Clark County SFR Activity for May 2011 All information is based on public records. It is believed to be accurate, but is not guaranteed. 10/11 Diff is difference between this month this year and this month last year. REO's are not included in Full Sales. Zip Code Full Sales Price Avg Price Avg. S...
It's always interesting to me to see what agents bring into the office for lunch.  We always have a large supply of bottled water supplied by the owners of the office.  They are nice bottles with the Simply Vegas logo printed on them website and phone number.  It's very nice.  As you can see in t...
I'm not promoting the iphone I'm just sharing a little bit about the iphone buzz.  I spent last night with my four adult children, all of them have iphones, and two of their girlfriends have iphones.. So that meant last night there were 7 iphone users in the house.  Of course my son and his girlf...
It's one of my Real Estate goals/dreams, to get my picture holding up a check with my little explanation of how I received my clients through ACTIVE RAIN.  If you have any referrals to be forwarded to a Fantastic Real Estate agent in the Las Vegas area send them my way, I have been a practicing f...
It's kind of funny when you think about it...Las Vegas is pretty Urban very little Rural to our area.  So when the topic of neighbors comes up it makes you wonder how many of your neighbors you actually know in your area.  Let's say we're talking within a two mile stretch any direction.  The reas...

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