homes for sale in henry county: As House Values Align, it’s Good News for Mcdonough - 08/20/18 08:07 AM
 When Mcdonough house values—or even only the public’s perception of house values—rise and fall at eye-popping rates, even homeowners who aren’t thinking of selling find it unsettling. The dislocations that resulted from the housing crisis of the last decade are hard to forget. Although some risk-tolerant investors made headway in that environment, the fallout for most was at best nerve-wracking.
That’s why last Tuesday’s National HPPI report may be comforting to Mcdonough homeowners, as well as to prospective buyers. The Home Price Perception Index is the distillation of data gathered by Quicken Loans. It covers 3,000-plus counties in all 50 states—so it’s … (1 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: What Henry County ‘House Hunting’ Used to Mean - 08/13/18 08:09 AM
 Everyone still calls active would-be Henry County home buyers “house hunters.” The term hasn’t changed; the goal hasn’t, either—but today the activity it conjures up is very different from that it did just a short while ago.
For instance, for Henry County house hunters whose last hunt was in, say,1990, their memory of “house hunting” is probably that of thumbing through stacks of black-and-white listing sheets provided by the real estate agent. Those may have been a little hard to read, especially if they’d been sent to their oh-so-slow home fax machine. If any of the sheets looked worth pursuing, the … (0 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: Top 8 Real Estate Questions: Some Have Answers! - 08/09/18 06:31 AM
Like almost everyone else in Stockbridge who spends time online, I often come across lists. Headlines that list the “Top 10” or “Top 5” of almost anything usually catch my eye—especially the ones with “real estate” in the title. I’ve trained myself to just glance at the items and move on if they don’t add to the day’s useful information.
Checking through the most recent crop of Stockbridge real estate lists yielded, “Top 10 Issues Affecting Real Estate,” “Top 8 Ideas for Real Estate Investing”, “5 Best Real Estate Investment Books”, etc.. This week there were a lot of lists of … (0 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: Beware Profit-Killers for Mcdonough Investment Properties - 08/08/18 09:25 AM
Your Mcdonough investment properties are fulfilling all the potential you hoped they would. They do more than just pay for themselves with the cash that flows in with the tenants’ monthly rent checks—they also build equity with each mortgage payment.
The wisdom of those investments is reinforced every time you check your personal balance sheet. The growing contribution to ‘Real Property’ line on the asset side makes a pleasing counter to the shrinking figure in the liabilities column. When it comes to your Mcdonough investment properties, the bottom line is, literally, the bottom line.
All well and good, provided that the happy … (0 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: Wealth Management Ideas for Home Buyers in Henry County - 08/03/18 06:58 AM
No matter what their current financial profile, home buyers in Jamestown share knowledge that the value of the property they are acquiring will become a significant entry whenever their family’s net worth is reckoned.
For those whose total in that category weighs in at $5 million or more: great! You're considered "ultra-wealthy" according to the Spectrum Group, a wealth management research organization that defines "ultra high net worth" as households with at least that figure.  
On the other hand, for home buyers in Henry County who are laser-focused on a more immediate financial task at hand (finding, qualifying for and buying the perfect … (0 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: Stockbridge House Shoppers “Extreme Makeover” Model - 07/31/18 12:05 PM
Most Stockbridge real estate turnaround practitioners follow what might be called “The House Flippers’ Creed”: buy, fix, sell—as quickly as possible! The speed factor isn’t just because, as in most businesses, volume dictates profitability. It’s also due to the investment’s interest expense—the value of money over time. You don’t need an economics class to see how it can gnaw away at a bottom line.
Now it seems that The Creed’s fundamental hypothesis is being challenged in many parts of the nation—at least by buyers targeting dated homes for their own use. According to last week’s Wall Street Journal essay about the rising … (0 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: Mcdonough Real Estate and the Advent of “Surban” - 07/30/18 06:25 AM
If you’re keeping abreast of the latest Mcdonough real estate doings and you come across the word “surban”—that isn’t just some sloppy spelling. It’s a new real estate term we’re likely to see a lot more often.
The most-cited definition for “surban” is in Urban It defines the word as “a mix of urban and suburban living.” That’s accurate as far as it goes, but doesn’t include some wider implications that could well affect Mcdonough real estate trends in meaningful ways—especially if some generalizations about millennials prove accurate.  
The Washington Post’s article, “Millennials Go ‘Surban’” tells the history of a young … (0 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: New Tax Rules and Henry County Real Estate Investments - 07/27/18 05:40 AM
For those who may have been wondering how the final GOP Tax Bill could affect possible real estate investment plans and tax liability next year, the changes can be significant.
I know, I know. As soon as you saw “tax liability,” your eyes glossed over and your finger got ready to swipe right. But before you skip the following, I promise to keep it short, relevant, and potentially beneficial for investors and potential investors here in Henry County:
You can now take 100% depreciation upfront for assets with useful lives of less than 20 years. For example, if you buy personal … (0 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: An Advance Tip for Selling Your Stockbridge Home - 07/25/18 07:13 AM
 If you’re selling your home in Stockbridge this summer, there’s one piece of pre-sale advice that will almost always pay off: the pre-sale home inspection.
You might be surprised to learn that many sellers elect not to take advantage of this service—but I can’t say I blame them. A home inspection costs money (usually a couple hundred dollars), and it seems counter-intuitive: “Why would you want to bring up your home’s flaws?”  Plus, it’s just one more thing to do when selling your Stockbridge home. “Why borrow trouble?”
In fact, there are compelling reasons to take this extra step:
         Discovering hidden or … (0 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: Henry County Adjustable-Rate Mortgages (ARMs) Lose Luster - 07/23/18 06:39 AM
 If they follow the same path home loan applicants across the nation are choosing, most Henry County mortgage applicants will continue passing up adjustable-rate offerings. As last week’s Real Estate News analysis points out, there are multiple reasons for that phenomenon.
It’s been a decade since the financial meltdown had everyone rethinking the nation’s (and their own) disposition toward the way mortgage products were viewed. The headline may have been worth a chuckle (“ARMs Don’t Have Legs”) but the history that produced it was anything but hilarious—especially for adjustable-rate mortgage borrowers who fared poorly in the financial meltdown.
Leading up to the crisis, … (0 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: Sell Your Henry County House for What it’s Worth - 07/12/18 07:27 AM
In my capacity as Henry County real estate information-gatherer, I really couldn’t pass up last week’s, “How to Sell Your House for More than It’s Worth.” 
I know; I know: that’s the kind of web clickbait we’ve all learned to avoid—like popups announcing “New Law Cuts Henry County Residents’ Tax Bill in Half!” or “Secret Diet Miracle Food Celebrities Won’t Tell You About.” By now we’ve learned that the “new law” will turn out to be an obscure exception that applies only to some very small group and the “secret miracle diet food” is water. But despite all that, the “Sell … (0 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: 5 Signs Your Mcdonough Kitchen Needs Some Help - 07/10/18 10:41 AM
 Every Mcdonough Realtor® has heard this observation from a selling client more than once: “Now that I’ve fixed the place up, it’s so nice to live here!” It’s sometimes followed by a wistful, “I should have done it years ago!” They don’t need to add, “so we could have enjoyed it ourselves.”
The culprit has to be human nature—at least the part that resists spending money improving something that works (even if it doesn’t work all that well). One of the prime areas where this tends to hold true is in Mcdonough kitchens.
Since it’s generally acknowledged that the kitchen area is … (0 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: Henry County Housing Future: Will it Need SciFi Solutions? - 07/06/18 05:49 AM
Georgia and Henry County are not immune to at least one outfall from what the New York Times calls “the great American single-family home problem”: the looming shortage in affordable places to live. What might seem to be mostly a distant challenge for faraway metropolitan areas could eventually affect single-family neighborhoods, too. Areas where today “low-density living is treated as sacrosanct” may well come to experience varying degrees of change.
Ground Zero. California is (as usual) Ground Zero for what may become a more widespread trend. It’s already an extreme example of an affordable housing crunch—the state’s median home price is over … (0 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: Henry County House Tour Etiquette Guide in Two Words - 07/05/18 07:37 AM
When it comes to Henry County house hunting, sooner or later you’re bound to find yourself confronted by a question of proper house touring etiquette. After all, you’re an invited guest in somebody else’s Henry County home—someone who you don’t know, who isn’t around, and whose house rules are a cipher.
 As you’d expect, the normal rules of courtesy apply—except when they don’t. For instance, if you are visiting a friend’s home, it wouldn’t be very polite to go about opening up the bedroom closet doors—but on Henry County house tours, unless you are instructed otherwise, that’s behavior that gets a green … (0 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: Cure for Henry County July 4th Conversation Doldrums - 07/02/18 07:44 AM
For most Henry County July 4th celebrants, the period between the last barbecued hot dog and the first firework (even if it’s only on TV) can drag on so long that it threatens the festivities.
Times like these may not quite try men’s (or Moms’) souls, but they do cry out for creative diversions like word games, foam football tosses, or—in extreme cases—trivia. As a public service for those in need of sparking Independence Day trivia, here are Henry County July 4th trivia I present in the form of six quiz questions. Warning: the answers may be stranger than you think:

homes for sale in henry county: Selling Your Henry County House: 6 Emergency Showing Tips - 06/25/18 07:46 AM
Once you have determined that it’s time to begin the process of selling your Henry County house, it won’t take long to uncover the number of small details that inevitably need attention. These are the kind of minor imperfections everybody learns to live with—things like kitchen cupboard hinges that squeal; toilet handles that need to be jiggled before the water stops running; fluorescent tubes that flicker in the garage. All need attention before your Henry County home will be showing-ready—but they’re all one-time projects. Once attended to, they can be put out of mind.
Different are the final finishing touches you administer … (1 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: Prep Your Henry County Home Using the Greige Effect - 06/25/18 07:43 AM
There’s little debate about the psychological importance that color exerts on people—nor on the crucial role it can play in creating an attractive atmosphere. When you decide what tweaks will do the most to prep your Henry County home for market, it follows that choosing the right paint color for rooms that need refreshing should get serious consideration.
The impact of those choices has been studied and found to have a measurable impact on home sale prices. Last week, CBS News’ Marketwatch published a roundup that homeowners ready to prep their own homes will want to take into account. It listed specific rooms … (0 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: Henry County Home Prices and an Iffy Proposition - 06/25/18 07:37 AM
Last week’s Wall Street Journal’s “Heard on the Street” headline “Why Home Prices Have Nowhere to Go But Up” may have guaranteed attention—but at the cost of advancing a pretty iffy notion. Then again, if you have been window shopping (or is it “screen shopping”?) through the Henry County listings anytime recently, the idea could well have seemed less preposterous than usual.
Of course, markets go up, down, and sideways. In residential real estate, any “down” movement has a centuries-long track record of proving to be temporary. But “nowhere to go but up”? Putting aside the common wisdom that nothing is guaranteed … (0 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: Inspections Dampen Henry County As-Is Listing Dramas - 06/18/18 06:19 AM
Of all the attention-grabbing terms to be found in Henry County listings, the audacious “as-is” ranks right up there near the top of the deck. Intentional or not, it carries a pronounced dramatic aura. Contractors see Henry County “as-is” listings as calls to action. House flippers’ pulse rates quicken when they come across it. For most typical prospective buyers, on the other hand, the same term triggers furrowed brows and a hasty move onto the next listing.
“As-is” carries shades of meaning with legal implications, but in general, it simply signals to the world that the seller is not interested in improving the offered … (0 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: Manhattan Walk-Up Asking Prices Defy Gravity - 06/18/18 06:16 AM
It’s true that Henry County has been experiencing some healthy residential price rises. I suspect that if you had told a 1950s homeowner what a typical Henry County asking price is nowadays, ten to one they would have thought you were pulling their leg. But, as in many tales dealing with finances high (and low), Manhattanites dependably lead the pack. According to the Wall Street Journal, that’s how it is with walk-ups.
For Henry County readers who need to be reminded, “Manhattan walk-ups” are residences whose tenants manage to survive without the not-so-modern convenience of an elevator. When you think about the combined … (1 comments)