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This is an excellent post on offers being rejected even if higher than the list price .... it mentions several important topics that will be considered by the seller! www.ronchastain.netWhy was my offer not accepted by the seller even though we offered higher than the list price?In my neck of the...
Check out this post on "Why can't I offer the price I see on Zillow?" because it is so true. I have not seen an accurate zillow price yet.   ron@ronchastain.netFAQ: Why can't I offer the price I see on Zillow?Zillow is a site that can be a lot of fun, but the price "Zestimates" are simply estimat...
This is a very good point about failed loan modifications being a short sale opportunity in disguise. Don't think that just because a loan modification was not approved that the short sale will not be! www.ronchastain.netI was reading a client response letter this morning. My former client wrote,...
Ready or Not, Bidding is Back! ... More on market conditions throughout the U.S.... I though some of you would find this quite interesting.  www.ronchastain.netRead more on market conditions Signs point to the housing market heating up enough this summer where buyers might get caught in a bidding...
Top 10 Dangers in your home ... a reminder of what to watch out for is alway helpful. Sometimes it is easy for things to get overlooked. www.ronchastain.netAccording to Money magazine, these are 10 common dangers in your home: 1. Cooktop fires from unattended burners or towels/papers that got too...
Renting vs. Buying in 2012.... this article was nicely put. Everyone really needs to put things in to this perspective. Check it out! www.ronchastain.comIf the media has you confused as to whether you should buy or rent you may want to read Liz Davidson’s Forbes article about ...
You never can get to many ideas for writing strong offers especially when there are multiple offers present! Obviously, very common in todays market. www.ronchastain.comIdeas for writing strong offers if Multiple Offers have become Norm! Price or Net to a Seller is King. Remem...
Here is another great post on short sales and Bank Of America. Up to $30,000 to short sale clients with great success in Florida which is now going nationwide. Bank of America today announced that it is expanding a cooperative short sale inventive pilot tha...
Just when you think you have heard it all !! What do you think or maybe should I say what would your neighbors think??? www.ronchastain.netHave you heard about this?  There is an advertising company called Brainiacs From Mars  that is offering to pay your mortgage in exchang...
Do I Need Title Insurance??? This is a question that is guaranteed to come up at every closing because you know the attorney is going to ask if the buyer wants it or not.... www.ronchastain.netTips For Home Buyers: Do I Need Title Insurance? Unsure if the extra expense is wort...

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