But what if, instead, you are looking specifically to buy a condominium to use as a second home?  Are there any tips, tricks and general good advice when it comes to getting a home loan to purchase one of these?  … (2 comments)

condominium: Using a Jumbo Mortgage to Buy a Second Home in Hawaii - 03/17/19 08:14 PM
Using a Jumbo Mortgage to Buy a Second Home in Hawaii
Who, stateside, doesn't at least want to entertain the idea of calling it a long work week, heading to the airport and then a few hours later touching down on one of the Hawaiian islands?  What if you're on the cusp of that reality and have decided to buy a second home in Hawaii and need a jumbo mortgage to help you achieve that goal?  I am a licensed mortgage loan originator in Hawaii, can help and here's what my clients need to know.
What Is a Second Home?
While any vacation residence … (0 comments)

condominium: Let's Get Small Condo Projects - 10/31/18 07:21 AM
Let's Get Small Condo Projects
San Francisco is known for its majestic Victorian and Edwardian homes, and residents and homebuyers in the city know that sometimes these massive dwellings get converted into condominiums.  Not one's traditional idea of a condo project, what was once a majestic single family home is metamorphosed into a multi-level condominium project with three separate living units, for example.  But small condo projects, typically defined as two to four units, can also be other than a colorful structure in the City by the Bay.  In fact, we encounter them throughout California.  
Financing a condominium unit in a small project … (6 comments)

condominium: Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes to C, C, C, Condos - 06/10/18 04:14 PM
Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes to C, C, C, Condos
At various times over the last 10 years, getting a mortgage on a condominium in California could have been quite the challenge for a homebuyer.  However, some changes that will go into effect at the end of June, 2018, will reflect Fannie Mae's (FNMA) increased flexibility and sensibility with lending on condo, co-op and planned unit development (PUD) projects.  We're going to focus here just on the condo part and explain the key elements that should make it a bit easier for some buyers in the months ahead.
Single-Entity Ownership
Single-entity ownership poses a risk … (22 comments)

condominium: Non-Warrantable Condo Financing - 03/20/16 05:44 AM
 Non-Warrantable Condo Financing
The caps of our graduating class had barely wafted to the floor of the high school gymnasium when I packed up the old family car with my guitars, amps and all the naiveté a Midwestern teenager could muster and headed west to the glam metal capital of the world, Hollywood, CA.  Years later, people still ask me, “What was the name of your band?” or “So how did you end up in the San Francisco Bay Area?” or the most laughably absurd, “Did you go to UCLA on a literary scholarship?”
Well, I’m going to have to leave the arena … (17 comments)

condominium: When Special Assessments Lead to Special Occasions - 06/23/14 02:48 PM
When Special Assessments Lead to Special Occasions
"Well, what would you do in my situation?"
Don't we all get this question from time to time?  I know that for me, responding with first-hand experience imparts a validity that perhaps another California mortgage lender might not have.  So I am happy to share with clients and prospects what I know, when appropriate, not only as a home loan professional, but also as a property owner and president of two homeowners associations (HOA).
The first property I owned was a condominium unit at Larkspur Isle, in Larkspur, California.  A great little place on … (5 comments)

condominium: FHA Condo Project Approvals - 06/16/11 08:33 AM
FHA Condo Project Approvals
The short video below explains the process of getting a condominium project approved with the FHA, so that homebuyers (especially first-time homebuyers) may purchase condo units listed for sale. This video's target audience is HOA board of directors of any common interest development, or property management companies that oversee condominium projects.  However, we are all aware that often it is the real estate agents who are trying to list, or help a client buy, a condo unit who are uncovering the need for condominium project approvals.
For more information or to begin the condo approval process, get … (4 comments)

condominium: FHA Condominium Approvals in California - 03/24/11 02:57 PM
FHA Condominium Approvals in California
Real Estate Agents,
I am able to help with getting condominium complexes approved through the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) so that FHA financing can be used to purchase individual units in a common interest development here in California.  At this time, I DO NOT CHARGE ANYTHING FOR THIS SERVICE.  As we all know, on many occasions we have a willing and able buyer and seller, but we find that we do not have an eligible property.  Unfortunately with condominiums this is not an uncommon outcome.
 There is a solution in some cases.  Does it … (0 comments)

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