triathlon: Six Business Lessons Rescued from the Ironman Swim - 09/10/17 08:27 AM
Six Business Lessons Rescued from the Ironman Swim
Imagine yourself  standing on a beach at 6:55am.  The cool dawn envelopes your senses and the damp sand to which your toes clutch feels like your only shelter.  You are wearing a wetsuit, goggles and a swim cap, and though you are sharing your experience with about 2000 others, little comfort is to be found in their camaraderie.  Over the next 5 minutes your heart will settle higher and more squarely in the back of your throat until a cannon blast will signal the start of your journey, a "race" beginning with a swim … (45 comments)

triathlon: If It Was Easy... - 01/04/17 05:44 AM
  If It Was Easy...
As 2016 drew to a close, two seemingly unrelated events came together for me in the form of an unexpected realization.  First, I did a careful review of my past year's production in order to measure progress, spot trends and recognize where improvement needs to be made.  Second, I caught the broadcast of the Ironman Triathlon World Championship on TV.  
So let's start with a little background on the more interesting of the two.  Sometime back in the late '80's, I must have been watching TV with my dad on a lazy weekend afternoon … (19 comments)

triathlon: The Yang and Yin of Thin - 11/15/14 11:21 AM
The Yang and Yin of Thin
I guess I should start by saying that I grew up blue collar, where emphasis was put on playing an honest game, and not so much on showing up looking like you could.   If, let’s just say, some fabulously flashy Franklin Square PBC little leaguer, replete of accoutrements but devoid of major league promise, dared take the field, well, said lad would have likely been scoffed all the way back to Elmont, alongside his hapless folks. 

So while I was slow in life to arrive at Ironman triathlon, once I did … (4 comments)

triathlon: In Hindsight: Why It Does Matter, An Open Letter to Livestrong Nation - 01/17/13 11:33 PM

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triathlon: Marin Runs at the San Rafael Mile on June 5! - 05/18/11 03:36 PM
Marin Runs at the San Rafael Mile on June 5!
Come on out on June 5th and join us at the 2nd running of the San Rafael Mile.  How fast can you run one mile???  Be part of the fun with family, friends and a handful of four-minute milers as the excitement heats up right in the heart of downtown San Rafael.
 2011 USATF Pacific Assocation Mile Championship     
Time Schedule6:30 am: Race Day Registration Opens                                        7:45 am: Senior Women (50 and Over)8:00 am: Senior Men (50 and Over)8:15 am: Master Women (40 to 49)8:30 am: Master Men (40 to 49)8:45 am: … (0 comments)

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