homes in henry county: An Open House in Henry County is Like Your Own World Premiere An County Open House - Your Property’s Moment in the Limelight - 02/17/14 10:55 PM
Your first open house in Henry County can be compared to a movie’s world premiere. We may not have strobes flashing and paparazzi jostling each other, but all eyes are definitely on the above-the-title headline star: your house.
It’s a star that has to look its glamorous best, too, or the fans will be disappointed. The purpose of any Henry County open house is to sell buyers on the largely emotional dream of potentially owning your home. Doing so means banishing everyday imperfections—the debris created by daily living—from the stage (at least to the extent it’s practical). Absolutely essential is insuring … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: Henry County Listings Show Changes After Real Estate Resurgence Why They Resemble Fashion in Men’s Ties - 02/17/14 10:48 PM
It’s a little like fashion in men’s ties. The really wide or narrow ones you laugh at today will be back in style sooner or later. There’s an analogy in our Henry County listings.
After the financial crisis in 2007, the average size of homes began to shrink. One major casualty was the “specialty room.” Specialty rooms (or special function rooms) are any room that serves a non-standard purpose. In the Henry County listings, you find them described as gyms, saunas, home offices, laundry rooms, home theaters, au-pair suites, “man-caves” and outdoor living rooms.
These are extras: desirable, but not really … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: Winter: the Right Time to be Selling an Henry County Home? 3 Facets to Selling a Home in Henry County This Winter In Winter, Subtle Differences to Selling a Home in Henry County - 02/17/14 10:41 PM
Bears hibernate. Geese fly south. And Henry County home buyers become different people in the winter. During spring and summer months, the competition, speed and market saturation can make selling a home in Henry County an intense experience (in extremes, almost like speed dating!) When the selling season heats up, buyers can come flying through open houses in a veritable revolving door of showings. In the winter, selling a Henry County home is a far more intimate exercise. To make the most of the next few months, it’s useful to recognize some of the hallmarks: 
1. Buyers: They Expect a Deal … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: Unexpected Influences on Henry County Home Prices Home Prices in Henry County Subject to Unexpected Factors Surprise! Three Factors That Can Influence Henry County Home Prices - 02/10/14 01:40 AM
When it comes time to sell your home, you know most of the factors that determine Henry County home prices. The number of bedrooms, condition of the yard, updating (or not) of the kitchen and bathrooms: they all influence final home prices in Henry County.
But what are some of the lesser-known factors that can drive up Henry County home prices?
Some of them are truly surprising—
The words “Boulevard” or “Avenue” sound somewhat more prestigious than the humble “Street,” so you may not be totally surprised to learn that home sales for properties with these address suffixes are higher. … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: Getting a Henry County Loan Means Adapting to New Rules Getting a Loan in McDonough as the Landscape Shifts New 2014 Mortgage Rules Affect Getting an Stockbridge Loan - 02/10/14 01:33 AM
January presented us with major changes to mortgage lending rules. These new guidelines aim to curb some of the excesses that occurred during the sub-prime years—hopefully resulting in a lower risk of default and foreclosure by borrowers and a healthier real estate climate for everyone.
QM: “Qualified Mortgage”
This all came about as one offshoot of the Dodd-Frank legislation that went into effect in 2014. It creates a new category, “Qualified Mortgage.” Lending institutions are required to document each loan they deem to be a QM; when they do, they benefit by being able to sell them to Freddie Mae and … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: Buying Real Estate in Henry County the Self-Directed IRA Way A Tax-Deferred IRA for Buying Henry County Real Estate Buying Real Estate in Henry County for a Tax-Deferred Investment Account - 02/10/14 01:27 AM
Buying Henry County real estate has long been one of the preferred ways to save for retirement, so the attraction of merging it with IRA benefits adds a tax dimension. In its own right, buying real estate in Stockbridge as an investment combines the security of owning a physical asset with the relatively predictable income flow a rental property produces. And if Stan Humphries (Chief Economist at Zillow) is correct, in 2014 prices are expected to cap last year’s 5% gain by rising a further 3%. Put it all together and it’s clear why some retirement-minded people think that buying McDonough real … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: Rising Property Values in Henry County Need Protection, Too Maintenance Vigilance Protects Henry County Property Values - 02/10/14 01:22 AM
When we read or hear that Henry County property values continue to be on the rise, it’s a relief. No matter what else is going on, at least our real estate investment’s back on track!
 That comforting thought has a less reassuring sidebar, though, having to do with time and its effect on our investment. As every homeowner learns soon enough, regardless of the general trend toward rising property values in Henry County, that’s only going to hold when the underlying investment—your home—is not allowed to deteriorate over time.
Protecting gains in Henry County property values by preventing the kinds of … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: Henry County Mortgage Rates Rise—But What’s It Mean? Still-Low Mortgage Rate Rises: Impact on Henry County Real Estate Will Home Values Fall if Henry County Mortgage Rates Rise Further? - 02/02/14 10:26 PM
Right now, mortgage rates in Henry County (as in the rest of the nation) are higher than they’ve been for 15 months—a trend that’s likely to continue. We have to wonder about the impact higher Henry County mortgage rates will have on Henry County home sales in the coming year.
First, some perspective. If mortgage rates do increase in 2014, it’s no ‘done deal’ that home buyers will be put off—nor that a wave of foreclosures will follow. The reason? By past standards, interest rates will still be low, even at the 5½% predicted by the N.A.R. Any hike in mortgage … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: Buying a Henry County Vacation Home Can Bring Multiple Benefits How a Henry County Vacation Home Makes Financial Sense, Too Henry County Vacation Home: Indulgence (But a Shrewd One) - 02/02/14 10:21 PM
For many Henry Countyhomeowners, it sounds more like a pipe dream than a carefully thought-out investment: getting your own vacation home—a refuge where you can put your feet up, relax, and tune out the stress of daily life.
True, if you look only at the cost of a second home, it sounds like a pretty costly indulgence. But in many cases, stepping back to take in the bigger financial picture, it could wind up being one of the shrewdest financial decisions you can make!
1.      Vacation savings. Using your Henry County vacation home more than once or twice a year … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: Relocating to a Henry County New Home—Sight-Unseen! Relocating to Henry County and a “Sight-Unseen” Home Buying an Henry County Home Sight-Unseen Isn’t Always a Blind Move - 02/02/14 10:16 PM
One of the unusual situations that sometimes crops up in Henry County real estate is one where the buyer purchases a house without ever seeing it. This may sound nuts—but there are circumstances (more than you’d think) where it can be the only practical solution.
Wholesalers and house-flippers, for instance, sometimes simply haven’t time to visit every property they suspect is a great buy. Other times, buyers might be relocating to Henry County from out of state (or even out of the country) under a timetable that doesn’t allow them an extra visit—or even a first visit! According to the latest … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: New Home Choices Benefit from Rethinking Basics Lifestyle Changes Trigger Shift in New Home Goals New Home Search Goals Change with Circumstances - 01/27/14 11:40 PM
As you begin any search for a new home in Henry County, it’s worthwhile to take a step back — to take a momentary time-out to consider widening the range of possibilities.
For many families, the kind of home they are looking for is a foregone conclusion. Either they want a customized house in a new development, or a new home that they will build themselves, or they may be pointed toward an existing house in an established neighborhood.
It’s a worthwhile exercise to look at the assumptions behind those fundamental housing preferences. After all, this is a very basic choice … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: Henry County Home Sellers Bolster Results by Attention to Minor Details Small Details Like Grout Can Make Henry County Home Sellers’ Day!One Unlikely Detail That Henry County Home Sellers Should Cure - 01/27/14 11:36 PM
Although the housing market continues to improve, it’s not quite time for the next wave of Henry County home sellers to reserve the moving vans. Especially for home sellers who are on the verge of listing their property, it is time to pay attention to the smaller details that would seem inconsequential, but which can nonetheless determine a prospective buyer’s level of enthusiasm (hence, the size of their offer!).
One of the humblest details that can go unattended is grout. Honestly. A flawlessly tiled shower or kitchen splashboard can go unnoticed if the grout looks as if has gone bad. The do-it-yourself … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: A Henry County Foreclosure Is Often Less Inevitable Than You’d Think Proactive Homeowners Sometimes Prevent an Henry County Foreclosure Options Short of Foreclosure Open for Proactive Homeowners - 01/27/14 11:30 PM
Even though national foreclosure rates have continued to drop, the threat of becoming another Henry County foreclosure statistic is still very real for some homeowners. It’s at least somewhat reassuring to understand that most banks don’t really want a foreclosure — so for homeowners who take an early proactive approach with their lender, losing their home does not have to be inevitable.
Mortgage Restructuring
For anyone who has fallen behind on payments, Job One is to discuss the situation with your banker. If a mortgage restructuring is possible, you may have an opportunity to refinance at a lower rate with … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: Great Henry County Listing Pictures Elude Common Mistakes Dim Photos in a Henry County Listing Photo Fumbles are Easy to Prevent - 01/27/14 11:25 PM
The photos that make up your Henry County listing will be key to your home’s marketing effort. If that first impression is positive (or even if it only raises curiosity), those images will have helped you past the all-important first hurdle.
What makes a Henry County listing a visual triumph? I’m afraid that belongs in realm of art, so to a certain extent remains unclassifiable. But some factors that inevitably prevent a good listing shot are a lot easier to describe. Chief culprits:
We’ve all seen listing photos where you can barely to make out what you’re supposed to be looking … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: ‘Wartime’ Scenario—When Multiple Offers Compete Preparing for Multiple Offers on Henry County Properties Beating Competitors When Multiple Offers Surface - 01/27/14 11:15 PM
Part of the recovery in Henry County real estate scene is the increasing likelihood of multiple offers on a listed property. This is every seller’s dream— but if you are one of the bidders, it’s important that you don’t allow it to become your nightmare.
There is one way— the only sure way—to keep the specter of competing Henry County multiple offers from upsetting your home buying prospects. Summed up in one word, it’s “preparation.”
Preparation starts with assembling a strong financial package. If your target property attracts multiple offers, you want yours to stand out. By the time you learn … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: Luxury Home Market See Values Heating Up A Deft Hand Needed for Henry County Luxury Home Marketing Targeting, Uniqueness, Community Sell Henry County Luxury Homes - 01/27/14 11:07 PM
 If you own a luxury home in Henry County, this will be good to know: according to researchers at DataQuick, the number of homes sold at more than $1 million rose nationally by 37% in the first half of 2013. Last Friday, the Wall St. Journal headed its Mansion section with “the recovery in high-end real estate,” and Bloomberg reports that luxury home prices in the biggest four cities that had fallen nearly 46% during the downturn have now more than doubled.
If the formerly-missing luxury home buyers have been buoyed by record-breaking Wall St. returns, it’s not surprising that they’re … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: Key Early Decision: Picking an Henry County Realty Company Hard-Nosed Factors for Choosing Your Henry County Realty Company Beyond Comfort—Choosing Your Henry County Realty Company - 01/27/14 11:01 PM
When it comes time to put your home on the market, one key early decision is which Henry County realty company will be your sales partner. Of course, you will choose someone you feel comfortable working with, but there are further hard-nosed criteria that can help guide your choice:
Experience in Our Market
There’s nothing wrong with giving a brand new real estate school graduate a try, but especially if it’s important to sell quickly, you’ll want to work with a professional with demonstrated local experience. For openers, those agents know more about the history and direction of home sales in … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: Presto Chango! Rooming Expense to Real Estate Investment Off-Campus Housing as a Real Estate Investment Opportunity Child’s College Housing Bill—Well-Disguised Opportunity? - 01/27/14 10:54 PM
It could be considered a magic trick that will have the audience gasping in disbelief: turning one of your child’s college expenses into (drumroll, please)…a profit!
Setting the stage for this trick will take some doing. Consider the magician to be the parent of a Henry County high school age child. This should be someone who subscribes to the overall philosophy of regarding every potential catastrophe as nothing more than a well-disguised opportunity.
When this magician reads that college tuition and fees are now $22,000-$30,000 per year, and that the average cost of room and board in 2013-2014 will range from … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: Getting a Loan with a Retirement-Level Income Henry County Retirees Getting a Loan: the Big Picture Henry County Retired Mortgage Applicants Aided in Getting a Loan - 01/20/14 12:31 AM
The ongoing housing recovery is being boosted by some older participants. Builders and developers in particular have found that catering to the 55+ segment of the market is good business.
Many retired buyers in Henry County looking to enter the resurgent market will be pleased to learn that getting a loan is still possible, even if their income isn’t all that it used to be. In addition to the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, intended to keep lenders from discriminating on the basis of age, last Saturday the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) issued a bulletin describing new tools which help Freddie … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: Three Simple Tips Increase Your Henry County Home’s Perceived Value Push-Pull: When it’s Time to Sell Your Henry County Property a Business Mindset Helps You Sell Your Property - 01/20/14 12:25 AM
Even when it is clearly necessary, if you’re like most of us, you feel a built-in reluctance to sell your Henry County property. Those four walls (okay, I know there are more like 40 or 80, but bear with me) contain all the furnishings and other possessions we gather through the years to create our family’s unique environment. When we come through that front door, we feel more comfortable than anywhere else on Earth.
But your home is also an investment (and what a colossal one it is!). That’s why the decision to sell your Henry County property—disconcerting though it may … (0 comments)

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