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By now, Henry County’s long-time house flipping veterans have seen it all: raging real estate bubble, over-the-cliff market freefall, energetic bounce-back, and now, the current, more rational market’s steady appreciation.House flipping experts prosper when they succeed in improving an undervalue...
Any dedicated bargain hunter who scours the Henry County listings is not surprised to find among the most deeply discounted entries one of two notations: foreclosure or short sale.Everyone knows what the “foreclosure” designation means—it’s been repossessed by the bank. It’s an REO (real estate o...
Home automation is going mainstream.There: I said it. We all knew it would happen, but some of us hoped it would happen later. The prospect of our house being smarter than we are has been out there since as far back as when the first Terminator movie hit VHS (or was it Beta? Or Betamax?)…Anyway, ...
While reading a real estate magazine article about “the pros and cons of buying during the peak selling season,” I was fairly certain (as you probably would be) that, one way or another, the cons wouldn’t outweigh the pros. Henry County’s peak selling season is certainly prime time whenever there...
Last week brought an announcement­­ that should get the attention of a large segment of would-be Henry County home buyers­­—particularly those­­ who have been stymied by the difficulty of trying to build their credit scores by paying all the monthly bills on time while simultaneously saving up a ...
Whenever a buyer or seller is set to enter the market, they find themselves faced with the task of identifying the Henry County real estate agent who will serve them best. There are many of us to choose from—and not a lot guidance on how to proceed. Maybe there should be something like a Real Est...
They’re called “swings” or “bridges”—but they don’t belong on a kindergarten playground. They’re the specialized loans that can help Henry County home buyers get past the kind of cash crunch that can snag an otherwise perfectly achievable purchase.This is a timing situation that happens quite fre...
This is sort of fun: Mortgage rates, Henry County home loan applicants and soon-to-be-applicants should be delighted to hear, went down again last week. The national average quoted in the Washington Post notched down to 3.61% on a 30-year fixed loan, down from blah blah blah…You will probably not...
There is a useful new way to approach preparing your home for sale—one that few Henry County homeowners would have found practical just a few years ago.To start with, the rate at which consumer technology is changing can be maddening— even if most of the changes improve how things work. At this p...
The Huffington Post (“Huffpo” to its friends) has an entire section devoted to real estate doings. Although the vast majority of those dispatches are tidbits about awesomely expensive celebrity condos in Manhattan, sometimes the Huffpo editors’ attention wanders momentarily to other matters. Last...

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