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I hate it when I see articles like this in the news. First of all I hate it because I hate seeing women targeted at any time, especially when they are being professionals and running a business. Secondly, I hate it because it gives men a sense that they are not at risk as Realtors®. Yes, some cr...
I recently moved to a five-acre parcel in Tenino WA with a really, really long gravel driveway. I had no idea how I was going to roll the garbage and recycling bins down this monster of a driveway until I did a Google search and discovered others have this same problem!   I found www.GarbageComm...
The sun is shining and the spring real estate market is here. We are definitely enjoying a seller’s market, and the time it takes to sell homes is much improved. You’ve decided to sell your home, so you do all the things you need to get it ready for the market and select a Realtor®. You have alwa...
 Seems like a reasonable question, right? You get an appointment, take your well qualified buyer to the property, show them all the features and foibles, and after assessing the decision come to a decision to make an offer. There may be some concrete reasons for asking for a reduction, and beside...
So, I'm watching tv last night and get a text from a close friend.  Never saw this one coming. Text included a photo. A local listing photo. An OMG local listing photo. My friend is a real estate agent and someone in her office found this photo on Zillow.   The photo was quickly deleted, but not...
Is it just me or has half the agent population gone nuts with drone photos?I just looked at a listing that had all the fabulous features anyone could want, yet nine of the forty photos were aerials. It had this huge well equipped shop for people who want a shop, yet it had two inside shots.Are we...
As spring approaches, there is many homes that have been For Sale since last fall. They are about to expire. Many sellers are left scratching their heads why they did not sell. Some times here in the Manchester NH, all you have to do is look in the MLS listing why the home may not have sold. Cer...
3 Reasons Why We Are NOT Heading Toward Another Housing Crisis   Let's examine the reasons we are NOT heading towards another recession/housing crisis.   Almost daily, I receive a call, text, email or Facebook or LinkedIn private message - "What is going on with the market? Are we headed towards...
The Business of Selling a Home Originally, I was going to title this post, "What is a For Sale By Owner Gaining Losing By Not Hiring an Agent?"  The answer I imagine coming from the lips of a FSBO would be nothing.  Having talked to many a FSBO, I can say that most honestly believe they are gain...
Do you think of a good salesperson as being a good hunter?  Unforntunately, that is the perception some people have about sales.  They think of the skillful of hard driving individual who “closes” a client. This is not today’s sales. And here is another fact. We are all in sales no matter what o...

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