homes for sale in henry county: Best of the 5 Seasons for Buying Stockbridge Houses - 12/04/17 06:19 AM
 If you are a well-organized prospective Stockbridge house buyer, you have been weighing many factors as you prepare to start serious house hunting. One of the factors to consider is seasonal: that is, which of the five seasons is most favorable for buying a house?
It’s a fact that the most heavily favored among the seasonal choices is the traditional “peak selling season,” Spring-into-summer is the traditional busiest period for Stockbridge residential activity—and logic dictates that there must be persuasive reasons why so many Stockbridge house buyers opt to make their offers then. But persuasive counter-arguments also abound—both for selling and buying … (2 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: 4 Tips for a More Economical Stockbridge Winter - 12/01/17 05:49 AM
Officially, it may not be winter in Stockbridge yet, but the end of November is more than a signal to turn to the last page in 2017’s calendar. It’s definitely time for Stockbridge residents to secure their domiciles against the mercury drops Mother Nature will be providing sooner or later.
Even in places where a November heat wave makes it hard to focus on the inevitable onslaught of chilly weather, there are some household winter preparation tips that apply equally to all areas of the country. Here are four tips to benefit just about every Stockbridge household:
         Tune … (1 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: A Single Piece of Advice from Buyer’s and Seller’s Agent - 11/30/17 05:49 AM
The dual nature of Henry County real estate agents is unlike most other professions. A medical doctor who is a family physician in the morning doesn’t switch hats and become a surgeon in the afternoon—any more than a lawyer who pleads in court for a defendant can decide to become a prosecuting attorney that afternoon.
On the other hand, Henry County Realtors® may begin any single day in negotiations representing a seller, then spend the afternoon escorting a buyer client through a series of Henry County home showings. I’m happy to say this isn’t evidence of a split personality disorder. It’s perfectly … (2 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: Approximating Mcdonough Mortgage Refi Requirements - 11/28/17 06:39 AM
If you use a credit card or Mcdonough bank checking account’s online system, you may have noticed the appearance of a free service: FICO score tracking. You find it as a clickable area with a link title like “Your FICO® score” or just “FICO®.”
For many years, each of the major credit reporting agencies was mandated by law to honor any consumer’s request for a copy of their credit scores—but it was a once-a-year deal. For access to regular updates, you had to pay for a subscription. Particularly for consumers working to improve their credit scores, the paid services became a … (2 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: A Single Underlying Factor When Applying for a Mortgage - 11/16/17 07:27 AM
Every mortgage lender develops their own unique guidelines for evaluating the factors contained in a home loan application. These may change from time to time so that their portfolios stay “balanced”—that is, so that the cumulative risk represented by the entire batch of home loans do not exceed the level of risk they wish to assume.
Potential Stockbridge mortgage applicants are bound to be curious about which factors are more or less influential for that decision. Their curiosity is why you can find hundreds of “Top 5” and “Top 7” lists of “mortgage application factors”—and why home loan originators pay top dollar … (1 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: Mcdonough Sellers Evaluate For Sale by Owner Websites - 11/14/17 11:20 AM
It’s illuminating to visit For Sale by Owner websites from time to time to see if there are any new insights to be gleaned. True, as a licensed Mcdonough Realtor®, I’m not likely to learn much new when it comes to selling Mcdonough homes—but that’s not the motivation. Call it ‘opposition research:’ the reason is to uncover any areas where the services I provide aren’t superior to what a do-it-yourselfer can come up with on their own.
Here are some takeaways from the FSBO sites Google recently presented as the most frequently consulted sites. I’ve included my opinion about the pronouncements—either valid … (2 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: Henry County Real Estate Braces for a New Kind of Reality - 11/13/17 06:18 AM
Henry County real estate has greatly benefitted from one offshoot of “virtual” technology. Just click on a listing’s “virtual tour” button and a progression of two-dimensional views of the listed property parade across your laptop or smartphone screen.
Those Henry County listing virtual tours are real estate’s first step toward “VR”—Virtual Reality. VR is the more immersive version that allows viewers to move around within three-dimensional renderings of computer-generated environments. A current example is the TV commercials depicting delighted VR goggle-wearers experiencing animated fictional worlds. They demonstrate two things: 1) the people who don the goggles look as if they truly … (0 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: Your Mcdonough Homeowners Insurance Annual Checkup - 11/09/17 06:21 AM
It’s one of those Mcdonough documents most of us stash in a safe, out-of-the-way place—somewhere in the furthest recesses of a linen closet or at the back of a bureau drawer. Renters do the same: they don’t actually read the thing, but they know they want to keep it somewhere where they hope they’ll never have to find it.
The document that they value and simultaneously avoid is their Mcdonough homeowners or renter’s insurance policy—the thing they make sure to purchase and hope to forget. As much as I consider it my job to cater to my clients’ every wish, it is … (0 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: Buying Your Stockbridge House as Slowly as Possible - 11/08/17 06:12 AM
The goal of owning your Stockbridge home free and clear is usually thought of as the sunniest eventual outcome of the process that begins with buying your Stockbridge house. The vision of the day when you make that last mortgage payment is an attractive one: whether in retirement or sooner, a “free rent” future has great appeal.
So when financial planners argue against the wisdom of paying off your mortgage, it makes for interesting reading. One such planner is Ric Edelman, whose article “11 Great Reasons to Carry a Big, Long Mortgage” presents a laundry list of the possible financial benefits. … (1 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: World Series is Over: Your Home Selling Negotiations Aren’t - 11/06/17 11:22 AM
When it comes to appraising and developing appropriate responses to offers on your Henry County home, I’m here to offer counsel and guidance. Even so, you are the ultimate decision maker. Especially for Henry County homeowners without previous selling experience, becoming familiar with some practical pointers for home selling negotiations is well worth doing. Henry County sellers can find one rich source at the National Association of Realtors® web site. This month’s World Series finale undoubtedly inspired the title for a list of home selling negotiation pitfalls. Published the morning of Houston’s Game 7 victory, it dealt with errors in home … (0 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: After Halloween, Buying a Home in Stockbridge isn’t So Scary - 11/02/17 06:27 AM
While we’re still in Halloween Scary Things mode, we might as well address the fear factor when it comes to buying Stockbridge homes. First-time Stockbridge home buyers aren’t the only ones who experience at least some degree of trepidation as they go about such a major purchase. The prospect of buying a home can be so intimidating that putting it off seems the easiest course of action (actually, inaction). The problem is that if that delay happens to fall during a period of rising home prices or mortgage rates­, it’s going to seem self-defeating in retrospect.
But unlike the scary Halloween decorations … (0 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: Timing Your Mcdonough Home’s Sale - 11/01/17 11:23 AM
Hardly anyone decides to put their own Mcdonough house up for sale without wondering whether there wouldn’t be a better time to do so. There are a couple of different ways to look at the timing of your Mcdonough home’s sale—but only one of them is controversial.
Controversial: timing by the calendar. A good number of real estate commentators think that the optimal timing for any home’s sale is during the spring/summer season. In the residential real estate lexicon that’s the “peak selling season.” Statistics validate their point. Since the majority of transactions are in fact initiated during the good weather months … (0 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: For Mcdonough Real Estate, Halloween Marks a Turning Point - 10/27/17 06:17 AM
Fa la la la la, la la la la: it’s carol time again!
Not quite? You can’t almost hear those sleigh bells ringing? Well, brace yourself. Halloween is next Tuesday—and nowadays, that means that by Wednesday, holiday advertising will be with us for the duration.
Whether we admit it or not, the Thanksgiving start of the holiday season is a thing of the past. Hallmark has already launched its “Countdown to Christmas;” Mcdonough mailboxes are filling with gift catalogs; store windows are only weeks away from being transformed into snow-sprayed winter wonderlands.
As far as Mcdonough real estate is concerned, a couple of … (0 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: Most Homeowners Now Predict Gains in Home Values - 10/23/17 07:05 AM
More than half of U.S. homeowners expect their home’s value to rise in the coming year. For Stockbridge real estate watchers who track public sentiment as a market indicator, the news comes as a welcome addition to other reports of rising consumer optimism regarding the economy as a whole.
The finding comes from a national telephone and online survey conducted earlier this month by the Rasmussen Reports organization. It signals an acceleration in a year-long trend of rising expectations among U.S. homeowners. A year earlier, fewer than 40% had predicted that their own home values would rise in the coming year. In … (1 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: How To Become Your Own Mcdonough Refi Warrior - 10/19/17 05:53 AM
Back when Mcdonough mortgage interest rates plummeted by 46% in less than four years, it precipitated a sort of refi tsunami. The volume of Mcdonough refinancings was nothing short of enormous. For the first time in a long time, the benefit for homeowners who could lower their Mcdonough mortgage interest payments had become all but irresistible to everyone whose home loan predated the plunge. Lenders were swamped—and they loved it!
The current climate for Mcdonough refi’s is much calmer and considerably less well publicized. Nonetheless, it still holds out the prospect of real savings for homeowners whose current Mcdonough home loan terms … (0 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: Henry County Investment Property Owners View Top 6 Repairs - 10/17/17 06:11 AM
When you first look into whether an investment property in Henry County would be a suitable addition to your own portfolio, the positives leap out. Henry County investment properties can throw off positive cash flow even as they appreciate in long-term value. What’s not to like? But there is one area that may hover as a wildcard: the maintenance issue.
Because tenants are part of the picture, Henry County investment properties undergo varying amounts of wear and tear, so keeping them in top shape does require at least some degree of attention. Veteran landlords learn how to handle maintenance and repairs … (0 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: Stockbridge Real Estate Braces for Incursion - 10/16/17 06:06 AM
Amazon has invaded the realm of real estate—but you couldn’t say it’s happening in a big way.
It’s happening in a tiny way.
Last week the improbable news arrived that the web’s 400-pound gorilla had made its first foray into the realm of real estate. Since Stockbridge real estate (like all real estate) is by definition local, its very nature would seem to preclude the buying and selling of homes as a mail order enterprise. But since has succeeded in other industries where failure had been assumed (high-end fashion, for instance), could local Stockbridge real estate soon be monopolized by a … (3 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: Real Estate Inspection Jitters? Rx: Don’t Freak Out! - 10/12/17 01:19 PM
As worrisome physical symptoms go, house inspection jitters should not be worrisome in the least. Neither Henry County home buyers or their counterparts (Henry County home sellers) need be troubled if they find themselves awaiting the house inspector with mounting anxiety: these are perfectly normal symptoms. My advice echoes HGTV’s prescription for a “Drama-Free Real Estate Rx”—in their words, “Don’t Freak Out.”
The utter normalcy for pre-inspection jitters is indisputable—as is their cause. If you are the seller, you can be perfectly satisfied that you have done everything possible to ensure that your Henry County home is in tip-top shape, and yet … (0 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: Game Theory and Mcdonough Real Estate Negotiations - 10/05/17 06:15 AM
Game theory only sounds like it has something to do with how to win in some weekend sports outing or family board game. It’s a seriously studied logical field that mathematicians delve into. Interestingly, when you study how to develop successful negotiation tactics—Mcdonough real estate negotiations included—you can look at them via game theory.
There is a problem, though. The further you get into the subject, the more it tends to become more and more abstract. Unless you are someone who looks forward to curling up by a roaring fire with a favorite math textbook, you won’t get very far into game … (1 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: Stockbridge Homes for Sale: Pet-Friendly or Not? - 10/04/17 05:58 AM
“Pet-Friendly” is a term that used to be confined to the Stockbridge Homes for Rent ads and a few open-minded hotel chains. Given the 84+ million American households which now include pets as family members, Stockbridge homeowners who plan on listing their property anytime soon might include those animal census numbers in their thinking.
There may not yet be an official “Pet-Friendly Home” seal with stringent qualifying requirements, but it might not be such a bad idea. What research there is indicates that most prospective home buyers don’t at first concentrate on their animals’ needs—yet when you add the 36% of dog-owning … (0 comments)

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