granite tile: Kitchen Countertop Installers Release a Consumer Report comparing Marble Countertops to Granite Countertops – Ferguson, Missouri - 12/13/08 02:02 AM
Recent study gathers good information about marble and granite countertops
Ferguson, MO - Consumers who have read the recent report released by Bob Gasiorowski, owner of Rock Tops Granite in St. Louis, are making informed decisions as to the choice of material for their new kitchen countertop.  The report compares marble to granite, explains the pros and cons of each, and covers other details.
The report begins with facts common to both products; both are high quality, natural stone materials that add beauty and elegance to any home.  Both are available in a wide variety of colors and … (6 comments)

granite tile: Kitchen Remodeling Experts Recommend Under Mount Sinks to be used with Granite Kitchen Countertops – Chesterfield, MO - 12/13/08 02:00 AM
Rock Tops Granite owner, Bob Gasiorowski speaks at a workshop about kitchen remodeling
Chesterfield, MO - Home remodeling contractors in Chesterfield gathered for a local workshop event to network and share tips on various remodeling projects.  One of the special guests invited to demonstrate a kitchen remodeling tip was Bob Gasiorowski, owner of Rock Tops Granite, a natural stone kitchen countertop fabricating company. 
Bob's remodeling tip was regarding the sink that goes with a granite kitchen countertop.  Bob said, "The under mount sink is perfect with a granite or natural stone countertop.  They are very popular with their sleek … (0 comments)

granite tile: Technology Distinguishes Rock Tops Granite, Kirkwood, Mo, from other Kitchen Countertop Fabricators - 12/12/08 09:26 AM
Rock Tops Granite has been acknowledged as one of the nation's fastest growing companies, thanks to the latest technology in stone processing equipment
St. Louis, MO - Charlie Thiede, president of Rock Tops Granite, was recently interviewed.  When asked about how his company was able to grow so rapidly in today's economy, Charlie explained, "We use the latest in high-tech equipment for cutting and shaping the stone to fabricate a custom kitchen countertop with a perfectly finished edge.  Because the equipment is very expensive, other companies are still using hand routers and grinders to work the edge of the stone.  … (0 comments)

granite tile: Real Estate Investors Group Tours new Rock Tops Granite Showroom in Maryland Heights, Mo - 12/12/08 09:23 AM
The group was impressed as they viewed over 1,200 unique slabs of granite and marble in the spacious showroom
St. Louis, MO - Members of a local real estate investors association recently toured the new Rock Tops Granite showroom in Missouri.  They were looking for kitchen remodeling tips to be used for some of their investment property.  One of the group said, "We need to be diverse in selecting materials for remodeling, depending on the neighborhoods the properties are located in.  The finished job should be comparable to other homes in the area. "
The investors were amazed at … (1 comments)

granite tile: Rock Tops Granite, St. Louis offers Showroom Tours and a Blog for Consumers to Learn about Natural Stone Countertops - 12/12/08 09:11 AM
Answers to commonly asked questions about granite, marble and other natural stone countertop material, will be posted to a new blog
St. Louis, MO - Bob Gasiorowski, owner of Rock Tops Granite, recently led one of the tours in the Maryland Heights showroom.  They lead tours to inform the public about natural stone countertops, their durability and great looks.   Bob showed the customers a wide variety of stone slabs in various colors and containing different grain patterns.  Bob said, "Notice the uniqueness of each slab of granite, made by nature; no two will be exactly alike.  If you choose a … (6 comments)

granite tile: Consumers in Fenton, Missouri Appreciate the Beauty of Granite as they Tour a Showroom of Granite Kitchen Countertops and Marble Vanity Tops - 12/06/08 07:33 AM
There are many reasons granite has become the top choice for kitchen countertop material
St. Louis, MO - Granite is quickly becoming the most sought after material for kitchen countertops.  Charlie Thiede, President of Rock Tops Granite recently visited the new store that opened in Maryland Heights, Missouri.  During a tour of the showroom, Charlie pointed out the benefits of selecting granite.  Charlie said, "You can't question the beauty of these naturally made slabs of granite.  With all the detail that Mother Nature has created, combined with a skilled granite stonemason to cut and finish the stone to perfection, exposing … (0 comments)

granite tile: Rock Tops Workshops: Maryland Heights, MO – Selection, Care and Maintenance of Granite Kitchen Countertops - 11/28/08 08:32 AM
Rock Tops Granite Showroom presents a FREE Workshop Presentation, open to the public; all are welcome to attend this special event to learn:
How to select the right granite slab for your custom granite countertop Features of granite - about colors and textures, strength and durability, beauty and elegance All about care and maintenance of your new granite countertop All questions answered at this free workshop for consumers  
Thursday evening, December 4, 2008, at 6pm
Saturday afternoon, December 6, 2008, at 1pm
Many of our customers have described the viewing of the stone in our showroom "like going … (0 comments)

granite tile: Rock Tops Granite of St. Louis, MO Presents Free Workshops on Choosing and Caring for Granite Countertops - 11/28/08 08:30 AM
Rock Tops Granite Representatives will give a one-hour presentation, in their showroom, to provide consumers with tips on selecting and maintaining granite kitchen countertops
St. Louis, Mo - Charlie Thiede, president of Rock Tops Granite, knows how important it is for consumers to make an informed decision as to the selection of their kitchen countertop material.   Charlie provides workshops that are open to the public and designed to offer guidance on selecting a granite slab for their countertop and on how to care and maintain the granite after it is installed.  The one-hour workshops will be offered on Thursday evening … (0 comments)

granite tile: Rock Tops Granite Rep Visits Detroit to Answer Questions and Share Tips on Kitchen Remodeling with Granite Kitchen Countertops - 11/27/08 10:43 PM
Rock Tops Granite representative joins the panel of experts to answer questions for property managers and home buyers
Detroit, MI - The day they were looking forward to finally arrived.  Mark Maupin and a group of his real estate investors have been anxiously waiting for the newest vendor to visit the group and share a great home renovation product.  Wednesday, November 19th Mark Maupin of National Real Estate Network hosted Rock Tops Granite to give tips to home buyers considering a granite countertop renovation project. As with any kitchen remodeling project there are a lot of details that need to … (0 comments)

granite tile: New Rock Tops Granite Store in St. Louis Receives Recognition from area Consumers for Excellent Customer Service - 11/27/08 09:26 AM
At a recent tour of Rock Tops Granite showroom consumers see evidence of quality control procedures and their 100% customer satisfaction policy
St. Louis, MO - Bob Gasiorowski, owner of Rock Tops Granite, was recently interviewed by Mark Maupin, a real estate investor, mentor and college instructor.   Mark said, "I love what Rock Tops Granite, one the largest granite and marble countertop fabricators and installers in the United States has done to ensure customer satisfaction. This company has completed over 10,000 installations during 2008 alone; therefore, they must be providing a great service."   
Rock Tops Granite has been … (0 comments)

granite tile: Rock Tops Granite Representative in St. Louis addresses Concern about Radon Exposure from Granite Kitchen Countertops - 11/27/08 09:22 AM
As reported, the EPA has no substantial evidence of a health threat from granite countertops
St. Louis, MO - Recent reports have been published about granite countertops emitting radioactivity.  Some reports have indicated that most granite countertops tested were nothing to be worried about; however, some could have "hot-spots" that emit life threatening levels of radon.  Different reports have singled out granite from specific regions or even granite of a certain color.  Since recently opening the new store in Missouri, many consumers have asked questions about their risk to radon exposure from a new granite countertop.
During a … (0 comments)

granite tile: Rock Tops Granite of Maryland Heights, Missouri Reports a Great Start in the Granite Kitchen Countertop Business since Celebrating their Recent Grand Opening - 11/27/08 09:20 AM
Rock Tops Granite is among the nation's fastest growing companies; one of their newest stores, recently opened in St. Louis County, is doing well
Maryland Heights, MO - Rock Tops Granite, founded in 2000, began as a supplier to large home improvement stores.  Now, they are recognized as one of the nations fastest growing companies as they have shifted their focus to the retail market in 2003.  One of their most recently opened stores, in Maryland Heights, Missouri, has reported a great start in the business.
President, Robert "Charlie" Thiede, was recently interviewed and he said, "I credit … (0 comments)

granite tile: Rock Top Granite Tips: Getting a Good Deal on Marble Countertops in St. Louis, MO - 11/25/08 11:05 AM
If you have fallen in love with the idea of marble countertops in your next kitchen remodeling job, you may be wondering just how you are going to be able to afford the marble you want on a tight budget. Here are a few tips:
Watch for Sales
There are always sales getting underway no matter what type of shopping you are doing. This also holds true in the case of marble countertops. In this case you should visit local stores to find out which pieces are being sold at a discount at this time. There is always … (0 comments)

granite tile: Tips for Getting a Great Deal on Granite Countertops from Rock Tops Granite, Maryland Heights, MO - 11/25/08 11:03 AM
If you are thinking of a kitchen remodeling plan, one of the things on your list is probably looking into marble and granite countertops. Nothing really says kitchen renovation like countertops.
If you have been out shopping for the things you need, you may have noticed that counter tops can be pricey, especially if you have a lot of countertop surfaces in your kitchen.
See What's On Sale
Get to know a local company that specializes in countertops.  Communicate your concerns and et them know you are budgeting for a project that you really want to have … (0 comments)

granite tile: The Beauty of Marble Counter Tops From Rock Tops Granite in Missouri - 11/25/08 10:59 AM
When you are ready to start shopping for new counter tops for your kitchen, you may have thought about marble and granite countertops. These are smart thoughts as marble and granite countertops are very popular in home renovation. If you are looking to create a high-end or classy kitchen, it may be time to get even a little more focus and close in on marble.
The first thing that people think about when they see marble is great art. Consider how often this Italian stone has been used to create masterpieces by great sculptors. Now you … (0 comments)

granite tile: Appreciating the Benefits of Granite Countertops in St. Louis, MO - 11/25/08 10:55 AM
If you are ready to make a change to the look of your kitchen, you may be considering changing out the countertops. Replacing your kitchen countertops is one of the quickest ways to change the overall appearance of your kitchen, as the color and design of your countertops are what bring all eyes into this space.
When considering the material to use for your countertops, granite should be considered a top choice. Here are three reasons why:
If you have ever looked at real granite countertops, you can't question the beauty of these naturally made pieces. While … (0 comments)

granite tile: Rock Top Granite Shopping Tips - Getting the Best Vanity Tops While Avoiding Rip Offs in St. Louis, MO - 11/25/08 10:52 AM
If you are in the market for granite countertops for your home, you may have noticed they can be quite costly. In many cases, the bulk of the cost of a kitchen remodeling job is the granite countertops. This has many people looking for a way to save a few dollars on the granite counter tops they want as well as the work to install them. In many cases, this can be done, but you also need to be careful that you are not the victim of a rip off. Here are some things to look for in a stone countertop … (1 comments)

granite tile: Rock Tops Inc Marble and Granite Kitchen Countertops Saint Louis, Missouri - 11/21/08 01:25 AM
Let Rock Tops Bring Mother Nature's Art Gallery into your home
Rock Tops Granite's Goal is to artfully merge the latest technology and old world stone craftsmanship to create elegant countertops and professionally install them in your home.
Rock Tops expertise allows us to offer a large variety of products including:
Kitchen Countertops and Bathroom Vanity Tops Walls, Floors and Steps Fire places, Table Tops and Tub Decks Restaurant Tables and Hotel Counters Building Exteriors and Galleys on Yachts  
Rock Tops has over $3 Million dollars of the most up to date computer controlled cutting equipment to … (0 comments)

granite tile: New Store Grand Opening! Rock Tops, Inc Granite Kitchen Countertops, Maryland Heights, Missouri - 11/21/08 01:21 AM
Rock Tops Natural stone and granite provide organic beauty, indisputable strength and ultra durability.  Granite is one of the oldest and most respected building materials, and the ideal material chosen by architects and engineers when permanence, enduring color and texture, and complete freedom from deterioration and maintenance are paramount.
Rock Tops Granite is ideal for indoor and outdoor use.  When used outdoors, granite's mineralogical composition can endure freeze and thaw cycles.  The diamond-like hardness of granite makes it impervious to extreme heat, ultraviolet light, acids and abrasions. 
Rock Tops expertise allows us to offer a large variety of products … (0 comments)

granite tile: Visit our New Location! Rock Tops Granite, Granite and Marble Custom Kitchen Countertops Saint Louis, MO - 11/21/08 01:19 AM
Rock Tops Granite and Marble Fabricators are the Leading Experts with over 100 Years Combined, Specialized Experience
Rock Solid Service with Rock Tops Quality Features:
Artfully merge the Latest Technology with Old World Stone Craftsmanship Computer controlled cutting equipment for 100% Precision and Accuracy Superior Polished Edge and Perfect Cut No need to remove existing countertops to take measurements and collect accurate data 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed  
The Advantages of Rock Tops Granite Countertops:
Organic Beauty, Indisputable Strength, Ultra Durability Among the Oldest and Most Respected Building Materials Traditionally Chosen by Architects and Engineers Enduring Color and … (0 comments)


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