agent: Tips to Successfully Obtaining a Mortgage in Today's Lending Environment - 10/16/11 02:23 AM
With today's tightened lending guidelines, it is critical for buyers and agents to understand what it needed to successfully obtain mortgage financing today.  This post was inspired by Buyer frustrated over the mortgage process in Key West Florida. written by Elizabeth Birmingham.  In it, she brings up a lot of today's challenges faced by buyers and agents.  By being better educated, agents can also do their part to lessen the negative impact. 
Many of the issues that she mentioned below are there for very valid reasons given the current state of the real estate market. 
1. Bad Credit scores are now between 620 and 660. The bank usually … (10 comments)

agent: Agents....Are You Risking Your Real Estate License By Negotiating a Short Sale? - 11/30/10 01:22 AM
Agents, are you risking your real estate license by negotiating a short sale with your seller's lender(s)?  If you are doing short sales in Georgia, you just may be.  With the SAFE Act of 2008 being implemented in Georgia last year, rules have changed when it comes to what a real estate agent can and cannot do concerning a mortgage. 
Real estate agents are generally exempt from having to be licensed as a Mortgage Loan Originator so long as they are not involved in the negotiation of mortgage loans/terms.  With the implementation of the SAFE Act, a number of questions have … (4 comments)

agent: Yes Mr/Miss/Mrs Agent, I May Need Your Social Security Number, Driver's License, Etc - 09/24/10 04:44 AM
Yes Mr/Miss/Mrs Agent, I may need your Social Security number, driver's license, etc so that your buyer/seller can close.   This topic was brought up in a post yesterday by Donna Harris The Lender Wants MY Social Security Number... What Do I Have to Do With My Buyer's Loan?.  There were many comments about this topic.  Most all blamed the lender, suggested contacting attorneys, etc.  Basically, everything except for acknowledging it as an actual and valid requirement that must be fulfilled.  No, it's not a lender being ridiculous. No, it's not a lender who doesn't know what they are doing. No, … (26 comments)

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