home: Don't be dragging your feet if U need 2Short Sale your LV, GV home. - 08/02/13 08:32 AM
Or you might not get the tax relief that expires at the end of the year. Call me and let's get your place listed and SOLD quickly.  Have a wonderful week and weeks ahead. 
Penny O'Brien
Innovative Real Estate Strategies
2595 S. Cimarron Rd, #204
Las Vegas, NV 89117

home: Why would an experienced Real Estate Agent make such a big mistake? - 07/12/11 06:47 AM
I am at the end of my rope with a Realtor that is the buyers agent on one of my listings.  The transaction is a short sale and it's actually been sailing smoothly granted the market conditions here in Las Vegas.  The buyers being represented by an agent who's license number is a sign of experience so I figured all would go well.  Everything was going well, beside the fact that he calls me "honey" Sweetie" "lovey" etc.  I never addressed his words because I just chose to over look it. Although now, I wish I would have asked him to refrain … (2 comments)

home: 5902 Springmist St. North Las Vegas 89031 listed at under $70K. Cheaper than some cars. - 05/20/11 11:45 AM
Check out what under $70k can buy you in North Las Vegas, NV 89031
This home has pride of ownership too.  It's beautiful, located just minutes from the Las Vegas Strip. it's a fabulous location.
When you think about it, really really think about it. This place cost less than what a lot of people pay for their vechicles.  Amazing.
Have a fabulous weekend full of LOVE, LIGHT and Lots of LAUGHTER.
Penny O'Brien with Simply Vegas contact me at:   Penny@PennsyProperties.com or PennysProperties.com or 702.321.9383 

home: RENT A ROOM? Is Summerlin, Las Vegas NV rental market picking up? - 02/17/10 03:14 AM
Summerlin Nevada is a master-planned community located west of the Las Vegas strip.  It is near Red Rock Canyon.  Red Rock Canyon is a beautiful place to hike, site-see, bike, picnic or take a drive through.  The mountain ranges with in the 11 miles drive are amazing.  No mountain looks like the other.  There are multiple colors throughout. 
Now on to Summerlin's rental market.  It's not as great as a year ago.  Landlords are seeing rents go down and down.  Which, you would think would be great for tenants.  But here's what's going on. Tenants don't want to become tenants , Of … (0 comments)

home: Bidding wars on short sale listings in Las Vegas - 01/21/10 12:03 AM
Many things are changing in the housing market here in Las Vegas and the rest of the United States and we here in Las Vegas most of our market consists of short sales.
What I'm seeing is bidding wars going on with many short sales and people asking that their offer be a back up offer.
Some agents here in Las Vegas haven't experienced it yet, but they will soon.  A short sale is priced at fair market value so why wouldn't there be bidding wars on fabulous homes.  It's no different than before when we've been in bidding war situations.

home: Rental prices can be negotiated and should be in this Las Vegas housing market. - 01/08/10 04:22 AM
At one time everyone was thinking that the price of rents were going to go up because the demand of them would be so high due to the rising foreclosure, short sale and bankruptcy issues here in Las Vegas.  But contrary to what everyone thought, it's turned out to be the opposite.  The main reason is because there are just too many rentals out there for rent.  Investors have come in and bought up so many homes that are now for rent that we are over saturated. 
Many people out there looking to rent have lost their home due to short sale, foreclosure … (0 comments)

home: I want to be a dog, lay around.. feed me, love me.. How nice. JUST LOVE - 11/18/09 08:18 AM
Think about it, if you're in a loving home you have it made.  Your health care is free, you don't' have to work, you don't stress about the little things.  Where's my next meal coming from?can I make my car payment?  house payment?  You have all the love from your owner, all you have to do is be happy when they get home.  Which means they could have just walked outside to pick up the daily paper.  Or perhaps they had to go to work but when you get home I'll be so happy to see you.  They don't judge, they … (1 comments)

home: Keeping in touch with your clients and the importance to asking for their help. - 11/18/09 06:47 AM
In difficult Real Estate economic times like these it can seem impossible and exhausting to make money.  It may appear that everyone is saying no, and raising enough clients to keep your business going is nearly impossible.  You may grow angry at those who have wealth, but are unwilling to part with it because of fear and uncertainty.  Generally people will be honest with you and try to help you out.
In times like these it can be helpful to remember why people buy or sell and what motivates and demotivates participating.  It is important to take a bigger picture view of what you … (1 comments)

home: Don't worry, b HAPPY...Short sale sales going up in Las Vegas while the tempature is dropping. - 10/02/09 10:52 AM
For over the past two years I've been entering blog entries about the heat in Las Vegas and how it effects yes as agents and our clients.  When it's 110 degrees outside and you open a door into a foreclosed home, what do you think you get?  Yep, stink and heat.  Since we are unable to take a picture of stink then it can't be part of the MLS outlook, but after these homes have been shut up for a long time (months)...they can be a real stinky place.  And the heat.  Well, when it's a 110 degrees outside it's that … (0 comments)

home: Irish blessing for your home and life from an Irish Real Estate agent in Las Vegas - 02/27/09 06:02 AM
May the road rise to meet you.  May the winds be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face, the rain fall soft upon your field. And, until we meet again may God hold you in the palm of his hand. AMEN...
It's almost that time of year St. Patrick's Day!!!.  It's a new year, new hope with our new President.  Hope is in the air...  I take great pride in my Irish heritage.  You know my ancestors left Ireland because of the famine.  we are a blessed country and I count my blessings everyday... Even in … (1 comments)

home: Time to go home - 12/09/08 02:33 PM
times are changing, It' used to be kids would come home after college for a while, or just move back in with mom and dad for a while... It's a little different these days with the economy being shaky, people losing their jobs, hours cut, benefits taken away and mortgage rates adjusting upwards. Homeowners are needing to sell or let go of their homes.  I guess what I'm getting at is unfortunately parents might be moving in with the kids.  It's a difficult fact but it just might be the way it has to be.  I know the housing market in … (0 comments)

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