home in henry county: Henry County Real Estate Agents, Radio Ads, and Boosting Income - 09/07/17 06:09 AM
Successful Henry County real estate agents almost universally share some common personality traits. Among them is one skill that’s not usually mentioned when it comes to real estate agent requirements. By the time we’ve been on the job for long, Henry County real estate agents have necessarily become really experienced and skilled drivers!
When I’m chauffeuring a buyer on a Henry County property tour, the car radio is turned down. That’s because we have much to chat about—everything from impressions from the homes we’ve just seen and background information on the next to the latest intelligence on neighborhood happenings. It’s an enjoyable … (0 comments)

home in henry county: Missed Monday’s Eclipse in Henry County? No Catastrophe! - 08/22/17 10:30 AM
By the beginning of Henry County’s new week, Monday’s eclipse had been so thoroughly chronicled as having been “99 years in the making!” you could be forgiven for any anxiety that might result if you’d been unable to arrange to be where viewing was best. After all, we’ve been hearing from all corners that such an event doesn’t always happen within any given lifetime, for goodness sake! The undeniable takeaway was it’s now or never! Better have those proper viewing glasses at the ready, and get yourself over to where the cloud cover isn’t.
This is not to minimize the grandeur … (0 comments)

home in henry county: Henry County Mortgage Rates Point to Encouraging Future - 06/27/17 09:48 AM
Last week, following the Fed’s hike in the rates they charge banks, you might expect a matching rise in mortgage rates for Henry County home buyers and refi applicants. If the experts are right, that’s far from a done deal. The Washington Post headline said it all: “Mortgage rates move slightly higher but could be headed back down again.” Mortgage News Daily reported the same: a slight nudge upward, then back down: “By holding flat, rates remain very close to the best levels seen in more than 8 months.” The consensus was all but unanimous, with even Freddie Mac predicting that … (0 comments)

home in henry county: Henry County Affordable Housing: an Overlooked Next Step? - 05/16/17 09:02 AM
 I don’t know about you, but when I used to hear the term “affordable housing” I’d think of value-priced Henry County condominium listings, some of the nicer area mobile home parks, or maybe fixer-uppers likely to be snatched up by professional house flippers (ultimately to become slightly less affordable housing).
When I heard “affordable housing,” I did not think “packing crate.” Nor did I think, “steamer trunk” or “storage unit.” That turns out to be entirely appropriate; nobody is volunteering to live in those.
Where I missed the boat was that I did not think, “shipping container.”
But that was then—this, as they say, … (0 comments)

home in henry county: Henry County Housing Affordability Heats Current Market - 05/01/17 12:54 PM
Every now and again Forbes magazine assembles what it calls its “top financial brain power” to comment on a topic of interest. Late last week, the topic was real estate—more specifically, the answer to the question, “Is the Real Estate Market Still Healthy?” Speaking for our Henry County real estate market, I’d have to the answer “yes.”(It’s a cinch I’ll never be asked by Forbes to join the panel because a one-word answer doesn’t make for a very long article).
Their panelists did better at elaborating. They voiced a couple of blanket observations on homeownership in today’s market, then settled on some … (0 comments)

home in henry county: In Henry County House Hunts, Some Common Familial Pitfalls - 05/01/17 10:39 AM
You’re excited to be searching for a home in Henry County. Your parents are probably excited about your house hunt, too. They want the best for you—what parent wouldn’t want to offer their best wisdom and counsel during the house hunt?
Unfortunately, it’s entirely possible for that very same best advice to cause a good home choice in Henry County to slip away. Being aware of some common familial pitfalls can keep that from happening:
         Parents want to see you land your Henry County home for the least amount of money—sometimes resulting in advice to start with a lowball offer. That … (1 comments)

home in henry county: Henry County Homebuyers Benefit from Key Characteristics - 04/13/17 12:25 PM
The Rorschach (or inkblot) test is the one where a psychologist shows you a series of pictures that seem to be random black-and-white splatters. The shrink asks you what you think they look like. What you “see” in the inkblots tells something about who you are—how you look at things.
If someone were to create a pack of inkblots to test for who would be best suited for the tasks facing Henry County homebuyers, they’d be designed to pinpoint character traits that come in handy during a typical homebuyer’s quest. I don’t know how Dr. Rorschach came up with the shapes he … (0 comments)

home in henry county: Henry County Home Pricing in the Mirror - 03/30/17 12:47 PM
 When it comes to the reality of pricing a home in Henry County, it’s natural that buyer’s and seller’s points of view reflect their different roles and objective. In a way, they are mirror images of each another.
From the seller’s point of view, pricing their Henry County home starts out from the reality check of the “comps”—the prices registered in recent comparable neighborhood sales. From there, the pricing decision revolves around the tradeoff between maximum asking price versus the desire for a speedy sale. Even if there is no time pressure at all, serious sellers will still set the asking price … (1 comments)

home in henry county: 9 Unnerving Henry County Home Improvement Ideas - 03/20/17 12:33 PM
 When it’s one of those weekend days when the Henry County weather has refused to cooperate with outdoor plans, one way to fill the idle time is to go online in search of home improvement ideas. You may not follow through with any for your own Henry County home—but it’s amusing to review the almost unlimited number of clever and inventive notions people have put online.
When it comes to the kitchen, for instance, there are bounteous home improvement ideas. There’s the herb garden wall (in addition to a green thumb, a powerful sunlamp in the ceiling is required) or the pool … (1 comments)

home in henry county: Henry County Daylight Savings & St. Pat’s Nearly Collide - 03/13/17 07:49 AM
 This Sunday marked the annual “spring forward” sleep-robbing occasion: the switch to this year’s Daylight Savings Time. “Springing forward” may sound like a spirited, energetic exercise, but for Henry County residents like me who do our best to keep regular hours, this week it will inevitably produce, at minimum, an extra yawn or two.
If it sounds as if I’m a bit grouchy about the whole thing, it’s only partially true. I hardly missed the hour between 2 a.m. and 3 a.m. on Sunday, save for how it made the night’s sleep an hour shorter. Intellectually, I know that the hour is … (0 comments)

home in henry county: Henry County Home Prices in 2017: a Nobel Prize Connection - 03/13/17 07:43 AM
The timing for when to sell a Henry County home can be a decision that pretty much makes itself. Sometimes family demands call for a move to larger or smaller quarters; sometimes a change in career demands or a schooling decision dictates a residential switch. But there are other times when an eventual move is in the cards—but timing is flexible.
That’s a situation where the decision can hinge on expectations for where future Henry County home prices seem to be headed. Nobody likes to be taken by surprise—especially if the surprises were foreseeable. As we enter the start of the peak … (0 comments)

home in henry county: 20% Down Payment Fiction vs. Henry County Reality - 03/13/17 07:40 AM
It turns out that the run of admirable national and Henry County home sales advances have been pulled off despite a couple of strong countercurrents. At least that’s the theme that emerges from last month’s Aspiring Home Buyers Profile report, which supplied one obvious and one not-so-obvious widespread beliefs among would-be future homeowners.
Henry County home buyers are always a mix of current homeowners (who will usually also be selling) and first-timers. Among the latter group, a major drag on their willingness and ability to invest in their own Henry County home is the student debt phenomenon. Enough has been written about … (1 comments)

home in henry county: Henry County Mortgage Rates Yo-yo Again - 03/13/17 07:38 AM
 Keeping an eye on Henry County mortgage rates is a useful pastime for anyone who tracks local home sales because of the immediate effect they have on affordability. It can’t get much more immediate than the “projected monthly payment” numbers that calculators come up with alongside an online listing. Those instant calculations include tax and insurance estimates, but those change rarely. The mortgage rates, are always on the move.
Last Thursday, the Washington Post’s headline ran above a photo of Freddie Mac’s massive DC headquarters:
“Mortgage rates fall amid fears of rising inflation.”
That kind of news is always good for Henry County home … (1 comments)

home in henry county: A “Kitchen Mirage” Could Speed Henry County Home Sales - 02/17/17 11:56 AM
 When I see a feature with a title like X Ways to Make Your Kitchen Feel Bigger, I’m someone who’s unlikely to pass it up. Making any Henry County kitchen feel bigger would be a definite plus for any Henry County home sale. On the scale of honorable pursuits, it would be right there next to cleanliness.
Increasingly, today’s Henry County homebuyers think of the kitchen as a (and possibly the) center of family entertaining—the center of gravity where everyone hangs out more than anywhere else. It’s true that if another room features a giant TV entertainment center, that might be serious … (0 comments)

home in henry county: Henry County Real Estate and Optimism Make a Happy Couple - 02/17/17 11:51 AM
Owning your own Henry County home is, for most of us, a goal that’s been with us so long we don’t even question it. In addition to the economic advantages that come with Henry County real estate ownership, there are, for most, a host of corresponding emotional benefits—the sense of security and “belonging” within the community are just two.
So it should be no surprise that the real estate industry is bound to be at least somewhat affected by changes in the public’s emotional outlook. After all, when people start feeling good about the country and their own circumstances (they’re “optimistic”), they’ll … (1 comments)

home in henry county: Henry County Packing and Moving Needn’t be a Nightmare - 02/17/17 11:49 AM
 When you first contemplate packing and moving to or from Henry County, it’s advisable to take a deep breath first, then close your eyes and mentally recall the best, most positive moments from past moves.
Okay, if there aren’t any of those, try thinking of some bracing truism like “This, too, shall pass” or “The night is darkest just before the dawn.” Realistically, the packing and moving will be over before you know it. Those visions of jackknifed moving vans and your good china strewn across the Interstate…they’re NOT going to happen!
Not only that, but you can do some painless preparation for … (1 comments)

home in henry county: Analyzing Value and Henry County Real Estate Agents - 02/17/17 11:46 AM
 There are a couple of ways to look at the difference between the way you approach a typical Henry County home sale and the way your real estate agent does. One is positive, the other, less so—but considering both reveals something about the value we Realtors® add to the process.
Most Henry County homeowners do decide to enlist the services of an experienced Henry County real estate agent, but sometimes it’s only after trying to avoid it. The reason is nearly always because, although the percentage of the standard agent commission is only 5% or 6%, when the sale amount is hundreds … (1 comments)

home in henry county: Waiting to Launch Henry County Listings? Maybe Not… - 02/02/17 08:57 AM
 If this is going to be a year of upsets, the rules for when Henry County listings are best initiated might be primed to fly out the window. There’s no guarantee that 2017’s Henry County listing performance will bend the rules, but if the National Association of Realtor’s® news site is right, it’s a definite possibility.
The history has long demonstrated that the most opportune time of year to add your home to the Henry County listings is during the peak spring and summer seasons. When you look at the volume of home sales through most years, those months do look inviting. … (0 comments)

home in henry county: Visual Elements in Henry County Listings: a Shaggy Dog Story - 02/02/17 08:54 AM
We all know what shaggy dog stories are. They’re the jokes that go on and on and then peter out without much of a punchline. I think I found a scientific study about real estate that fits that description—but you can decide for yourself.
We remember that true “science” is only possible when a theory can be experimentally tested and then repeated by others. Since Henry County real estate’s market conditions are always in flux, controlled laboratory conditions don’t exist. The result is that marketing residential real estate here in Henry County is rightly classified as at least as much art as … (0 comments)

home in henry county: What is the Single Best Time for Buying a Home in Henry County? - 02/02/17 08:51 AM
 To end the suspense, the answer to the title question about when is the optimal time to buy a home in Henry County has been officially answered. The answer is, more or less, “now.” All right, there’s an alternate answer, “as soon as practical”—but that is a less dramatic-sounding version of the same thing.
The official nature of that answer is due to its source, generally considered to be the apex of the residential real estate industry: the National Association of Realtors®. The “®” is there after “Realtor” because the group literally owns the word “Realtor”—that’s how much of an industry leader … (2 comments)

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