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 If you have ever looked at your Henry County home’s mortgage balance and thought, “Yikes! That’s a lot of money!” you’re not alone. Such a gulp-inducing moment can be triggered by listening to one of the celebrated financial gurus explaining personal finance. Much of the latest financial wisdom ...
With Brexit still fresh on minds here and abroad—and the sometimes hot/sometimes slow summer selling season well underway—some Henry County sellers might well be questioning whether foreign buyer influence will remain strong throughout the nation this season.Last month’s numbers provide an answer...
 Midway through Henry County real estate’s busy selling season also finds us at the beginning of many a homeowner’s personal vacation season. For those whose homes are on the market, one of the benefits of having a close working relationship with their Henry County real estate agent means that th...
 This will be a heads-up for Henry County residents who may be applying for a home loan in the future: there are some major adjustments underway that could affect their eligibility. It hasn’t been talked about much—possibly because most peoples’ eyes tend to glaze over when the topic of loan anal...
The Henry County listings are one piece of what is now a towering real estate marketing colossus. Our MLS is like the bulletin board at the local supermarket where you pin up your garage sale notice or picture of the old lawn mower you’d like to get rid of in that it’s simple to use and, for the ...
Thoughtful Henry County investors find themselves in an increasingly uncertain environment. Although the official cost of living numbers indicate that inflation isn’t much of an issue, few Henry County residents who mind the family budget are convinced. Even if that were currently the case, even ...
Most Henry County house flipping veterans can look back on their successful projects and place them in either of two columns. Either they were intended to be quick flips—turnarounds where speed was a prime ingredient because of an original tactical decision—or they were not.The quick flips depend...
It’s interesting to look into how many ways the universe of food —be it restaurants, markets, cooking, gardening or eating—intersects with the world of real estate. The connections are many and important. That’s true from the moment a future Henry County homeowner begins to look into the current ...
When you set about selling your Henry County house, it’s good to adopt the kind of determined mindset that’s served you well in other pursuits. That’s all well and fine, so long as you keep in mind that when it comes to selling a house, in addition to being a serious business undertaking, it is o...

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