market: The banks have been slow poking it for a while now on their short sales. - 06/11/13 02:36 AM
Good day,
I've noticed for the past few months now that the banks have slowed down how quickly the short sale process is going. At one time, not too long ago they were approving them in a timely fashion, at least the files I was working on here in Las Vegas, NV .  I wonder what they have up their sleeve now.   Our Las Vegas Housing Market is on Fire right now.  Many Homeowners who once thought they'd have to short sale are no selling traditionally.  Our prices are rising that quickly.  They said we'd never experience what happened 6 years … (0 comments)

market: Why would an experienced Real Estate Agent make such a big mistake? - 07/12/11 06:47 AM
I am at the end of my rope with a Realtor that is the buyers agent on one of my listings.  The transaction is a short sale and it's actually been sailing smoothly granted the market conditions here in Las Vegas.  The buyers being represented by an agent who's license number is a sign of experience so I figured all would go well.  Everything was going well, beside the fact that he calls me "honey" Sweetie" "lovey" etc.  I never addressed his words because I just chose to over look it. Although now, I wish I would have asked him to refrain … (2 comments)

market: Bidding wars on short sale listings in Las Vegas - 01/21/10 12:03 AM
Many things are changing in the housing market here in Las Vegas and the rest of the United States and we here in Las Vegas most of our market consists of short sales.
What I'm seeing is bidding wars going on with many short sales and people asking that their offer be a back up offer.
Some agents here in Las Vegas haven't experienced it yet, but they will soon.  A short sale is priced at fair market value so why wouldn't there be bidding wars on fabulous homes.  It's no different than before when we've been in bidding war situations.

market: Tis the season to be jolly, Many Las Vegans probably Feel pain not joy. Our housing market is kicking many people down in the dumps. - 12/16/09 02:33 AM
IF for some reason you disagree with me on the Title of this blog entry you might want to consider what we have been going through in Las Vegas this past year and several years prior. Considering that we all know that the Holiday Seeaon is upon us and that the year is about finished we can reflect back on any wondrous seconds, minutes, hours, days or months?  I can say for me this year is going down as one of the most painful years I have experienced in Real Estate and personally.   What I'm talking about is  ALL related to our housing market here in … (0 comments)

market: Short Sale Listings have dominated our Las Vegas housing market. - 12/03/09 04:23 AM
I've been watching the market as far as short sales go and have noticed a rather large number of homes going on the market as short sales.  I know that my short sale listing has grown in leaps and bounds. but the other day when I was on the MLS and pulling up listings, almost 3/4 of all the listings in the Las Vegas area including Henderson, Green Valley, North Las Vegas and Summerlin are short sales.  The pros and cons of short sale listings are too many to list but, it's nice to know that people are willing to give … (0 comments)

market: Las Vegas Realtor gets a free makeover. So liberating. - 11/04/09 08:41 AM
You know sometimes you have to step out of the real estate box and just do something for you.. Ok, so I'm not sure what guys do but I believe as a female in this market requires a little pampering.  So many of us work, work, work, work, work, blah, blah, blah that we actually forget to just stop and breathe for a couple of minutes or hours.  I mean really.  This year has been a eye opener in so many aspects that I can't even begin to share.  All I know is thank goodness I'm an environmentalist because I wrote plenty … (0 comments)

market: BUYERS in LAS VEGAS listen up. NOW!!!! This is no joke, - 10/19/09 07:42 AM
- This market is crazy and insane and many things are just not going to make any sense to you or me (even though I live it).
- I can guarantee you 99.99% of the listings e-mailed to you will no longer be available by the time you get here.
- Properties are selling in a snap.
- Properties are getting multiple offers within a few days of being on the market, the most offers I've heard a house had recently was over 44 offers. New homes are in the similar situation. No inventory.
- This market is crazy and insane and … (2 comments)

market: I Refuse to give up on this Las Vegas Real Estate market....... - 09/01/09 06:47 AM
The skinny on the Las Vegas market is exactly this, with all the new laws that have gone into place since our new President things are changing.  I can't really say that they are helping the people of Las Vegas and Clark county that much.  The programs sound wonderful but just aren't accomplishing what they were set out to do.  For example, the July 1 program that started where it's mandatory that banks and the seller sit in separate rooms and a mitigator/negotiator goes between both parties and tries to make all parties content.  The real problem with this is the bank/lender has … (1 comments)

market: Las Vegas Market of foreclosures, short sales and first time home buyers - 03/11/09 08:17 AM
So with the economy becoming so unpredictable what are Las Vegan's to do?  I will share with you what we are experiencing.  I do realize that many parts of the United States have been hit hard with all kinds of problems starting with job losses and many other economical hardships. 
Here's a little story about Las Vegas, in 1999 the average price per sq. ft. for a home was around $75 a sq. ft.  Now depending on what part of the valley we're talking about the sq. ft is less than that.  There are some properties out there that in 05 … (0 comments)

market: to all the investors who think CASH is gold in the Las Vegas market - 03/03/09 05:22 AM
why, why, why, why, why, I understand that most people think that paying cash is the ultimate and sometimes it is.  BUT, it very common right now for many buyers to pay cash. My point here is that with most of my investors they are all paying cash and all I hear ifrom them is the bank  will accept our offer because it's cash. It's not the way it works.  Many of the offers that come in on the same listing will be cash offers.  the banks are not going to counter back like they used to. they take the highest … (0 comments)

market: What to do when your business slows down? get out there that's what you do... - 01/27/09 02:45 PM
Things don't look good with the economy but my business has never been better. And the clients I work with title companies,lenders, home warranty companies, home inspectors- - are all continuing to have new work, new clients, new opportunities.How is that you ask?  It's not that we are not affected by the economy. It's just that we aren't letting it get in our way. And, to be specific, we are reeving up the market. That is my best advice for an economic downturn: reach out to more people than ever, go to more training classes, be flexible and find the places in the economy and in Real … (0 comments)

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