interest rates: Fed Drops Interest Rates - Now is the Time To Buy Real Estate - 12/22/08 03:34 AM
Supported by the Federal Reserve's recent decision to cut its overnight federal funds rate to a range of zero to 0.25 percent, the 30-year fixed rate mortgage hit a 37-year low last week reaching 5.17 percent.  Trade-up or scale-down buyers are free to move into an exciting new home or condo, making more starter homes available for first-time buyers.   The advantage goes to the buyer when there are more homes for sale. In a market where the inventory of homes is growing, the competition between buyers increases and gives buyers more options. More competition is not a problem if the … (0 comments)

interest rates: Lafayette Indiana - The Best Time to Lock Your Interest Rate - 06/20/08 11:32 PM
The Best time to Lock in Your Mortgage Rate
 "What do you think about rates ... should I lock in now or wait to see if they fall further?" Think I've been asked that a time or two over the past 18 years? You better believe it.  It's a good question-one that goes through every single buyer's head at some stage. 
A quoted interest rate is no good unless you've confirmed, in writing, that your loan is indeed "locked," or guaranteed for a designated period of time. You need to be proactive with your locked rate as well and don't … (0 comments)

interest rates: Lafayette Indiana - Rates Creep Up - 06/20/08 11:29 PM
A recent survey and a rate increase could mean more competition for homes
Recent indication is that first time home buyers are getting tired of sitting on the sidelines. According to a recent online poll taken by the National Apartment Association, 17 percent of renters plan to make the jump to home ownership in the next year; 41 percent of the 2,041 respondents planned to be home owners within two years. Only 31 percent planned to still be paying rent five years from now.
Another factor that could very soon contribute to an increase in home buying could be rising … (0 comments)

interest rates: What Interest Rates Really Mean? - 05/12/08 09:46 PM
The Fed did this! The Fed did that! Rates are up! Rates are down! Aaaagggh! Okay, now exhale.  In turbulent economic times the media can't wait to report what interest rates are doing.  Pundits prognosticate, forecasters forecast and soothsayers sooth.  When should you buy a home based upon interest rates and when is it the right time?

interest rates: The Season for Selling Houses - 09/03/07 02:11 PM
  The Season for Selling Houses 
We hear a lot of talk about which months are the most lively ones for getting our listings sold. Many people think the ideal time to put a house on the market is when the azaleas are in bloom and the grass is the greenest. In many parts of the country, the "spring market" is thought of as the real estate industry's Christmas season.There are important factors that strongly influence the sale of houses. Interest rates, the availability of local employment, tax rates, and the overall economic health of the community all play a large part … (0 comments)

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