love: 5902 Springmist St. North Las Vegas 89031 listed at under $70K. Cheaper than some cars. - 05/20/11 11:45 AM
Check out what under $70k can buy you in North Las Vegas, NV 89031
This home has pride of ownership too.  It's beautiful, located just minutes from the Las Vegas Strip. it's a fabulous location.
When you think about it, really really think about it. This place cost less than what a lot of people pay for their vechicles.  Amazing.
Have a fabulous weekend full of LOVE, LIGHT and Lots of LAUGHTER.
Penny O'Brien with Simply Vegas contact me at: or or 702.321.9383 

love: If today was your last day... How would you LIVE it? - 12/04/09 06:44 AM
Just think if you woke up and someone told you, this is it, this is your last day on earth.  What would you do?  this isn't meant to be morbid it's meant to make you think about your life.  My daughter has a birthday tomorrow and all I could think about was her entrance into this world.  We can gauge the amount of time from conception to birth in most cases (our first day of life)...Yet, NEVER know for sure when it's our last day.
One thing I would do is. Order a years worth of flowers to be delivered every month. … (1 comments)

love: I want to be a dog, lay around.. feed me, love me.. How nice. JUST LOVE - 11/18/09 08:18 AM
Think about it, if you're in a loving home you have it made.  Your health care is free, you don't' have to work, you don't stress about the little things.  Where's my next meal coming from?can I make my car payment?  house payment?  You have all the love from your owner, all you have to do is be happy when they get home.  Which means they could have just walked outside to pick up the daily paper.  Or perhaps they had to go to work but when you get home I'll be so happy to see you.  They don't judge, they … (1 comments)

love: Las Vegas to become the wedding chapel capital of the world. More tourism, more people become interested in moving to and buying Las Vegas. - 09/19/09 03:46 AM
Major Goodman is working at making Las Vegas as the wedding chapel capital of the world.
Since Las Vegas is the place for weddings, finding a wedding chapel should be simple, even if you are already here in Las Vegas, Just google it or ask someone like the bell man, valet workers, front desk, etc. If you are planning on getting married on a busy day, such as Valentine's Day or New Year's Eve, you'll need to make a reservation.
There are several different themes for different chapels.  Many movie stars and rock stars  have been married in Las Vegas.
Some of my clients … (1 comments)

love: I can't stand it anymore, I want a big fat commission check NOW!!!!(just hoping) - 03/03/09 08:14 AM
You have to know me to understand the title of this blog.  I have been selling Las Vegas homes for the past 10 years.  I've seen great commissions and crappy commissions  but this I know.  I have stuck with doing Real Estate because I love it.  Yes, I mean it.  I love it.  I have seen agents come and go through these past ten years like nobodies business.  When the market is good everyone wants a piece of the pie, when it changes towards the worste they drop out.  I am in it for the long haul.  Which means probably until … (0 comments)

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