homes in henry county: Moving to Town? 5 Tips for Avoiding Moving Scams Moving to Henry County - 06/10/14 11:52 PM
Moving to Henry County(or moving to anywhere) is adventure enough without including one of the moving company scams that are all too common. It seems hard to believe that unscrupulous carriers can continue to operate, but the fact is, there are a lot of them out there. If you will be moving to Henry County anytime soon, you don’t have to worry about any of the rip-off artists if you follow some straightforward guidelines:
1.      Check the FMCSA  
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration runs a household goods program designed to aid consumers. Their website includes a search feature that records past … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: Living Arrangements Could Affect Future of Henry County Housing - 06/10/14 05:53 AM
Of the things Americans take for granted, one of the least questioned is the future availability of familiar housing circumstances: housing that’s ‘like where I grew up.’ For urban dwellers, that might be an apartment or condominium; for others, a single-family home—a house with a yard, or perhaps a farm or ranch house. It may be time to re-examine that whole idea.
Over the past few years, there has been a significant increase in multi-generational living arrangements. We read and hear a lot about the housing situation that sees many young adults now living with their parents—but that’s not the whole … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: Selling Your Henry County Home: Decisions, Decisions, and Decisions! - 06/09/14 03:54 AM
Selling your home in Henry County: from the first inkling that you will be putting it on the market until you sign off on the paperwork, the process can be seen as a series of dozens and dozens of decisions. Many are not simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ decisions, either; and many have answers that no one can ever prove was right or not.
From your Henry County real estate agent’s perspective, providing counsel on the choices when asked is an important part of the service we provide. We get to offer a deep reservoir of experience: what has worked (and not worked) … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: Henry County Interest Rates Dodge Anticipated Escalation - 06/02/14 01:42 AM
Henry County homeowners who had been bracing themselves for sharp rises in mortgage interest rates must now be scratching their heads. As the online Mortgage News Daily put it last week, “…rates have been extraordinarily sideways, and right in line with the lowest levels in 11 months.”
Since historical averages are still significantly higher, it’s no wonder that most observers still believe the greater likelihood is for rate increases. But recent Fed happenings show a crack in their avowed determination to let that happen by tapering off purchases of mortgage-backed securities. The hemming and hawing is notable. It’s all pretty much up … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: Henry County Real Estate Holders Pleased by Gallup Poll Findings - 06/02/14 01:35 AM
For Henry County real estate investors (BTW, that includes homeowners and soon-to-be homeowners of all stripes), there’s some long wished-for news: the solid reputation of real estate as an investment is back! After years of falling off, the latest Gallup poll on the economy and personal finance finds that Americans are now convinced that their best long term investment is in the housing market. Real estate won out against all other alternatives: bonds, gold, stocks, mutual funds and CDs.
For the past few years, gold had been investment #1—but see-sawing gold price movements have whiplashed public sentiment. Just as takes place everywhere in … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: Inexpensive Upgrades Boost Henry County Home Values Painlessly - 06/02/14 01:29 AM
Especially when it comes to major decisions like buying or selling your home, human nature seems to tilt toward delaying action until it’s the end result is absolutely certain. After all, nobody wants to make a life-changing move that turns out to be anything short of fantastic!
So even when you’ve outgrown your current home…or found yourself in a daily long-distance commute because work has moved…or any number of other reasons why you know you should be looking for a new house…it can be difficult to commit to such a looming decision. Adding to that is one of the most common … (1 comments)

homes in henry county: Henry County Seller Financing Agreements Can Make Deals Happen! - 06/02/14 01:21 AM
When home prices in Henry County are on the rise, one side effect is that first-time homebuyers may run into a financing obstacle. Although the stricter lending standards of the past few years have been easing somewhat, it still can be difficult for some folks (younger buyers, especially) to purchase the Henry County home they have in their sights.
In that situation, an alternative to a traditional bank mortgage is seller financing. Many prospective buyers know little about the details that make up a seller financing agreement, and how it can–or cannot—help them secure a home.
What Seller Financing Is…
It’s as … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: HFIAA Lightens Cost for Some People Buying a Home - 05/26/14 10:48 PM
 When Henry County residents hear about floods, images of homes tumbling into the sea or half-submerged along the banks of a raging river probably leap to mind. But the risk of flooding isn’t confined to those headline-grabbing catastrophes—which is why the recent passage by Congress and signing by the President of the Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act (HFIAA) will be of interest to many people thinking of buying a home.
Sellers are required by law to disclose if a property is in an officially-designated flood zone; and banks typically check this information as well. While it can certainly be off-putting to be … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: Want to Sell Your House? Think Like Real Estate Agents Do! - 05/26/14 10:38 PM
 Because real estate agents in Henry County see everything in the market, we have a pretty good idea about why some houses sell (and why others sit on the market for years). Whether as buyer or seller, anyone planning to enter Henry County real estate market this summer can benefit from some of the tactics and factors that Henry County real estate agents keep in mind when as they go about the business of making home sales happen:
When Speed Matters…
When the overriding goal is a quick sale, leading with a price slightly lower than what comparables suggest it is really worth is … (14 comments)

homes in henry county: Drop in Henry County Foreclosures Would Rebalance the Market - 05/26/14 10:13 PM
When the number of foreclosures decreases, it’s not without impact for Henry County homeowners and investors. In any given month, Henry County foreclosures may not always mimic the national averages, but over the long run, they do tend to be pretty close. And the national trend is clear: first quarter foreclosure activity decreased to the lowest level since the second quarter of 2007 (‘activity’ includes default notices, scheduled auctions and outright bank repossessions).
Recent figures from RealtyTrac, the leading source of housing data, put U.S. foreclosures at their lowest levels in seven years. The 42-month national decrease had been momentarily interrupted by a 4% … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: Rental Home Prep is a Matter of Checking Off the To-Do’s Your Home - 05/22/14 03:48 AM
The sunny attitude that encourages entrepreneurs to look at a box of lemons and think ‘lemonade!’ is widely admired, and it does seem to be a viewpoint that successful people cultivate. For anyone who is determined to sell their Henry County property—but only at a price the market is not yet willing to pay—well, the turn-lemons-into-lemonade situation is entirely apt. After all, smart investors are buying up and renting properties like yours quite deliberately because they realize that a Henry County rental home is not just an asset that can appreciate over time, but one that can also produce income at the same … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: Selling Your Town Property…for Bitcoins! Bitcoin Believers Property - 05/22/14 03:42 AM
Would you be willing to sell your Henry County property to a buyer who is offering virtual currency?
In recent news, there has been an influx of people who are putting their homes up for sale in Bitcoins. It may be actually worthwhile to consider the upsides, because doing so opens up your Henry County property to a vast new market (not to mention potentially garnering the attention of your local media and scads more traditional buyers who are in their audience).
You may have read last December’s reports about the man who tried to sell his ranch-style home in New York for … (1 comments)

homes in henry county: Town Mortgage Applicants May Benefit as Guidelines Change for Sellers - 05/22/14 03:38 AM
“U.S. Backs Off Tight Mortgage Rules” screamed the top headline on the front page of The Wall Street Journal last week. For Henry County mortgage shoppers, it could scarcely have been better news. Probably.
‘Probably’ because any change is not yet a done deal, but it’s hard to see what will derail the likely full reverse of the federal establishment’s years-long tight home loan policy. Why is this suddenly in the cards? The full answer is complicated, but here is a quick (admittedly over-simplified) summary of what’s been happening to Henry County mortgage applicants—and what probably lies ahead.
The ongoing real estate recovery … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: Selling During the Outdoor Months Means Exterior Staging - 05/19/14 10:50 PM
As the days grow longer and the thermometer rises, everyone wants to start spending more time outdoors—to make full use of our yards and patios. But what if your Henry County home is going to be on the market this summer? Does it mean you have to stop enjoying yourself, stop entertaining guests, just because you want to keep the place in showable condition?
The answer is, of course, of course not. Using the outdoor spaces of your home means striking a balance between living your life and ensuring everything is in top condition when buyers come calling. It’s actually a staging … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: Selling Your Henry County Home: What About Repair Requests? Selling an Henry County Home Can Mean Swatting a Metaphoric Fly Repair Demands - 05/13/14 12:04 AM
If you have taken good care of your property, you rightfully expect that selling your Henry County home will result in its fetching a good price when it hits the market. That’s the right mindset for success, but it serves sellers best when it’s only a starting point. Dealing with flesh-and-blood buyers can require some judicious flexibility—for one reason, there is usually an inconspicuous (somewhat annoying) fly in the ointment. The metaphoric fly is the fact that no property is without its flaws; and its metaphoric buzzing is likely to get louder as your sale’s closing grows nearer.
Structural elements of a house … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: Boost Your Henry County Home’s Curb Appeal in a Single Weekend! - 05/12/14 11:59 PM
It’s usually the curb appeal Henry County properties put out there that either plants a winning first impression…or a ho-hum (maybe it’s more interesting inside) reaction. This holds for casual passers-by as well as serious prospects who are pulling up for a scheduled house showing. It’s simply true: you never get a second chance to make a first impression.
If you will be listing your home this summer, adding a thoughtful extra touch or two to the outside can transform your Henry County property’s curb appeal into its first strong selling point. After all, what buyer won’t favor a home they’d be proud … (1 comments)

homes in henry county: Bubble, Bubble? Henry County Home Price Rises Prompt the Question Do Today’s Town Home Prices Reflect Values…or Bubbles? - 05/12/14 11:55 PM
Over the past two years any upward movement in Henry County home prices tended to raise a question in many local minds—a question that ends with the word ‘bubble.’
As with any commodity whose price is determined by a changeable mix of subjective public perception as well as supply and demand, when home prices head north, there is always the possibility that a ‘bubble’ could be inflating: an unsupportable rise that could suddenly plummet with a “pop!”
Now comes some reassuring news on that score. According to a report from real estate website Trulia that covers this year’s first quarter, the national … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: Getting the Most from Your Online Henry County Property Search - 05/12/14 11:50 PM
A property search in Henry County just ain’t what it used to be.
Young adults grew up with computers, so to them the advent of the connected world—the Internet—brought fewer startling lifestyle changes than it did for their parents and grandparents. But for anyone who thought the emergence of the Web would be the most lifestyle-changing technical innovation to happen in our lifetimes: SURPRISE! Now the whole circus has gone mobile—migrated into phones and tablets and who-knows-what other kinds of devices—all bluetoothed and wirelessed everywhere!
The Wired World brought information into our offices and homes (to the dismay of encyclopedia and dictionary … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: How to Make Showing Your Henry County Home a Breeze and not a drag - 05/04/14 11:38 PM
When you’re selling your home, keeping it ready to show at a moment’s notice can sometimes make a major difference. In a perfect world, prospective buyers will always have time to schedule showings in advance—but exceptions do occur. That’s why experienced sellers know how to juggle living a normal life at the same time they are keeping their place ‘show-ready’ by calling on a few organizational tricks. They really aren’t all that difficult (but do take a commitment to stay organized). When you follow them, it makes showing your home in Henry County a snap!
Supplies at the Ready: The easiest way … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: A Henry County Mortgage Application Should Be Smooth Sailing Credit Issues Best Handled Before Mortgage Application - 05/04/14 11:30 PM
Everyone expects that finding and buying the right Henry County home will take a good deal of attention and energy. After all, it’s as important a purchase as we ever make. But when you add in the potential that something on your mortgage application could bring everything to a screeching halt, that’s one detail that has the potential to trigger what could turn everything into a truly harrowing experience.
The average credit score in America is around 688. That might look like a respectably large number, yet it’s considered mediocre when it comes to mortgages. And the truth is that most Americans … (0 comments)

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