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Maybe your rent or lease is coming due and you are thinking of becoming a first time home buyer. Now is a great time to buy a home and own your very own home. Buying your first home is a very exciting time in your life. Depending on which state you live in, you might also be surprised to know th...
7 Signs Telling You It's Time to Sell Your Home Life brings changes out of our control. Some changes are by choice and selling you home can be one of those. The important part is to recognize when it the right time to sell for you. As an agent, we can counsel with a seller and help the seller so...
De-clutter we tell our clients. have a sale and get rid of stuff you don't want and or need.   But do we talk a bit about safety? This just happened over the weekend. A couple having a sale were in the detached garage. Several people in one car stopped. Couple of them kept the husband and wife b...
The New Tax Law that was recently passed may have an unintended consequence of slowing the Divorce rate!! The information I am providing is intended to provide some food for thought that would spur people to contact their Attorney and Tax Consultant before filing for divorce.      Divorce is oft...
  Are You "Mortgage-Ready" To Buy A Charlotte Home?   Thinking about buying a home in the Charlotte area this spring/summer? Feel ready to buy a home? If you've answered yes to these questions, you still need to answer the question of whether you're "mortgage-ready" to buy a home.   8 Questions ...
Can An Old Septic Tank on Your Property Kill the Deal?       Recently I was asked to find out market value on a piece of land. This was a one acre lot that once had a mobile home sitting on it. Knowing the area, I immediately asked about the septic tank. Was it still there and was it up to code?...
What affect does SMOKING have on one's ability to sell their home? Lets take this Manchester NH area home that was listed as a FSBO. The parents had moved to Florida and the Son and daughter decided to sell their parents home on their own.    That was last fall that I first saw the home. I had a...
Instead of talking about how to find an agent, let’s visit how not to find and agent. Here are nine things you might want to consider avoiding: The agent is a relative or best friend. Unless you know they have the experience and knowledge to handle your most valuable asset, you might want to go e...
  While I was in line at my local grocery store one day, I looked up and saw a gentleman I recognized at the front of the line. I couldn't quite place him, but I knew I had seen him before. He was somewhat unhappy with whatever was transpiring at the register and as a result he spoke very harshl...
One, hot (yet cloudy) Oklahoma afternoon at approximately 12:00 pm, a closing was taking place between Seller Mr. Fox and Buyer Mr. Bear. Getting under contract was somewhat intense, Seller Mr. Fox tugging on the purchase price one way and Buyer Mr. Bear pulling the other.  They made it through ...

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