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Sales Meetings Are Challenging I used to hate sales meetings as I felt they were a waste of my time. I wondered why management insisted we have them when they seemed to run amok, off topic and pointless. When I opened my own company the trend was to have sales meetings every week. Since I was th...
Are you looking at homes in a Homeowners Association (HOA)? It is entirely possible that you are since more than 62 million Americans live in communities governed by an HOA.  The purpose of an HOA is to maintain the standards of the community, including its appearance, condition and general liva...
One of the most important aspects in luxury or any other type of real estate marketing is to be able to shift your point of view.  Have you ever been in a situation when you thought you were “on the same page” with your client, only to discover that you were actually a world apart?     You were ...
I've had a little time in the office today, and one thing I've discovered is that a lot of computers have found jobs. The human unemployment rate may be higher than we want, but I haven't heard a single computer complain about being out of work. How do I know they have jobs? Robo-calls. Over a 3...
Realtors are split on whether open houses are a good idea or not, but I am a big believer in their value to a home seller.  Some buyers want to see several homes in an afternoon and don't want to "bother" their agent. Why would you make it difficult to see your home?  It is obvious that an open ...
Your Dream Home is not in this Price Range, but your Starter Home is. I was speaking with one of our agents this last week who was feeling a bit discouraged, as were her clients.  She has several first-time buyers that she is helping, and each had looked at a dozen homes, with several unsuccessf...
  Is it negotiable?     This is almost always the second question after asking for the price.    Hmm...Isn't everything in life negotiable?   I have seen many low offers that have made it through to closing. You cannot insult me with a low ball offer and I will not allow my seller to be insulted...
How dare anyone mention those words. The debate though, is already ramping up. What are we seeing out there in the Real Estate market? Here in the Manchester NH area, July was much slower than perhaps the last 5 years.  Is it time to panic? The simple answer may be not yer.   In a traditional NH...
Decisions Had to Be Made Recently we decided it was time to sell our condo in Florida. The first step was to decide if the timing was right. That meant talking to a fellow neighbor and agent that has kept us up to date on what had been happening in our community for the last 10 years or so. We v...
"I'll make you an offer you can't refuse."-The GodfatherOn June 5, 2017 I published the following content in a blog post.  Although it did garner the coveted Feature Gold Star, I thought it might be worth bringing back as a reminder for all.  It will be new content for any readers who missed it ...

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