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It turns out that the run of admirable national and Henry County home sales advances have been pulled off despite a couple of strong countercurrents. At least that’s the theme that emerges from last month’s Aspiring Home Buyers Profile report, which supplied one obvious and one not-so-obvious wid...
Buying a house should be getting easier.For most people who are looking into buying a house in Henry County for the first time, the two greatest obstacles appear to be financial, and—for lack of a better word—emotional.Let’s deal with the second barrier right off the bat. Emotional may not be an ...
Many of us who call Henry County home find that the beginning of the new year serves as a useful benchmark. This is when it’s easiest to collect the bygone year’s household bills and receipts and stash them in the drawer, box, or envelopes marked “2016” to be revisited at tax time. Once all the h...
Riddle: What do saltwater pools and saltwater aquariums have in common?Answer: Water.That’s about all. When some house hunters see “saltwater pool” in Henry County listings, the first thing apt to come to mind is that last trip to the ocean seashore or swaying palm trees—or perhaps some NatGeo TV...
We all know what shaggy dog stories are. They’re the jokes that go on and on and then peter out without much of a punchline. I think I found a scientific study about real estate that fits that description—but you can decide for yourself.We remember that true “science” is only possible when a theo...
 When even severely draught-ridden California neighborhoods are having trouble coming up for air, you know that 2017 is turning out to be one of those winters. Punxsutawney Phil only confirmed what we already knew: until the bulbs start pushing their way upward, we’re likely to have more wind-blo...
If you go looking for new ideas to make a relocation to or from Henry County easier, it’s amazing how often the words “stress” and “relocation” appear in the same paragraph. The most universally agreed-upon method is to separate the two by hiring relocation professionals—not surprising since many...
 Keeping an eye on Henry County mortgage rates is a useful pastime for anyone who tracks local home sales because of the immediate effect they have on affordability. It can’t get much more immediate than the “projected monthly payment” numbers that calculators come up with alongside an online lis...
 This Sunday marked the annual “spring forward” sleep-robbing occasion: the switch to this year’s Daylight Savings Time. “Springing forward” may sound like a spirited, energetic exercise, but for Henry County residents like me who do our best to keep regular hours, this week it will inevitably pr...
For more than a year, it’s been the happy trend across the nation for the average DOM (days on market) for residential properties to have been declining. It’s a “speed of sale” measure—one that most Henry County home sellers hope will reflect that it won’t be long before they are handing the keys...

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