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Probably more than any other time of year, it seems like the onset of fall in Henry County triggers an impulse to get things done! True, there is a similar phenomenon in the spring when many an ambitious cleaning project is sprung. But those impulses are not mysterious—especially when they follow...
 When you go in for your annual physical, you’re hoping for a sunny prognosis. Realtor® magazine isn’t a medical journal, but it does have a feature called “Market Pulse.” It reports on the patient’s vital signs (if you imagine the patient being the nation’s housing market). The state of the nati...
Like careful consumers who are investigating any major purchase,Henry County home buyers need to address some of the same basic queries. Among home buyers, those who already own Henry County homes may think they have different questions than do first-timers, but even for those who have successful...
You can find how-to books with strategies laying out do-it-yourself strategies for transforming a property into a “luxury” home. Likewise, there are scads of online lists of imaginative touches that imply they will do the same.The idea is certainly appealing (but so is anti-gravity and time trave...
Whenever you’re in the planning stages for your next Henry County real estate venture, the best available Henry County mortgage rate is a number you look for. Whether you are thinking of a purchase of a new Henry County home or simply refinancing your existing property, that rate determines how m...
“Homeownership is the bedrock of the American Dream!” was long an unchallenged byword in American culture. Certainly most Henry County homeowners agreed during most of the 20th Century. That premise may have been rocked a little during the early phases of the Great Recession that shook the countr...
If you go looking for insights from successful Henry County real estate investors, depending on which areas they concentrate on, you could come up with a variety of takes. Despite the distinct differences that separate the commercial and residential investment spheres, there are some time-worn tr...

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