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How many Real Estate agents are sick and tired of hearing how awful buying and selling a home is?  If it's not the prices of the homes dropping,  it's now interest rates going up.  I am a firm believer that most Americans want the AMERICAN dream which is owning their own home.I believe as Profess...
I'm looking for a way to reach buyers interested in moving to Las Vegas.  I'm originally from Iowa the land of the Iowa Hawkeyes.  I relocated 9 years ago and started selling Real Estate in Las Vegas.  The strip is only minutes away from almost all areas of the valley so where ever people choose ...
Never ever drive from Cailifornia to Las Vegas on Mondays because of the cheap rate hotels and motel during the slow of week. That's the quote from my mother who lives in CA and I live in VEGAS People are driving to CA to Las Vegas for their family trips.  Cheaper rates are during Sunday, Monday,...
Yes, the temps are sky high but so are the buildings, Las Vegas is reaching for the sky.  It remains to be a hot market no matter what negative things you hear about or read about.  We have thousands of people moving here every month.  To buy a home here is still within reach.  We have numerous b...
4th of July is the time for the all American party, whether it's picnics at the park or going to a fun parade.  Summerlin in Las Vegas, NV is having a parade that starts in the Hills Village of Summerlin and ends in the Trails Village.  The Parade starts at 9 a.m.  It truly is like a small town p...

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