homes for sale in henry county: Henry County Rental vs. Purchase Decision: Not So Simple - 01/18/15 11:24 PM
When your primary residence is one of our Henry County rentals, from time to time you may find yourself pausing, pen hovering over checkbook, thinking, “What if this check were going to buy this place, instead…?” 
It’s a nearly unavoidable thought because common wisdom has it that buying an Henry County home usually makes more financial sense than renting it. That sounds sensible simply because at the end of the day (or, more accurately, at the end of a 15- or 30-year mortgage term), ownership means you no longer have to write those checks: you own that Henry County rental. It could be true—but … (0 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: 4 Reasons Henry County Real Estate Investments are Worth a Look! - 01/18/15 11:18 PM
Good investors tend to be cautious souls. For those who prior to 2007 had never ventured into the realm of Henry County real estate investments, the ensuing downturn might have been enough to discourage any curiosity about that direction (even if their other investments had also suffered during the global financial crisis).
Nonetheless, at this juncture those same cautious investors might well assume that the value of real estate investments in Henry County have rebounded so substantially that it’s now too late to bother looking into them. But as National Public Radio has just pointed out, there's an excellent argument to be … (0 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: The Not-So-Secret FICO Formula behind Henry County Home Loans - 01/11/15 11:59 PM
When anyone is in the early stages of finding a Henry County house to buy, unless they are planning to pay for it with cash, a large part of what eventually happens will be determined by the home loan they secure. Both the size of the home loan and its interest rate are negotiable, but in almost all cases, the applicant’s part of the “negotiation” consists of comparing offers from various Henry County home loan providers. So unless you are The Donald (or can supply your own wheelbarrow full of cash), Henry County’s mortgage companies will have a large say about what they … (0 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: Why a Henry County ‘Short Sale’ Can Take a Long Time - 01/11/15 11:56 PM
The term “short sale” has been misleading people for decades. Despite the name, it’s a term applied to transactions that often involve a lengthier-than-usual sale process. A Henry County “short sale” is named for the financial aspect of a sale rather than the length of time it requires. It’s anything but a shortcut.
The ‘short’ in ‘short sale’ describes a sale at a price that comes up short—is less than the full amount owed on an Henry County home loan. As you’d guess, whether a bank (or any mortgage holder) accepts such a sale is a decision that is up to the lender.

homes for sale in henry county: What About Renting Your Henry County Home? - 01/04/15 11:49 PM
You are a Henry County homeowner, but now your family has simply outgrown the place. You’re almost ready to start hunting for a new home—but hesitate. The fact is, you’re reluctant to give up your present property. It’s been a terrific home, and you suspect it’s only going to grow in value…
If your financial fortunes are on the upswing, you may be wise to consider the viability of renting your Henry County home. After all, using it as a profit-making venture even as you expand your Henry County real estate holdings might just be doable! 
Many a successful landlord has begun that way, … (0 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: When Henry County Homeowners Consider Buying a Second Home - 12/29/14 12:43 AM
People approach the whole idea of owning a second home from a hundred different perspectives simply because a second home can answer so many different purposes. If you are an Henry County homeowner at the stage in life where making retirement plans is becoming a more immediate imperative, you might want to buy a second home as a vacation destination—but one which is also a tryout for your family’s future center of operations. Those who have spent a good part of their lives in cities sometimes seek a second home in the mountains or at the shore as a restorative refuge. People … (0 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: Wise Henry County Tenants Ask Pertinent Questions before Signing - 11/16/14 01:01 AM
You’re about to close a deal to become a tenant in Henry County. The landlord seems like a straight shooter and the place is a joy: immaculate and welcoming. Now all that’s left is to wait for the landlord’s okay after an evaluation of you as the new Henry County tenant, right?
Well, not quite. Just as the landlord should check financial or job references as part of their due diligence, you have some to perform for your own benefit. It’s up to you to assess the landlord’s system to determine whether this rental arrangement is the good fit you hope … (0 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: Smoothing the Way for Selling Your Henry County Home this Winter - 01/05/14 11:40 PM
The signs are positive for those who will be putting their home on the Henry County market this winter. Demand is there, mortgage rates are still low, and across the nation, prices are pointing higher. If you will be selling a home in Henry County anytime soon, there are some extra steps you can take to strengthen your position. 
Clarify Your Finances
Getting a home loan will be the concern of the buyer, not you. She or he will have to fill out the forms, go through the credit checks, etc. More subtle is the impact your own financial picture can … (0 comments)

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