vegas: Don't be dragging your feet if U need 2Short Sale your LV, GV home. - 08/02/13 08:32 AM
Or you might not get the tax relief that expires at the end of the year. Call me and let's get your place listed and SOLD quickly.  Have a wonderful week and weeks ahead. 
Penny O'Brien
Innovative Real Estate Strategies
2595 S. Cimarron Rd, #204
Las Vegas, NV 89117

vegas: The banks have been slow poking it for a while now on their short sales. - 06/11/13 02:36 AM
Good day,
I've noticed for the past few months now that the banks have slowed down how quickly the short sale process is going. At one time, not too long ago they were approving them in a timely fashion, at least the files I was working on here in Las Vegas, NV .  I wonder what they have up their sleeve now.   Our Las Vegas Housing Market is on Fire right now.  Many Homeowners who once thought they'd have to short sale are no selling traditionally.  Our prices are rising that quickly.  They said we'd never experience what happened 6 years … (0 comments)

vegas: Hoover Dam Bypass is finished. When in Las Vegas, NV you should visit the Simply wonderful Hoover Dam.PHOTOS - 01/02/12 01:48 PM


vegas: Why would an experienced Real Estate Agent make such a big mistake? - 07/12/11 06:47 AM
I am at the end of my rope with a Realtor that is the buyers agent on one of my listings.  The transaction is a short sale and it's actually been sailing smoothly granted the market conditions here in Las Vegas.  The buyers being represented by an agent who's license number is a sign of experience so I figured all would go well.  Everything was going well, beside the fact that he calls me "honey" Sweetie" "lovey" etc.  I never addressed his words because I just chose to over look it. Although now, I wish I would have asked him to refrain … (2 comments)

vegas: What is considered Business Hours for Real Estate Agents? L@@king for your feedback. - 07/07/11 07:44 AM
Dear Fellow Agents:
I was forced to answer this question to myself the other day when an Agent whom has the buyer on one of my listings commented that I was asking him to do a walk through after business hours, Friday at 5 p.m.,  closing date Monday, July 11, 2011.  It is a short sale listing.  
I've been in the Real Estate business for over 10 years full-time here in Las Vegas.  I can't say I've ever considered "business hours" ..
What exactly are business hours in the world of Real Estate Agents?
Penny O'Brien with Simply Vegas.  3042 … (3 comments)

vegas: Summerlin Patriotic Parade: July 4th 2011. SImply Las Vegas FUN. Floats and much more - 07/05/11 08:29 AM


vegas: Clark County SFR (Single Family Residence) Activity for May 2011 - 06/24/11 06:37 AM
Clark County SFR Activity for May 2011
All information is based on public records. It is believed to be accurate, but is not guaranteed.
10/11 Diff is difference between this month this year and this month last year. REO's are not included in Full Sales.
Zip Code
Full Sales Price
Avg Price
Avg. Sq ft
Avg. $sf
10/11 Difference
REO sales
After REO
After REO Avg. $
89002 46 $159,337 2,039 $78.44 -11% 55 $189,018 13 $178,497
89004 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
89005 13 $157,907 1,725 $93.22 -23% 9 $195,885 5 $176,060
89007 3 $209,137 3,428 … (0 comments)

vegas: What's in your office refrigerator? Here's what one Las Vegas Simply Vegas office has. - 06/22/11 07:58 AM
It's always interesting to me to see what agents bring into the office for lunch.  We always have a large supply of bottled water supplied by the owners of the office.  They are nice bottles with the Simply Vegas logo printed on them website and phone number.  It's very nice.  As you can see in the picture the top shelve is the bottled water.  Today, I was surprised to see eggs in a plastic container.. I know we don't have chickens and I don't believe I have ever seen raw eggs in an office refrigerator.  We have baking soda to remove refrigerator … (1 comments)

vegas: Excuse me, do you have an iphone? If so, may I borrow your charger? - 06/13/11 08:20 AM
I'm not promoting the iphone I'm just sharing a little bit about the iphone buzz.  I spent last night with my four adult children, all of them have iphones, and two of their girlfriends have iphones.. So that meant last night there were 7 iphone users in the house.  Of course my son and his girlfriend who were holding the BBQ have chargers, But they were in use.. I don't leave home without my charger,  EVER.  So, one of my sons girlfriend was showing me a video of her boys from her iphone and I noticed her battery was almost dead … (2 comments)

vegas: Horse Properties for Rent in Las Vegas? Yes, there are. Blue Diamond and Pahrump area too. - 05/20/11 09:57 AM
There are currently 21 horse properties for rent in the Las Vegas metropolitan area.  Some are outside the city limits.  The prices range from $595 to $8999. 

Here are a few examples of some listing verbiage on Horse Rentals: Rental Prices aren't too expensive. 

vegas: What to do in Las Vegas before the NEW DECADE arrives. 2011... More than just gambling happens here. - 12/09/10 02:02 PM
I believe that a lot of Las Vegans are ready for the New Year to come. It's been a very rough time for a number of natives for the past 4 years or so.  Everyday I hear from a friend that they know of someone either losing their home or their job or I hear it from a dear friend.  It's not coming to an end just because 2010 is ending but it is the beginning for hope.  More hopeful thinking and wanting. 
Here are a few free things to do in Vegas or limited amount of necesarry money to enjoy … (2 comments)

vegas: Las Vegas homeowners who lose their homes to gambling... Gambling vs. your mortgage - 08/31/09 10:38 AM
Gambling vs. paying for your mortgage.  Two different ways to look at what is happening in Vegas due to gambling.  Everyone involved is an Adult and can make their own decisions on what they do with their money so I am in no way blaming the casinos for this problem.  This is what I've been seeing and now more than ever a new trend is happening. 
Sometimes people might take their rent/house payment money and go to the casino to gamble with the idea that they will win with that money.  Still come home with what they started with and of course … (0 comments)

vegas: Quiet, listening to the news - 08/26/09 08:26 AM
If people would quit listening to the NEWS and just let people live their lives without fear perhaps the Real estate market wouldn't be so scary.  My investors are the smart ones...They dig in, jump in head first.  They know the market is great... Yes, there are great deals out there but also this is VEGAS please everyone wants to own a piece or two or three of vegas.  Don't be afraid to buy there.  No worries... Penny O'Brien Http://  

vegas: How many homes for sale in Vegas? - 06/30/09 08:17 AM
38341 homes for sale in Las Vegas, NV as of April 14, 2008 (edit/delete)
Search our extensive inventory of available properties. All information is current and available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.
Approximately 38341 listings now available.
Select a search that most suits what you are looking for any home in las vegas, NV  daily update on how many    homes are for sale in Las Vegas NV

vegas: Cooler whether is on it's way in Vegas - 06/30/09 08:11 AM
Thank goodness cool weather is coming.  I love the heat of summer in Las Vegas--- this year was a little different.  Because most of the homes are in foreclosure and the "power"  isn't on even though many agents would say in the MLS that the power was on.. (still don't understand that one).  Let's just say driving to properties when it's 110 degrees out and unlocking the front door of a home that states on the temostat it's all of 100 degrees inside.  It was kind of rough.  Soon the time will change and these homes still won't have the ultilities … (0 comments)

vegas: Everyone wins in Las Vegas... Winner, Winner chicken dinner for the Million dollar buyers. - 04/07/09 08:17 AM
I know my Dad always said "Penny, Vegas wasn't built on winners"  and yes that is absolutely right.  I'm talking about winning a great property right now.  This market is so wonderful and full of Las Vegas winning homes.  You can't go wrong.  Yes, you may have to put in new carpet, paint a few walls here and there. Clean up the front and back yards but after that you're ready to move in. 
Buyers who are in the 300k-Million dollar price range are really getting the deals.  Homes that were once millions are selling at record bottom prices.  These  Vegas … (0 comments)

vegas: Las Vegas RE/MAX agent says people still love coming to Las Vegas despite the economic crisis - 03/18/09 11:20 AM
Whether we're talking about a visit or buying in Las Vegas people are still coming and happy to be here.  I don't work in the casino industry but my son does valet at one of the major casinos and he said he hears the same thing all the time when people step out of their car. "it's good to be in Las Vegas".. Right now the weather is fantastic and people are in the golfing mode.  So when you're at the airport you see lots of clubs on the carousels.
Personally, my opinion the air smells so clean and the sun … (0 comments)

vegas: Holiday seasons slowing down buyers? - 11/09/08 04:34 PM
Most Real Estate professionals will say that the holiday season is a slow time.  Yes, it can be most it can also be the opposite. Don't stop looking at properties anytime of year.. It's always a great time to buy a home...
Many people are looking for warm weather and consider buying in the west coast especially when it's snowing and blowing in other parts of the country.
if looking for a rental even if it's a month at t atime it is available in Vegas, give me a call or visit my site to search for homes for sale or … (0 comments)

vegas: Traffic from California to Las Vegas travel on Sat.Tues or Wed. Vacations to Las Vegas - 06/18/07 01:26 PM
Never ever drive from Cailifornia to Las Vegas on Mondays because of the cheap rate hotels and motel during the slow of week. That's the quote from my mother who lives in CA and I live in VEGAS People are driving to CA to Las Vegas for their family trips.  Cheaper rates are during Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays. 
 Dates to travel from CA to Las Vegas are Saturday, Tuesday or Wednesdays.  Don't speed and enjoy the trip to Las Vegas, most people have one thing in mind and that's to have a great time in Sunny Las Vegas. 
 If you want to move to … (1 comments)

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