internet leads: Text alerts for Agents - Nurture your leads - 10/11/16 01:36 AM
I wrote a blog last week about how Nurturing Leads is more important even that getting leads. 
Today let's quickly look at 3 reasons SMS, TXT or Text messages are key to success with Nurturing Leads. 
3 ways TXT  messages Nurture Leads
There may be millions of ways to get the benefits of texting in your real estate business, but today, let's work on just these three:
Text Messages give you a quick initial response time
When you send a mailout to your farm area, folks have a day or two to look at your mailing piece before making a decision to call you.  When they do … (3 comments)

internet leads: Even more important than getting IDX leads from the Internet - 10/07/16 10:04 AM
Could there really be anything more important than getting leads?
I just had an interesting experience today as I was looking at a client's IDX Broker information.  I was working on something else and just out of curiosity, I looked into their "leads" to see how many leads they had gotten.  Only one.  
One lead isn't enough to justify a website or IDX for real estate agents.... or is it?  
This lead had left a name and email address.  I went through and looked at the properties this person had looked at and saw that about half of them were sold or … (2 comments)