homes for sale in henry county: Henry County Real Estate and Optimism Make a Happy Couple - 02/17/17 11:51 AM
Owning your own Henry County home is, for most of us, a goal that’s been with us so long we don’t even question it. In addition to the economic advantages that come with Henry County real estate ownership, there are, for most, a host of corresponding emotional benefits—the sense of security and “belonging” within the community are just two.
So it should be no surprise that the real estate industry is bound to be at least somewhat affected by changes in the public’s emotional outlook. After all, when people start feeling good about the country and their own circumstances (they’re “optimistic”), they’ll … (1 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: Henry County Packing and Moving Needn’t be a Nightmare - 02/17/17 11:49 AM
 When you first contemplate packing and moving to or from Henry County, it’s advisable to take a deep breath first, then close your eyes and mentally recall the best, most positive moments from past moves.
Okay, if there aren’t any of those, try thinking of some bracing truism like “This, too, shall pass” or “The night is darkest just before the dawn.” Realistically, the packing and moving will be over before you know it. Those visions of jackknifed moving vans and your good china strewn across the Interstate…they’re NOT going to happen!
Not only that, but you can do some painless preparation for … (1 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: Analyzing Value and Henry County Real Estate Agents - 02/17/17 11:46 AM
 There are a couple of ways to look at the difference between the way you approach a typical Henry County home sale and the way your real estate agent does. One is positive, the other, less so—but considering both reveals something about the value we Realtors® add to the process.
Most Henry County homeowners do decide to enlist the services of an experienced Henry County real estate agent, but sometimes it’s only after trying to avoid it. The reason is nearly always because, although the percentage of the standard agent commission is only 5% or 6%, when the sale amount is hundreds … (1 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: Lifestyle Shift Could Open Henry County Investment Opportunity - 02/02/17 09:03 AM
When you recall how thoroughly public confidence was shaken during that last financial meltdown, you probably also remember how reluctant most people were to presume that Henry County real estate values would rebound anytime soon. Those who saw nosediving property values as nothing less than a great buying opportunity were in the courageous minority—even though a cool-headed review of the history of home values’ ups and downs made such a conclusion pretty safe.
Today there may be a similar Henry County real estate opportunity—although, in truth, you have to look a lot harder to see it. It’s emerging in the realm of … (0 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: Waiting to Launch Henry County Listings? Maybe Not… - 02/02/17 08:57 AM
 If this is going to be a year of upsets, the rules for when Henry County listings are best initiated might be primed to fly out the window. There’s no guarantee that 2017’s Henry County listing performance will bend the rules, but if the National Association of Realtor’s® news site is right, it’s a definite possibility.
The history has long demonstrated that the most opportune time of year to add your home to the Henry County listings is during the peak spring and summer seasons. When you look at the volume of home sales through most years, those months do look inviting. … (0 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: Visual Elements in Henry County Listings: a Shaggy Dog Story - 02/02/17 08:54 AM
We all know what shaggy dog stories are. They’re the jokes that go on and on and then peter out without much of a punchline. I think I found a scientific study about real estate that fits that description—but you can decide for yourself.
We remember that true “science” is only possible when a theory can be experimentally tested and then repeated by others. Since Henry County real estate’s market conditions are always in flux, controlled laboratory conditions don’t exist. The result is that marketing residential real estate here in Henry County is rightly classified as at least as much art as … (0 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: What is the Single Best Time for Buying a Home in Henry County? - 02/02/17 08:51 AM
 To end the suspense, the answer to the title question about when is the optimal time to buy a home in Henry County has been officially answered. The answer is, more or less, “now.” All right, there’s an alternate answer, “as soon as practical”—but that is a less dramatic-sounding version of the same thing.
The official nature of that answer is due to its source, generally considered to be the apex of the residential real estate industry: the National Association of Realtors®. The “®” is there after “Realtor” because the group literally owns the word “Realtor”—that’s how much of an industry leader … (2 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: Henry County Saltwater Pools: What’s Not in a Name - 02/02/17 08:47 AM
Riddle: What do saltwater pools and saltwater aquariums have in common?
Answer: Water.
That’s about all. When some house hunters see “saltwater pool” in Henry County listings, the first thing apt to come to mind is that last trip to the ocean seashore or swaying palm trees—or perhaps some NatGeo TV show about endangered species on the Great Barrier reef. Visions of having their own playful pet dolphin in the backyard might flit through their consciousness (training: easy; maintenance: not so easy) before the practical questions begin to intrude— like having to rinse salt off after every dip, worrying about salt spray wrecking … (1 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: Asking Price: to Drop or Not to Drop - 01/20/17 07:36 AM
For more than a year, it’s been the happy trend across the nation for the average DOM (days on market) for residential properties to have been declining. It’s a “speed of sale” measure—one that most Henry County home sellers hope will reflect that it won’t be long before they are handing the keys to happy new owners.
There are some ruling considerations that go into establishing a winning Henry County asking price. One is psychological: thinking of a buyer’s frame of mind, most people don’t want to be the only ones who are interested in a house. When a slightly lower-than-comparable asking … (6 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: Henry County Real Estate Agents: Not Something for Nothing! - 01/20/17 07:33 AM
 Sooner or later, all children need to be warned about the fallacy of something for nothing. It’s an important lesson and a milestone. Very little ones are too young to be exposed to the idea that when they grow up, they should automatically examine the motives behind anything that seems to be offered for free. Until then, it’s one of the joys of parenthood to enjoy shielding the innocence of their kids for as long as possible. But sooner or later, for their own good, the basic lesson from the adult world has to be learned: outside the family, there’s no … (0 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: Henry County House Hunting Can Yield Unique Insights - 01/20/17 07:31 AM
Showing a home in bad weather might seem to be a blueprint for disappointment, but sometimes that’s not what happens. Of course, prospective buyers do find that house hunting in Henry County is easiest when the sun is shining, but homes continue to be bought and sold in every season, and sometimes bad weather can even prove to be advantageous.
Now, it’s true that when you stick the word “bad” in front of anything, you can bet it will stifle enthusiasm. If you’re trying to promote something, it’s hardly the go-to adjective. “Let’s try out that new Chinese restaurant—I hear it’s bad” … (1 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: Is There Really a Best Time to Buy a House in Henry County? - 01/09/17 07:49 AM
Many of us who call Henry County home find that the beginning of the new year serves as a useful benchmark. This is when it’s easiest to collect the bygone year’s household bills and receipts and stash them in the drawer, box, or envelopes marked “2016” to be revisited at tax time. Once all the holiday ornaments are safely stored for next year, it’s time to embark on the coming year with a refreshed outlook and energy.
When you go looking for fresh insights that will be relevant to Henry County real estate buyers and sellers, some of that New Year’s enthusiasm … (2 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: In Henry County Home Negotiations, Evaluating an Offer is an Art - 01/09/17 07:32 AM
 Once we have marketed your Henry County home successfully, there follows the delightful interlude during which the eager buyer awaits your response to his or her offer. It will be 100% delightful if, in evaluating the offer, all details are as you hoped and expected. But many times, evaluating an offer results in more than a simple “Yea” or “Nay”—the details can be crucial:
Offer Price. Suppose the top line number is close enough to your asking price to bring a smile to your face. Your Henry County property’s value has been acknowledged by the buyer—it’s in line (or better) with neighborhood … (0 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: Henry County Mortgage Payments and Bribery That’s Legal! - 01/09/17 07:28 AM
 In Spanish-speaking countries, a bribe is known as mordida. In Italy, spintarella; in parts of Asia, baksheesh. Baksheesh can also mean a tip, which is perfectly legal and ethical in a restaurant, but not so much in a bank or government office.
Here in Henry County, GA, we have a pretty inflexible attitude about bribery: we don’t like it. When we discover it, we go further than that—we fine, jail, and otherwise make its practitioners wish they had turned bribes down. More than one mayor (Chicago comes to mind) has learned or is currently learning that the hard way.
But when it comes … (0 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: Now is Prime Time for Henry County Home Improvement Plans - 01/06/17 12:29 PM
When, as the holiday lyrics have it, “the weather outside is frightful,” that makes it a good time to start planning the coming year’s home improvement projects. If you wait for ideal weather conditions to begin laying out your plans, you’re likely to wind up well behind schedule before you even start.
If the home improvements you are contemplating can be handled by yourself, you are probably a Do-It-Yourselfer who knows that you’ll need your ducks in a row before you pull the first nail or make the first cut. Having plans drawn and materials at the ready saves time and work … (2 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: Top 8 New Year’s Resolutions for Henry County Real Estate - 01/06/17 08:07 AM
 For most Henry County celebrants, the holiday season hasn’t been a single non-stop flurry of activities (even though that’s what sticks in our memories). In fact, the holidays usually include more stretches of free time than we generally experience. Probably because our regular schedules get shredded over the holidays, you can usually count on injections of unclaimed time—whether spent in airport departure lounges or at home, awaiting waylaid deliveries or overdue guests.
Such moments provide a disguised benefit. Especially this week, as we begin our voyage into Henry County’s New Year, there is no more apt time to steal the moments needed … (2 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: Stockbridge Holiday Feelings: What Kids Can’t Know Yet As that Stockbridge Holiday Feeling Comes ‘Round Again Kids Learn Later a Holiday Truth Stockbridge Adults Understand - 12/25/16 06:17 PM
 The holiday season surely makes for a neat package: wrapping up the whole year in a sort of satisfying finale. Whether it’s your Christmas or Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or any other holiday you can think of, for most Stockbridge residents, the last weeks of December make up a sort of endpoint/beginning point for more than just the calendar. These days mark a kind of emotional capstone that rounds out the year nicely.
Now, it’s also true that these milestones have a whole lot to do with children. In fact, a whole school of thought has it that these holidays are pretty much for … (1 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: Improved Listicle for Henry County Houses for Sale Miscues - 12/23/16 07:14 AM
Real estate articles that are really just lists are now being called “listicles”—and there are certainly plenty of them around. The other day one appeared that just had to be read: Bankrate’s “7 things that could turn off homebuyers.”
The actual listicle may not have been the product of much real research into houses for sale, but it was amusing. In the best social media tradition, I’d like to add a few thoughts in order to come up with a modified/improved “7 things” (for starters, there are 9):
9 Things Bound to Offend Henry County Homebuyers
      Monkeys.       All right, that first … (1 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: Henry County Homeowners Check 2016 Tax Break Deadlines - 12/23/16 07:11 AM
 If you are like most Henry County homeowners, this is not the time of year you relish thinking about next year’s April 15 tap on the shoulder from Uncle Sam. Nonetheless, the calendar doesn’t lie. In a matter of days, New Year’s Eve will be here—and once the champagne corks have popped, it’s entirely possible if some t’s weren’t crossed and i’s dotted, Henry County homeowners might accidentally miss a year-end tax break deadline.
Tax advice is best left to your own Henry County financial advisor, which is why I don’t offer any myself. But some useful articles have recently surfaced (in … (0 comments)

homes for sale in henry county: A Few New Tricks to Speed Selling Your Henry County House - 11/11/16 01:33 AM
 If you have much experience with selling your house, you probably have your own ideas about what has seemed to be the preparations that made the most difference with the least trouble and expense. Here are three you might not have used before:
        Closets – every now and then you’ll see clutter-clearing advice that emphasizes how important it is that closets be neat and organized—shoes lined up, drawers closed, shelves neatened, etc. The new idea is to empty the closets. Not entirely, though: empty just half of what’s in there! It’s actually a good way to use a closet, because … (1 comments)

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