san francisco: Let's Get Small Condo Projects - 10/31/18 07:21 AM
Let's Get Small Condo Projects
San Francisco is known for its majestic Victorian and Edwardian homes, and residents and homebuyers in the city know that sometimes these massive dwellings get converted into condominiums.  Not one's traditional idea of a condo project, what was once a majestic single family home is metamorphosed into a multi-level condominium project with three separate living units, for example.  But small condo projects, typically defined as two to four units, can also be other than a colorful structure in the City by the Bay.  In fact, we encounter them throughout California.  
Financing a condominium unit in a small project … (6 comments)

san francisco: Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes to C, C, C, Condos - 06/10/18 04:14 PM
Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes to C, C, C, Condos
At various times over the last 10 years, getting a mortgage on a condominium in California could have been quite the challenge for a homebuyer.  However, some changes that will go into effect at the end of June, 2018, will reflect Fannie Mae's (FNMA) increased flexibility and sensibility with lending on condo, co-op and planned unit development (PUD) projects.  We're going to focus here just on the condo part and explain the key elements that should make it a bit easier for some buyers in the months ahead.
Single-Entity Ownership
Single-entity ownership poses a risk … (22 comments)

san francisco: Caution: Collateral Crossing - 08/01/17 06:36 AM
Caution:  Collateral Crossing
A while back, and in this post here, I talked about the four distinct ways that a homebuyer could purchase a new home without first selling his existing one.  And of the options, perhaps the least understood and most complex is the cross-collateralization program.  This is a type of financing where more than one piece of property serves as the real estate security for the loan and usually it implies that the existing home and the new home will BOTH make up the collateral value by which the loan-to-value (LTV) will be determined.  I thought I would provide a real … (5 comments)

san francisco: Non-Warrantable Condo Financing - 03/20/16 05:44 AM
 Non-Warrantable Condo Financing
The caps of our graduating class had barely wafted to the floor of the high school gymnasium when I packed up the old family car with my guitars, amps and all the naiveté a Midwestern teenager could muster and headed west to the glam metal capital of the world, Hollywood, CA.  Years later, people still ask me, “What was the name of your band?” or “So how did you end up in the San Francisco Bay Area?” or the most laughably absurd, “Did you go to UCLA on a literary scholarship?”
Well, I’m going to have to leave the arena … (17 comments)

san francisco: Do You Think We're in a Bubble? - 09/11/14 11:31 PM
Do You Think We're in a Bubble?
Forgive me.  While I may be one of Marin County's most recommended mortgage lenders, I am still only on the lowly home finance side of things.  I'm not in the real estate purchase and sale trenches like most of the members on Active Rain and, presumably, I'm therefore not taking the brunt of this blog title's sentiment head on.  Since I am hearing the question from my pre-approved buyers so frequently, I know that San Francisco Bay Area real estate agents must also be confronted with the "Do you think we're in a bubble?" concern.  I thought … (2 comments)

san francisco: People Who Say It Can't Be Done... - 05/29/14 11:51 PM
People Who Say It Can't Be Done...
...should not interrupt those who are doing it."
This quote, attributed to George Bernard Shaw, is one I'd be willing to guess most of us have heard.  I found it particularly applicable in light of a recent closing and thought I would share the connection I made.
Here, at the apex of the "spring buying season," in one of the hottest seller's markets, at the very epicenter of the unreal bidding wars and all-cash grabs --- San Francisco --- I had a client sell, then buy, within a four month window.  That's … (0 comments)

san francisco: 138 16th Avenue, San Francisco - 03/01/14 06:13 AM
138 16th Avenue, San Francisco
This incredible property in the Lake Street neighborhood of San Francisco will be coming on the market and will have an open house on Sunday, March 2, 2014.  The listing agent is Tricia O'brien with Pacific Union .  Tricia and I have worked together before and I'm very pleased to assist her with finding a buyer. 
RPM has some great finance options for a property in this price range.  Perhaps one of our more exciting programs is our Jumbo 5/5 ARM (below).  This is a unique mortgage product because instead of adjusting once every year or … (3 comments)

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