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 If you’ve been house hunting for the Henry County home you know is out there—the one that will fit your needs, is situated in a suitable neighborhood, and fits your budget—when you home in on a likely candidate, try not to fall in love with it (at least not right away). House hunting is a nestin...
Moving Day: for Henry County residents who relish order in their lives, this is one day when no amount of preparation is likely to totally quell the feeling that the world is on the verge of chaos. The day (or days, if the move is one that begins or ends outside Henry County) will predictably end...
Modern life is said to have gotten immeasurably richer as labor-saving devices have empowered households and workplaces from one end of Henry County to the other. Richer, yes; simpler, surely not!Today’s Henry County householder’s typical day likely involves juggling multiple destinations: shop f...
When you find yourself being drawn to the real estate listings, even only to peek, it’s a clue that something big may be on the horizon. Either you’ve begun to think you’ve begun to outgrow your current Henry County home, or you’re just curious about what could be available in case you should dec...
The debate continues about whether open houses are effective for marketing Henry County homes. Yes, sales do still originate from them, but the percentages have been declining since social media and online listings changed the way Henry County prospects look for their next home.Whether an open ho...
It wasn’t exactly huge news, but last week, the revised economic numbers showed improvement! When does that ever happen—when the final revisions come in, don’t they always seem to be in a downward direction? Yet Friday’s release from the Associated Press told a different story. Earlier reports of...

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