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For Henry County first home buyers who are of a certain age (for the moment let’s call that 40+ or so), the prospect of making such a prodigious commitment should be less intimidating than for the younger set.You have been around for long enough to have seen the ups and downs of the economic cycl...
Suppose you had done everything right: interviewed several Henry County real estate agents and compared what they told you; prepped your property to near-perfection before the professional photographer’s arrival; confirmed all the descriptive details before they appeared in the Henry County listi...
Along with all of New Year’s Day festivities came what you could call the New Year’s Frame of Mind: the familiar, this-time-of-year special consciousness of the passage of time. For most Henry County residents, all the other seasons come and go with everyone too busy tending to everyday affairs t...
“Is now a good time to sell?” A Henry County home is never put up for sale on a whim. Although outside events can conspire to control the timing of that kind of major real estate venture, in most cases, the sale or purchase of a home happens on a timetable the Henry County buyer or seller thought...
A sizeable portion of the recruiting business has gone online, and a lot of small and medium-sized businesses are using them. We hear a lot of ads for them—promising job hunters an efficient way to distribute their resumes; promising business managers an efficient way to attract new talent.Busy H...
When you first go shopping for a Henry County home, loan budgeting—figuring out how much a comfortable monthly mortgage payment would be—pretty much dictates the price range you will be considering. Some listings do the lion’s share of the home loan budgeting work for you through a ‘payment optio...
As its name clearly implies, The 184 Things a Real Estate Agent Does for You is an exhaustive list of the actions a Henry County real estate agent is called upon to perform on behalf of a client. It is an authentic real estate Golden Oldie. Whenever someone wonders aloud what it is that Henry Cou...
It’s probably inevitable (and may have something to do with the way our brains are wired) that when most people start looking for a home in the area, they’re automatically drawn to the new Henry County listings first. Let’s face it: all things being equal, who wouldn’t choose a new car over a use...
It changed! It is different! There is a day missing!  Don't worry this annual Survival Guide for Keller Williams Family Reunion will help you still make the most of the 68 hours of the event.    Tickets were hard to come by with the 2016 event selling out before the end of the 2015 event! Lesson...
Even if you don’t pride yourself on your artistic flair, you probably have developed fairly firm ideas about what makes some Henry County homes come across better than others. Without even consciously thinking about it, you know as soon as you walk through a front door whether that immediate impr...

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