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 If you are like most Henry County homeowners, this is not the time of year you relish thinking about next year’s April 15 tap on the shoulder from Uncle Sam. Nonetheless, the calendar doesn’t lie. In a matter of days, New Year’s Eve will be here—and once the champagne corks have popped, it’s ent...
Real estate articles that are really just lists are now being called “listicles”—and there are certainly plenty of them around. The other day one appeared that just had to be read: Bankrate’s “7 things that could turn off homebuyers.”The actual listicle may not have been the product of much real ...
 The holiday season surely makes for a neat package: wrapping up the whole year in a sort of satisfying finale. Whether it’s your Christmas or Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or any other holiday you can think of, for most Stockbridge residents, the last weeks of December make up a sort of endpoint/beginning p...
 Ahoy, matey! Belay y’ur Henry County real estate musin’s fer a moment to consider how ye home equity be like treasure buried in ye back yard! Arrrrrr! It’s long past Talk Like a Pirate Day (September 19), so we may have to wait another year to give this metaphor the proper growl and scowl it des...
 Henry County home sellers are sure to hear one piece of advice again and again: “declutter.”It’s the simplest of concepts; not in the least controversial. Nobody could convincingly argue that Henry County homes whose rooms are populated with bric-a-brac are more likely to attract buyers than are...
 When you go house hunting in Mcdonough, you’re likely to share a lot of the same basic assumptions that most everybody does. Whether you have a lengthy list of hard-and-fast requirements or are in more of a “just seeing what’s out there” mindset, you’re probably assuming that you’ll “know it whe...
 It was fairly clear that the table had been set for last week’s Federal Reserve meeting to result in a minimal rise in mortgage interest rates. Their Fed Funds rate directly influences the mortgage interest rates that banks observe. Since Stockbridge real estate activity can be spurred or dampen...
 Whenever a month’s Henry County real estate activity ends on a Friday, the number-gatherers close up shop knowing there will be a longer than usual lapse until they can be sure of the Henry County real estate activity statistics.That creates a breather for those of us who keep abreast of Georgia...

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