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Whenever we think of how our Henry County home staging professionals approach their craft, it’s all the positives that come to mind—how they transform a ho-hum living room into a welcoming showplace; a run-of-the-mill front porch into a curb appeal magnet, etc. That is true, but equally important...
It was only a few years ago that the last thing a prospective Henry County home buyer had to worry about was being outbid. Those were the days when the bottom seemed to be falling out of the Henry County real estate market. Anyone brave enough to be looking to buy at a time when the real estate m...
How easy or hard it is for Henry County home buyers to secure a mortgage with attractive terms is a key element in the local real estate picture. Henry County mortgage credit provides the oil that that keeps residential home sales moving smoothly; that, or it becomes a damper (or even something c...
 Just as with movie credits, the features you find in Henry County listings have a “billing order.” The “stars” may not be printed in gigantic superstar type—but the order in which they appear do reflect changes in current buyer priorities. For a homeowner soon to add their property to this sprin...
 Here is a one-question True or False exam that every future Henry County first-time home buyer should take: True or False:One sure way to build a strong credit report is to pay your bills on time.(Answer: False)Particularly for a first-time Henry County home buyer, being able to present a strong...
When you do a web search for “average house price in Henry County,” you come up with a lot of good, not-so-good, and just plain lame information. If you were looking for a general idea of what the current market says that homes like yours in your neighborhood are worth, the results are likely to ...
It does seem that whenever a story about some faraway homeowners association finds its way into Henry County newspapers, nearly always it’s because something has gone awry. Either there’s an ongoing dispute about a flag display (“Indiana Couple Violate Rules for Flying U.S. Flag”), a fencing disa...
One strategy for selling your Henry County home is to recognize the segment of the general public most likely to appreciate its inherent features, then be sure your sales approach will appeal to them. That doesn’t mean you will turn your back on all the other groups of buyers, of course—but it do...
They really ought to teach this stuff in school: real-life, day-to-day economics. Henry County youngsters out on their own for the first time are usually left to trial and error when it comes to mastering things like how to lay out a personal budget or use credit advantageously. Or even how to go...
Whether we see it as evidence of the advance of a wider green homes movement or simply of rising environmental consciousness, Henry County green homes are becoming properties with a distinct marketable sales advantage. What were once viewed as altruistic gestures practiced by only the most dedica...

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