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You wouldn’t think that real estate technology could be as addictive as one of those games like Candy Crush or Angry Birds—but don’t tell that to Money magazine. They researched the subject in depth, and they found that two-thirds of recent home buyers said they were addicted to online listings!C...
It might sound shocking, but Henry County’s homeowners—present and future—have DTIs!Although the press has been largely silent, it’s important that the public be fully educated on the subject. But before anyone calls an emergency meeting to see what can be done…The good news is that, despite how ...
A couple of recent developments made the news recently that promised to impact Henry County’s real estate scene either now or in the future. The one that got most of the attention last Wednesday came from a familiar source: Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen. Her news conference’s less-than-stirr...
It’s one thing when you see the word “water” figuring prominently in descriptions of Henry County properties. Any time that word comes into play, it’s a cinch that the property in question is more valuable than any waterless neighbors. Everyone knows that a shorefront or beachfront property is li...
You will find that most advice about preparing your Henry County house for sale features a couple of indispensable terms: de-clutter, clean, and de-clutter. That’s not a typo: you can’t say ‘de-clutter’ often enough. It has to be emphasized that “clutter” doesn’t necessarily refer to shabby or th...
What goes up must come down. Every second-grader has heard and verified this. Second-graders also are reasonably confident that two plus two equals four, and a stitch in time saves nine. By the time second-graders hit high school, they all have developed their consumer common sense, too. They kno...
For Henry County home shoppers who anticipate taking advantage of today’s low mortgage interest rates, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has a few words of interest. The CFPB thinks it has found a way for consumers to get the best home loan deals.The way they recommend is to shop around.No...
This spring’s Henry County housing market continues to reflect most of the trends that have held sway across much of the nation. There is good news, not-so-good news, and (happy to report) no really bad news at all. In fact, it’s the absence of threatening factors that makes our housing market a ...
There is something about spring that gets everybody at least thinking about fixing up the house, and it’s that time of year again. Throughout the length and breadth of Henry County, home décor decisions are being pondered. Ambitious landscaping and fix-up plans are being laid, budgets drawn, and ...
As we enter the spring selling season, it’s only natural to look for clues about what to expect for Henry County home sales. Normally, one of the principal barometers comes from the National Association of Realtors®. Their Pending Home Sales Index is a national compendium of hard data that can be...

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