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 The art of selling a home begins with the Henry County listings. Much serious study is continuously given to what works best when it comes to listing language and detail, yet a good deal remains a purely creative exercise.That qualifying “somewhat” is necessary because creating a Henry County li...
Spring cleaning season remains the time of year for Henry County’s most rigorous home improvement efforts, but fall is also an opportune time to dig into some preventive home maintenance chores. Homes that get their owners’ attention on a regular basis don’t just hold more of their value with les...
 Marketers for any Henry County business want to know as much as possible about their “customer base”—the population of potential buyers who might be attracted to their product. If you are in the process of selling your Henry County home, the speed at which you succeed and the amount of profit th...
 For anyone who hasn’t gotten the word, this is a week that sees the kind of major happening that will affect every corner of the nation. Here in Henry County, this kind of titanic event can also give rise to questions about Henry County real estate, and whether (when the smoke clears) there coul...
 If you have much experience with selling your house, you probably have your own ideas about what has seemed to be the preparations that made the most difference with the least trouble and expense. Here are three you might not have used before:         Closets – every now and then you’ll see clut...
If you keep track of the ebb and flow of U.S. economic news, you might also be aware of how it relates to some things that happen here. Particularly in the way Henry County’s mortgage rates have been responding to the ups and downs of announcements from Washington, the cause and effect relationsh...
 First, a word about these Things to Avoid when you’re in the process of buying a Mcdonough house: it’s a short list.The reason it’s so short is because of who you are—since you’re reading this, it means you’re someone who is taking the time to delve into what’s happening with Mcdonough real esta...
 For prospective home buyers who have been eyeing the Henry County listings without any particular sense of urgency, last week’s mortgage interest rate news could have added an element of angst. In the up-again/down-again world of consumer finance, even the threat of higher mortgage interest rate...

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