homes in henry county: Overpricing Seldom Works for Selling Your Henry County Home - 07/31/14 11:53 PM
A crucial part of selling your Henry County home comes right at the outset—when you set your asking price. It boils down to a decision to go high (the I-love-this-place-and-gotta-have-it-no-matter-what price); or low, with a number that is just under neighborhood comparables (the I’d-better-snap-this-up-before-someone-else-does price).
Success in selling your home quickly is commonly understood to correspond with the lower price strategy, it’s true. But are there ever reasons why you would want to set a price that’s significantly higher than your neighborhood usually commands? Is there EVER a right time?
Although the common wisdom for selling your home is a pretty firm ‘NEVER!’—but … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: Last Year’s Henry County Real Estate Investors: They’re Smiling Now! - 07/28/14 12:38 AM
Last year comprised a decision point for many a local investor who had been holding back from the Henry County real estate market. There’d been a number of good reasons for them to hesitate.
First, there were memories of the pervasive price drops that followed the global financial meltdown. Not exactly what a prudent investor was looking for—even given the real estate’s traditionally invincible long-term record. Then there were fears that the economy’s slow reverse out of the Great Recession (a term that was in itself enough to freeze many a checkbook!) would hamper apartment and single family unit rental increases. A … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: First Time Home Buyers Resume Strong Buying Patterns - 07/28/14 12:11 AM
The upheaval in global financial markets over the past few years may have been unnerving for almost everyone, but among the hardest-hit group was first time home buyers, in Henry County and across the country. Many had to deal with the stress caused by an uncertain economy, the fallout on business and job security, and, more directly, a pronounced increase in the difficulty of securing mortgages.
The good news for Henry County first time home buyers is how the national situation has stabilized. It’s confirmed by the increase in the number of people interested in buying a home for the first time—which has … (2 comments)

homes in henry county: How to Find the Right REALTOR® in Henry County - 07/28/14 12:04 AM
When you set about buying a house, you will have already taken as a given that this will be among the most expensive purchases you will ever make. It’s going to be your house on the line; you’ll want to make sure you have the top resources in your arsenal. Chief among them will be having a Realtor® in Henry County who understands your goals, respects your bottom line—and who sees the joint goal the way you do: recognizing the right properties when they become available, and helping to remove any and all obstacles to securing it.
But this summer, just how … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: A Henry County House for Sale—Nailing that First Impression! - 07/28/14 12:01 AM
“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”
It’s a saying that job applicants (at least the successful ones) take to heart. It’s why a lot of serious primping goes on before a blind date. It’s why movie directors spend as much time as it takes to light and prepare the first shot that will introduce their lead actress. And if you’re going to have a house for sale in Henry County this summer, it’s why it’s worth it to take pains to make its first impression as strong as possible.
Making any Henry County house for sale’s debut a success … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: 3 Things to Keep In Mind When Negotiating a Home Purchase - 07/27/14 11:57 PM
Negotiating tactics. It’s a topic that business authors adore. This is perennial best-seller territory…so much so, you could probably fill a moderate-sized home library with titles like The Art of the Deal and Getting to Yes.
When it comes to negotiating a home purchase in Henry County, fine-tuning your offer—finding the balance between writing a winning offer and writing the most advantageous offer—can present a real challenge. Add to that the national headlines that tell us that there are more bidders out there vying for the same properties, and it makes sense to listen to what the experts have to say … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: Summertime Listings (and Summertime Selling Mistakes) - 07/23/14 01:39 AM
The Henry County listings aren’t dominated by any particular kind of seller—like local listings everywhere, all kinds of homeowners are represented. One attribute they generally have in common is the motivation to make their sale happen quickly. Sometimes that’s because they have settled on a new home purchase and want to avoid months of paying double duty on multiple residences. Sometimes a seller is relocating; sometimes there’s been a death or divorce.  Regardless of the reason for entering their property in the Henry County listings, most sellers are strongly motivated to do what it takes to accomplish a sale.
Even in what has … (2 comments)

homes in henry county: For Folks in Henry County, Downsizing Just One of Many Possibilities - 07/23/14 01:32 AM
Many people assume that when the kids leave home, their newly empty nest automatically signals that downsizing into a smaller house or condo is the next step. In truth, for such families living in Henry County, downsizing is a common option—one that could very well be the best choice.
But, as the old Gershwin tune says, “it ain’t necessarily so...”
For many of us, once we establish a firm direction in life, a lot of decisions are more or less made without much hesitation. Career, family, and even community needs head us in certain directions, so a lot of choices are … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: Selling a Henry County Home Means Recruiting a Skilled Team - 07/23/14 01:20 AM
It’s a bit complicated, selling a home in Henry County. Although you can make a case for the feasibility of doing the whole thing yourself, there are enough areas of knowledge where experience, expertise, and even licensure are recommended that few would ever try it.
At the end of the day, selling a Henry County home is a true team undertaking. And you’re the one selling a home, so you’re Captain. In addition to interviewing and selecting the area real estate agent you will be working with, there are other professionals you should plan to engage as well. Here’s who and why:
The … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: Good News for Some FHA Applicants with Local Foreclosures - 07/08/14 05:36 AM
There is encouraging news for some prospective homeowners with a Henry County foreclosure in their recent past: more common sense seems to have entered the picture.
The financial crisis that began in 2007 caused global disarray: across the U.S. (and Henry County was no exception), large numbers of responsible homeowners were clobbered by the fallout, often finding their incomes suddenly reduced or even obliterated as business cutbacks and closings reverberated through the economy.
The Henry County foreclosure rate jumped as a direct result—and it’s taken quite a while for the effects of that to work through the system. But even after the economy has … (1 comments)

homes in henry county: Success Belongs to a Patient, Cool Henry County Home Buyer - 07/08/14 01:49 AM
Wasn’t it just yesterday that we seemed locked into a classic home buyer’s market in Henry County? Bad economy, bad job numbers, tanked real estate values were all we heard about…until it eventually shifted. Over the past year or so, it’s become a very different landscape. If you’ve been out looking to become a Henry County home buyer, it’s possible that you’ve found yourself putting in offers on multiple houses…and also possibly watching from the sidelines as another Henry County home buyer walked away with a deal. If this isn’t a true seller’s market, to you the difference may not be apparent.
In … (1 comments)

homes in henry county: Selling a Home: What Makes Your Property Stand Out? - 07/08/14 12:18 AM
This summer, success in selling a home in Henry County will depend upon the same factors as always: location; quality; buyer appeal.
A home’s location—short of calling in the house movers—is pretty much what it is. The structural quality of workmanship and the level of maintenance that it’s received though the years can be gussied up where it shows (and should be!), but that, too, is largely a done deal.
Which leaves that other factor in selling a Henry County home—the little things that reach out to appeal to buyers. The difference between receiving a swift offer and not can hinge on what … (2 comments)

homes in henry county: Henry County Open House: Direct Path to Prospective Buyers - 07/07/14 11:54 PM
Yes—a Henry County listing and a well-shot virtual tour are each important tools in this summer’s real estate marketing. But the low pressure, informal walk-through that an Henry County open house allows can be as effective today as it ever was. Your Henry County open house has every possibility of becoming your most direct path to engaging the prospect—­the one who ends up being your buyer. Making that happen takes the kind of ‘luck’ that preparation creates.
Of course, the house will be as thoroughly cleaned as possible. You don’t want to do the job of a contractor, but fixing blemished walls via a few … (1 comments)

homes in henry county: Selling Your Home in Henry County Can Be a Positive Pleasure - 06/24/14 07:33 AM
If you’re thinking of selling your home in Henry County this summer, you’ll want to fetch top dollar for your efforts. Preparing the property is a given, of course, but savvy home sellers often share another kind of preparation. They prepare themselves by adopting the attitude shared by legions of successful salespeople—they assume that success is inevitable. They think and act positively.
The essence of the kind of positive attitude that will make selling your Henry County home a pleasure can be boiled down to the simple assumption that it really is going to sell—and sooner rather than later! When you proceed from that … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: Is Video a New Henry County Virtual Tours Gotta Have? - 06/24/14 07:22 AM
In today’s Henry County, more and more often shopping of all kinds has become a virtual affair. Instant information is at everyone’s fingertips—nowhere truer than in Henry County real estate. No sooner has today’s buyer made the decision to start looking than—boom!—the laptop/tablet/iPhone is out and Henry Country virtual tours are underway.
What’s most surprising is the key finding of the joint Google-NAR study of the growth of the web in home buying. "90% of home buyers searched online during their home buying process," was the headline highlight. That’s 9 out of 10!  
“What’s surprising about that?” you might be asking yourself. The answer: … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: Buying a Home in Henry County with No Owner Disclosures - 06/24/14 07:20 AM
  Suppose that in the course of buying a home in Henry County, your eye is drawn to a bank-owned home, or a home held in a trust. There are many reasons why you could find yourself buying a local home that’s currently vacant—which can also mean that the usual owner disclosures are not to be had. There are perfectly innocent reasons why this situation develops. Suppose the sellers of the property have just inherited it. How would they know that water tends to pool under the house during a strong rainstorm? Or that unpermitted repairs were made to the electric wiring … (1 comments)

homes in henry county: How Listing Your House in Town Can Work…the 2nd Time! - 06/24/14 07:15 AM
Listing your house in Henry County  after it’s lingered on the market for a while can bring surprisingly quick success…with the right tactics. The truth is, if a home hasn’t sold in today’s market, there is usually an identifiable reason. Here are some tips that can reverse what happened when listing your house the first time failed to strike pay dirt:
·         Compare prices of comparable homes that have sold in your neighborhood, and use those as the benchmarks. If your area listing was priced to allow 10-20% for negotiating room, that’s the likely culprit. Consider listing your Henry County house at 1% … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: Simple DIY Fixes Working Out Any Kinks in Your New Home in Henry County - 06/24/14 06:58 AM
Imagine the first time you turn the front door key to a new Henry County home—the first time you step over the threshold of the home you now own. It’s a moment to truly savor. Whether it’s a feeling of well-being—that of a major milestone successfully accomplished—or just the sheer joy of appreciating the milestone it represents, it’s a moment you’d be remembering for a very long time.
But after the joy (eventually) comes another moment: one that’s all but inevitable. It’s when you first begin to notice flaws in your new home you didn’t see before.
Don’t worry! Most of them will … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: Gains in Area Home Prices Nowhere Near ‘Bubble’ Territory - 06/24/14 06:56 AM
For the past two years national home prices have risen sharply, which might lead to the conclusion that they are overpriced. In fact, if we’re to believe the most recent report by real estate website Trulia, they are still 5% undervalued when measured against long-term fundamentals. So will this summer’s home prices in Henry County be broaching unsustainable levels—or will they be reasonable?
The Problem of Measuring Only Home Price Increases
Real estate price increases by themselves are poor indicators of over- or undervalued real estate. Because of the headlong drop in real estate prices in 2007, throughout most of the country, prices … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: Your Henry County Mortgage Needs Your Close Attention! - 06/10/14 11:54 PM
Buying a Henry County home can’t help but be about as thrilling a purchase as you can make, whether you’re a first time buyer or an experienced homeowner. ‘Buying’ a Henry County mortgage, on the other hand…well, the experience may be slightly less exciting, but if your team has managed to secure a good one, it’s actually a comparable accomplishment.
In the same way that it’s the features and condition of your new Henry County home that give it extra value, there are multiple elements of a local mortgage that make signing on the dotted line an action you look back on with … (0 comments)

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