homes for sale in henry county: Henry County House Design Idea Summed Up in a Single Word - 10/03/17 06:01 AM
There’s news in the world of house design—for a change!
Those who keep in touch with the house design innovations that Henry County buyers are currently favoring know one thing is for certain: they don’t change overnight. True innovations are rare.
Fads occasionally come and go (remember “industrial décor” and barn door sliders?)—but by definition, fads don’t wind up making much of a dent in how most Henry County homes are built or remodeled. That’s a good thing: overexuberant style-chasing can be expensive to correct once a clever style has come and gone.
I bring this up because it looks as if there … (0 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: Business Real Estate Strategy for Stockbridge Entrepreneurs - 09/28/17 07:09 AM
 Most Stockbridge small businesspeople will recognize this post-startup scenario. It’s the moment when the whole idea of long-range planning first starts to make sense.
Although everyone who stakes his or her claim in a new business hopes for success, in the beginning, that outcome is far from certain. Throughout the early going, the first order of business has been simple survival—and that’s been a full-time job. You work your tail off 25 hours a day, tackle all the expected (and unexpected) challenges, and if the best happens, see the bottom line begin to brighten. And then, the reality dawns: your brainchild … (1 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: Henry County House Prep Starts with Capturing the Visuals - 09/27/17 06:50 AM
Some key preparations for the marketing of any Henry County home actually start well before the first showing or open house: they take place in the hours before the Henry County listing photos are taken. Those Henry County listing photos will become the definitive beauty shots—the equivalent of the glamorous depictions that grace product packaging.  
Manufacturers know very well the import of how their product looks on the carton, jar or bag. It’s why top commercial photographers rely on “product stylists” (they’re the experts who sort through 100 bags of potato chips to come up with the two or three that … (1 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: Deciding If a New Home in Mcdonough is the Best Value - 09/25/17 05:45 AM
Ask a typical Mcdonough consumer to name the two most important purchases people make, and you’ll almost always hear “new house” and “new car.” They’re often lumped together, but they shouldn’t be. They aren’t all that similar.
The rationale for buying a new car is clear: automotive technology advances nearly every model year, improving fuel economy and safety. Add in that intoxicating new car smell, and the preference is all but automatic. Used cars may be economical, but as for the thrill factor: nyah!
Similarly, when the question is put to a cross-section of typical Americans, new homes get the nod over existing … (0 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: 4 Simple Home Buying Steps: Good, but a Bit Too Simple - 09/22/17 12:14 PM
What a simpler world it would be if Henry County home buying could be reduced to anything like a simple 4-Step process. Even better if those were four easy steps. Actually, without actually coming out and saying so, that’s the tantalizing prospect hinted at on radio financial guru Dave Ramsey’s web site’s “Home Buying Process Made Easy.”
Ramsey is the likable media expert in household budgeting and financial planning. A good deal of his guidance could be summed up in just 2 steps:
1) get out of debt (except for mortgage debt) as soon as humanly possible; then,
2) stay out.
Since that’s not bad … (1 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: Why Sell Your Henry County Home Now? - 09/22/17 12:12 PM
“Give me one good reason why selling now is better than waiting until next spring,” is a perfectly legitimate request. It’s a challenge to the traditional peak of Henry County’s selling season. Why should right now, at the start of October, be the right time to sell your Henry County home?
Statistics show that more homes are sold in the spring and summer, that—plus sheer inertia—can be powerful arguments to the contrary.
So here’s the “one good reason.” In fact, it could be the best reason. It’s the textbook Economics 101 basic rule about markets and pricing.
Simply put, the supply of housing all … (0 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: Friday is the Last Day of Mcdonough’s Summer - 09/20/17 08:47 AM
Friday is the official last day of Mcdonough’s 2017 summer, but for most of us, the season has been feeling a lot more like fall ever since Labor Day. It isn’t the weather so much as the psychological factor. Things like the passing of that last summertime three-day weekend and watching Mcdonough’s seasonal businesses post hour change signs. As the school busses appear every morning, you also don’t have to have kids in school to register what all the activity signals: Mcdonough’s summer is over.
Pinterest, the internet’s foremost collecting place for everyone’s pictures of everything has scores of pages of … (0 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: Hurricane News Overshadows All but One Bright Spot - 09/11/17 06:06 AM
 Last weekend’s regular Georgia news should have been promoting all the usual upbeat feature stories about the onset of football season, the start of a brand new school year, the finals of tennis’ last grand slam tournament and the like—but Stockbridge readers would have gotten eye strain trying to find any of them. Instead, the dark clouds brought by Hurricanes Irma and Harvey cast dense shadows across the region and the nation’s news. It was certain, too, that even after the terror of their actual passages had subsided, the fallout would continue to reverberate—expensively—for a very long time.
What was covered was … (0 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: Henry County Real Estate Agents, Radio Ads, and Boosting Income - 09/07/17 06:09 AM
Successful Henry County real estate agents almost universally share some common personality traits. Among them is one skill that’s not usually mentioned when it comes to real estate agent requirements. By the time we’ve been on the job for long, Henry County real estate agents have necessarily become really experienced and skilled drivers!
When I’m chauffeuring a buyer on a Henry County property tour, the car radio is turned down. That’s because we have much to chat about—everything from impressions from the homes we’ve just seen and background information on the next to the latest intelligence on neighborhood happenings. It’s an enjoyable … (0 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: Missed Monday’s Eclipse in Henry County? No Catastrophe! - 08/22/17 10:30 AM
By the beginning of Henry County’s new week, Monday’s eclipse had been so thoroughly chronicled as having been “99 years in the making!” you could be forgiven for any anxiety that might result if you’d been unable to arrange to be where viewing was best. After all, we’ve been hearing from all corners that such an event doesn’t always happen within any given lifetime, for goodness sake! The undeniable takeaway was it’s now or never! Better have those proper viewing glasses at the ready, and get yourself over to where the cloud cover isn’t.
This is not to minimize the grandeur … (0 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: Perfection in Pricing Your Henry County Home: Elusive Goal - 08/21/17 11:11 AM
Figuring out the perfect pricing for any Henry County home for sale would be easier if there were a way to confirm past instances that hit that mark precisely. But that can’t be done. It’s the nature of the beast: it’s simply not possible. Even if a comparable Henry County home’s asking price resulted in being sold immediately at that exact amount, it only could have been priced perfectly. We can’t know that it wasn’t priced too low.
Even if the pricing on some Henry County home was quickly met and even exceeded—IOW, it resulted in a bidding —that might be evidence … (0 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: The Best Henry County Real Estate Agent’s Top 5 Qualities - 08/21/17 11:09 AM
If you are just about to commit to buying or selling a home in Henry County, the first important task before you comes with identifying the best Realtor® to assist your effort. That comes first because although you might begin by combing through the current Henry County listings or driving through the neighborhood to spot what’s going on, there is always a possibility that acting without delay will be important. If that happens to be the case, zeroing in on the best Henry County agent takes first priority.
How you ultimately select that best real estate agent for you involves a selection … (0 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: Password Advice Eases Henry County Real Estate Site Visits - 08/21/17 11:05 AM
Last week came a piece of advice that’s directly applicable to Henry County real estate matters. To a greater or lesser degree, it also impinges on every one of your online accounts that attempt to safeguard your privacy—for instance, when you log into your account here on my Henry County real estate site.
The news is about web passwords and security. For more than a decade we have been offered a choice:
         If we care about our security—that is, the possibility of being hacked by internet bad guys—we’ve been cautioned to create passwords with long combinations of obscure characters (like ^,@, … (1 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: Selling Your Henry County House Now? 5 Good Reasons - 08/21/17 11:01 AM
When you have a firm timeline that governs when you’ll be selling your Henry County house, it’s one decision that’s made for you. Of course, it’s not always that easy. If a move from one home to another, or from Henry County to another area isn’t dictated by outside events, you have to make the decision anew every week or month.
On the one hand, the adventure and energizing prospect of a new home tugs in the direction of getting the project going…while on the other hand, the mountain of details and effort pulls in the direction of putting it off a … (0 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: Homes for Sale in Henry County—What Triggers Buyers? - 08/04/17 10:16 AM
What are the most common changes in circumstances that send buyers out looking for homes for sale? What are the events that trigger typical prospects to comb through the Henry County listings, contact Henry County Realtors®, set out on house tours—and ultimately make the offer that results in the move to a new home?
The answer to that question may be different for everyone, but some in-depth research has come up with interesting similarities among groups of active homebuyers. It matches a conclusion that also conforms with common sense: namely, that the motivating events (or “triggers”) sometimes vary by age group. In … (0 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: Top 3 Ways Homes in Henry County Can Save on Insurance - 08/04/17 09:54 AM
For most area homeowners, the 110-decibel wail of nearby fire engines may not be a sought-after feature when selecting the ideal neighborhood. Nonetheless, according to The Wall Street Journal, living close to a firehouse has its advantages. Safety is one. A reduction in your homeowner’s insurance bill, another.
Not all homes in Henry County can have the advantage of being next door to a firehouse, but just about everybody knows that having the proper insurance is important to protect not only the structure itself but also the valuables within. Here are three possible actions you could take this month, any or all … (0 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: Mystery Memo on Selling Your Henry County Home for Profit - 08/04/17 09:52 AM
Every once in a while you can be checking through the accumulation of notes and other odds and ends when you find something that doesn’t look familiar. Possibly it’s something someone handed to you that you didn’t have time to look at previously. It’s just there, somehow—who knows how or when it got mixed in with your own notes.
Here’s one of those. It’s a memo that came out of a printer, so there’s no handwriting which might have provided evidence of its origin. When I read it, everything in it rang true—and valuable. Here it is in its entirety (I have … (0 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: 6 Vacation Safety Tips to Keep Henry County Homes Unburgled - 07/14/17 10:08 AM
An overstuffed curbside mailbox, blazing porch light at noon, or a pile of newspapers out there by your front door all indicate a couple of things Henry County homeowners would do well to avoid. For burglars and housebreakers of all stripes, these are like lighted billboards announcing:
         This Henry County homeowner is off somewhere enjoying a nice summer vacation; and          This afternoon and/or evening, there’s nobody home! Every Henry County homeowner deserves an extended break now and then—and the June/July/August weather makes now the ideal time for many—but it’s also high season for break-and-enter artists (or just ‘enter’ artists, … (1 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: What “PST!” Has to Do with Selling Your Henry County House - 07/14/17 10:05 AM
If you see the letters “PST!” in connection with selling a house in Henry County, don’t think it’s someone whispering to get your attention (that would be spelled “psst!”).
The selling-a-house kind of “PST” isn’t something whispered by a black marketeer to keep an off-the-books deal under wraps. There’s no need to speak in hushed tones about PST in polite conversation. When speaking about selling your Henry County house, its meaning is right out there in the open. It may not be on the tip of every homeowner’s tongue as they prepare their home for sale, but its import is undeniable in … (0 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: Inertia & Clutter (and Selling Your Henry County House) - 07/14/17 10:01 AM
 Selling your Henry County house is a lot easier when you have an experienced professional relieving you of the lion’s share of the work. I spend full time dealing with the ins and outs of marketing, dealing with qualified prospective buyers, and making sure the Georgia and Henry County technical requirements are met to the letter. That means that the lion’s share of what you need to deal with are the finishing touches of showings and open house presentations.
But long before any marketing can get under way; before an eye-pleasing Henry County listing can be created—and even before a final choice … (0 comments)

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