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As spring approaches, there is many homes that have been For Sale since last fall. They are about to expire. Many sellers are left scratching their heads why they did not sell. Some times here in the Manchester NH, all you have to do is look in the MLS listing why the home may not have sold. Cer...
3 Reasons Why We Are NOT Heading Toward Another Housing Crisis   Let's examine the reasons we are NOT heading towards another recession/housing crisis.   Almost daily, I receive a call, text, email or Facebook or LinkedIn private message - "What is going on with the market? Are we headed towards...
The Business of Selling a Home Originally, I was going to title this post, "What is a For Sale By Owner Gaining Losing By Not Hiring an Agent?"  The answer I imagine coming from the lips of a FSBO would be nothing.  Having talked to many a FSBO, I can say that most honestly believe they are gain...
Do you think of a good salesperson as being a good hunter?  Unforntunately, that is the perception some people have about sales.  They think of the skillful of hard driving individual who “closes” a client. This is not today’s sales. And here is another fact. We are all in sales no matter what o...
 As the new year begins, the housing market has shown signs of a slowdown, and mortgage rates are rising. What does that mean for those in the market to buy a home?Over the year, many have come to the conclusion that real estate has reached its peak. Meanwhile, millions continue to wait on the si...
In my 37 years as a Realtor, I've known few real estate professionals, who at one time or another haven’t occasionally had a difficult or nearly impossible client to work with. The methods which agents have handled these situations have varied.  (1) Some agents simply fire the client.  With a se...
  Breaking Down Monthly Payment Estimates for Borrowers     When prospective borrowers first contact me, their main focus is often on the following 3 things ...    What their prospective total monthly housing expense will be   What money they'll need to buy/finance a home The chances of their be...
As a realtor, you know that property price determines the level of interest in a property you're selling. From the number of showings, to the number and quality of offers, to the way clients rate your services, price is key. Unfortunately, it is also something about which clients have very stron...
If you've waited too long and lagged behind somewhat   If you think that there is no more left to do   If you feel defeated because things don't seem to be working out   If you've wasted opportunities and wish you could get your game back   If you feel it's over at this point and there is no way...
Listing agents are marketing agents, but we all know that! What most do not think about is the value of MLS. When it comes to marketing, MLS is your most powerful source. Buyers have buyer agents, and the path of least resistance is to market to buyer agents. That’s our main source of marketing....

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