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As a homeowner in Henry County, you are pleasantly reminded each April 15th that the interest portion of your mortgage payments is 100% tax deductible. When you own Henry County rental property, though, the tax implications are considerably different. You need to report rental payments you receiv...
If you are preparing to sell your property in Henry County this fall, it’s worth considering what the marketing angle will be: how to characterize it most accurately—and appealingly. It starts with the choice of wording for your home’s property type, which will set up prospective buyers’ expectat...
In an improving residential real estate market, first time buyers may flinch at the greater loan amounts that accompany larger price tags. Lending standards have also put some first time buyers through a tougher gauntlet than faced during many previous eras. Although some easing is now beginning ...
For owners who are contemplating some major upgrades with an eye to eventually selling a home in Henry County, there’s always the question of where to do the upgrading. Last year, the National Association of Home Builders weighed in with a study of what today’s home buyer “really want”—which supp...
With summer drawing to a close (say it isn’t so!), it’s time to cast an eye towards the prospects for this year’s fall home sales market. Fall can be a great time to list a home, but it can be especially opportune for luxury home sales in Henry County. It’s a season that traditionally brings out ...
When promising investment properties, in Henry County or anywhere, are well-promoted, you can count on them drawing a crowd. Why wouldn’t they? Investment properties that perform well are like money machines: put in a quarter, get back a quarter and a nickel (and another nickel, and another, and ...
If you have been doing groundwork with an eye toward investing in Henry County real estate, chances are you’ve also been watching some new national movement in housing sales. Last month’s Real Trends Housing Market Report showed U.S. sales of 5,880,000 units (a 5.1% increase over June 2013 number...
The upheaval in global financial markets over the past few years may have been unnerving for almost everyone, but among the hardest-hit group was first time home buyers, in Henry County and across the country. Many had to deal with the stress caused by an uncertain economy, the fallout on busines...
I’ve written about the professionals who are on call to help anyone who sets about selling their house—but there is another team of pros who can be called on when it comes to buying a Henry County home. Buying a home in Henry County is not quite like any other purchase—even those with high dollar...
Even though nearly 9 out of 10 homeowners ultimately enlist a real estate agent to sell their properties, let’s face it: the thought of going it alone does go through many minds. And surveys confirm the primary motivation, which is, of course, saving the agent’s fee. Pocketing that cash would add...

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